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September Edition

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Archives for June - July, 2002

Deloitte & Touche offers settlement to coop owners * Northland's numbers * Cliffstar Northland litigation * Northland and Nestle * Stressline Forum postings by Jack Bell, an Ocean Spray Canadian grower for 48 years, and others, on the future of Ocean Spray * Bog vandalism: No matter how minor, call the police * Middleboro grower's problems may be a precursor of things to come *  Notice from the Cranberry Marketing Committee * Northland Cranberries, Inc. Reports third-quarter profit * District 3 & 4 Cranberry Marketing Committee Independent Member and Alternate Member Nomination Results * Ocean Spray President optimistic about growth of Massachusetts cranberry industry * OS seeks second ad agency * Looking Back A frightening prediction? * Coke Watch: If life gives you lemons... * Science news: "Cranberry Juice and Adhesion of Antibiotic-Resistant Uropathogens" * On the Forum: An open letter to Roy Peters by John Swendrowski, CEO * Northland Cranberries  and Oregon CMC candidate John L. Meyer states his position * Cape Cod Dry from Polar Beverages * OpEd:   Growers Right to Vote By Gregory Gitter * James Nolan, recent Ocean Spray executive retiree, to play major role in new O.S. merchandising contract * Consumers, Cranberries, and Cures: What Consumers Know About The Health Benefits Of Cranberries, by Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph. D. * On the Forum: Banana Republic, by Linda Rinta

Archives for May, 2002

Is consideration of a sale of Ocean Spray a moot point? * Vaccinium Oxycoccus - Beware by John C. Decas * Teens, it seems, love berry best * Decas, Makepeace land deals * Editorial: A flea and a fly in a flue * On Cliffstar contracts By Gregory Gitter *

Archives for April, 2002

John Swendrowski, and John decas, on volume regulations and the CMC
Marketing order as “insurance,” by Gregory Gitter, President, Wisconsin Cranberry Cooperative

2002 Cranberry Crop Forecasts and Related Grower Price Forecasts, by
Ed Jesse, Ph.D.
Obey, Kohl urge Wisconsin growers to let USDA know their views on production controls
BevNet rated all three Ocean Spray white cranberry juices D
DeMarco's attorneys file optional response to Ocean Spray reply

Archives for March, 2002

It's official: Nantucket Nectars to be sold to Cadbury * Ocean Spray: Legal action on two fronts
FDA issues sealed warrant and DeMarco case moves ahead *
Silence from FDA, US Attorneys on sealed warrant * Cranberry Growers Shake-up Industry: New Cooperative Forms 

February Edition, 2002


Ocean Spray Annual Meeting

Report on Cranberry Marketing Committee Meeting: Ocean Spray prevails, tie vote means no order -- Editorial: Ocean Spray management supporters gamble with their own future - John Swendrowski calls for dissolution of Cranberry Marketing Committee - DeMarco attorneys file response to Ocean Spray's Motion to Stay - An Independent Turn-around Plan. A Forum discussion initiated by Linda Rinta and Doanne Andresen - Drowning in a Sea of Red Ink, by Meg Mitchell Moore, Point South Magazine - Veneman names fruit, vegetable advisory members - and --
DeMarco vs. Ocean Spray
et al:
Court grants Ocean Spray motion - Editorial: Is DeMarco vs. O.S. a strange strained convoluted conspiracy theory that trots out a mangled hodgepodge of allegations? - "While it is possible to  sympathize with someone who claims to be in financial distress, a board of directors need not manage a corporation on that basis." Ocean Spray opening brief in support of a motion to dismiss and strike -- and -- Remember Wimm-Bill-Dann?, Sunkist counters AP article with press release, Compare 2001 first quarter cranberry statistics with last year

January, 2002


EPA news impacting cranberry growers -  Nestlé USA and Ocean Spray Form Strategic Operations Alliance  How much are food company CEOs paid? - OpEd : Marketing Order 2002, by John Swendrowski - Proposed amendments sought for Cranberry Marketing Order - Nantucket Nectars (still) for sale  Northland sells signature headquarters mansion -- and -- an exhaustive web search for articles on the cranberry industry

December, 2001

Ocean Spray's Jim Nolan Honored includes picture of Tom Bullock; Strong sales for white juice; Northland signing new growers; Editorial on change in white cranberry label: The White Cranberry Label Fable; Summary of CMC Cranberry Retrospective: Cranberry utilization up, production and ending inventory down; Story of Cape Verdean cranberry workers is feature article in Sunday Standard Times "Living"

November, 2001

Affiliate of Sun Capital Partners Acquires Control of Northland Cranberries, Inc. as Part of a Successful Debt and Equity Restructuring; New Northland Board; Northland no longer to be traded on NASDAQ, Northland Cranberries, Inc. Announces One-For-Four Reverse Stock Split to Facilitate a Potential Debt and Equity Restructuring Transaction; Editorial: Nantucket Nectars --  If you can't fix it, sell it

October 2001

Main feature
DeMarco files suit against Ocean Spray

An open letter to the Ocean Spray ExtraNet by
Hal Brown and Betty Brown -- Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc. Ratings Lowered; Off Watch; Outlook Stable -- Cooperatives Give Members Control Over Destiny -- Black carrot juice from Turkey -- Not for attribution by Hal Brown (includes "At least three more lawsuits against Ocean Spray are in various stages of planning or implementation at this time") -- Ocean Spray changes White Cranberry Juice Drink label text

