All important historical images on this web site are accessible from this menu. Please remember that they are all protected by copyright. Most of the images are my own, and others are from external sites. I would have liked to have a better collection of historical pictures, but permission is not being granted by the institution (Arizona Historical Society) that houses most of those. I am not complaining--I understand their reluctance to have any published on the internet--I'm just providing an explanation.


New Images added in Chronological Order.


Tom Horn. Photo of this famous scout friend of Al Sieber: Tom Horn

Al Sieber's gravesite. Located in Globe Arizona Cemetery.

Pinal Mountains 1. Pinal Mountains (Dzithl Nnilchi Diyilee) from Wheatfields (T'iis Ebah) just north of Globe.

Pinal Mountains 2. Pinal Mountains looking up Ice House Canyon. There was a massacre of Apaches at about the spot where this picture was taken.

Pinal Mountains 3. Pinal Mountains from top, looking down into Ice House Canyon. At bottom of the mountains was the Cushing Apache massacre site.

Pinal Mountains 4. From the top of the Pinals looking south into region where Hoo-moo-thy-ah roamed. It is also the area where Pearl Hart held up a stagecoach.

Pioneer Pass. Pioneer Pass in the Pinal Mountains. Pass originated by the Salado and tread by Spanish and Mexican soldiers, mountain men, U.S. cavalry, etc.

Mineral Creek. On south slopes of the Pinal Mountains.

Pinal Creek in Wheatfields. Pinal Creek at about the spot where King Woolsey made first encampment in 1864.

Howard and Reduction Toll Road. This is the old stagecoach road over the Pinals. It was on this road that the Apache Kid was supposed to be taken to prison, but he escaped.

Grave of Sheriff Glenn Reynolds. Sheriff Reynolds' Grave (killed at time of Apache Kid outbreak) is in old Globe Cemetery.

Grave of Eugene Middleton. Eugene Middleton's Grave--shot at time of Apache Kid outbreak, but died years later--in old Globe Cemetery.

Superstition Mountains. West of the Pinals--place of many legends and home of Hoo-moo-thy-ah's people.

Besh-Ba-Gowah Ruins 1. Besh-Ba-Gowah ruins south of Globe.

Besh-Ba-Gowah Ruins 2. Inside one of the rooms at Besh-Ba-Gowah ruins.

Besh-Ba-Gowah Ruins 3. Example of crops grown at Besh-Ba-Gowah ruins.

Cibecue 1. Cibecue Massacre Site--Main action was in the thicket to the left.

Cibecue 2. Cibecue Massacre Site--Thicket where main action took place.

Cibecue 3. Cibecue Massacre Site--From site of most action to bluff where some Apache snipers were located.

Grave of Chief Talkalai. Located in Miami Arizona Cemetery.

General Crook's Cabin at Ft. Apache. Still located at Fort Apache--under renovation (1997).

Grave of Phineas Clanton. Located in old Globe Cemetery.

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