Sept 2001

Quote from Sarah Johnson, O.S. U.K. manager: "the white cranberry is not fully ripened", Cartoon: Watch out Welch's;" Mountain Dew makes it big by turning Red: Advertising Costs: Virtually Zero; Makepeace cancels plans; .Beverage Digest reports poor first half for single serve juices; OpEd - Response to price inquires - John Decas; Editorial - Best for Ocean Spray, best for Coke, and best for Cranberries if Coke acquires Ocean Spray; Editorials: Will good sense prevail? Changing the Label of White Cranberry Juice: There's no worse stain than when it's on the reputation and credibility of a trusted company; Some pros and cons of a sale of Nectars to Coke; More Editorials: The White Cranberry Lie-o-Meter ; Ripe vs. Mature Press Release: The Cranberry Gets a Makeover; Ocean Spray to Harvest First Crop of 'White Cranberries'; Some have argued that the rattlesnake is not an appropriate symbol for farmers to unite under. We disagree...; From Russia, with cranberries; Media: Related: from 8/29 Coca-Cola May Be Eying Nantucket Nectars; Image scans from Ledger: Scan 1 | Scan 2 | Here's one we missed from New Jersey |  8/22/01 Bitter Protest - Cape Cod Times | Boston Globe Article

August 2001

  The botany of  red, ripe cranberries, Economics seen forcing growers out of business, Wi. field day air protest: "White berries, white juice, white lies", Andresen sends open letter to USDA, Op-Ed - Pawns in a chess game, by John Swendrowski, CEO, Northland Cranberries,

July 2001

Rumors floating about sale of Nantucket Nectars, Editorial - Ocean Spray Cranberry growers must wake up, Editorial, Quaker and the Spray: A modest proposal, Op-Ed - Handler Marketing Pool , By John Swendrowski, Local Growers adjust to marketing order with resignation, By Karen Dusek,  from the Middleboro Gazette

June, 2001

USDA announces volume regulation: 4.6 Million; On the 2001 Cranberry Marketing Order By John Swendrowski; Press Release from John Decas, President and CEO of Decas Cranberries; USDA Comments; and more...

To May 1, 2001

Decas blasts Ocean Spray, may withdraw support for marketing order; Sunkist issues press release critical of Argentina; Cranberry Market Loss Assistance Payment Program; offers highly detailed hour-by-hour overnight forecasts; Clements Citrus in China, and more on Clement Citrus; Jones Juice steps into Ocean Spray trademark territory; Falling in Love, An essay by Monika S. Weldon; Northland financial difficulties detailed in SEC report and NL negotiating with lenders; Article and Editorial on Nantucket Nectars new cranberry juice, and related cartoon; Copy of letter from John Swendrowski to Ann Veneman

"Does America want to keep agriculture?" Ag attorney Gary Baise speaks out; Administration proposes elimination of conservation programs for agriculture

To April 1, 2001

OpEds by John Swendrowski and John Decas; Three part series on doing business with China; A Market Analysis for New Opportunities in the Cranberry Industry, by Nora Ganim Barnes, Ph.D.; New survey to go directly to USDA

To Mar. 23, 2001

Ocean Spray goes to China, Robert Hawthorne calls for employees to lobby USDA, The Juice Wars: A continuing saga, and Op-Eds from Russ Lawton, John Decas, John Swendrowski, Doanne Andresen, Wayne Barnes, Gary Jensen and Kelly Rudd

To Mar. 7, 2001

Growers and media react to Cranberry Marketing Committee vote.

To Feb. 28, 2001 

Lawsuit against Ocean Spray withdrawn
Zeadey's group now Massachusetts Cranberry Growers' Coalition
Minute Maid enlists Mickey and Pooh to target kids market worldwide
Open Letter to Ocean Spray Growers,
by John Swendrowski
Associated Press goes national with cranberry story

- Free Market vs. Volume Regulation: Who will make this decision by Doanne Andresen
 Op-Ed - Northland's view on reaching a compromise on a 2001 marketing order:
Let’s look at the numbers to see where Ocean Spray and Northland differ, by John Swendrowski.
Seeking a Cranberry Compromise:
Ocean Spray, others need to strike agreement on details of 2001 crop limit
, by Jack Crooks, Director of Grower Relations, Ocean Spray.
Coke , Procter & Gamble create giant world-wide juice and snacks company

FSA: Update on Cranberry Market Loss Payment
French company goes public with complaints about Ocean Spray
Is Ocean Spray missing a sales opportunity in France?
Purple Grapes vs. Oranges
Harry Potter's Juice Express
FDA warning reverberates through food industry

- No need for a marketing order, by John Andresen
- Marketing Order Referendum,
by Doanne Andresen
Editorial - On the FDA and doing what's right

to Feb. 10, 2001

Ocean Spray in receipt of F.D.A. warning letter; Ocean Spray warning could be test case for entire food industry; Ocean Spray kept health claims online; Editorial, "Failure" on Cranberry Marketing Committee meeting and  related Op-Ed by Linda Rinta "I wish you were there."; Economic analysis by John Coffin, "Can your farm survive?"; Wall Street Journal: "FTC Raises Scrutiny of Deal Between Pepsi and Quaker Oats"; and "NPR's Jason Beaubien reports on Morning Edition (Feb. 5, 2001) that the nation's largest cranberry-growing cooperative of farmers is on tenuous financial ground. It wants growers to be required to reduce cranberry production."

to Feb 4, 2001

Topics: White cranberry juice, positions on marketing order, growers organizing,
the juice war between Coke and Pepsi

January, 2001

Ocean Spray not for sale; Article in Forbes about Ocean Spray entitled "Red Alert" ("What this company needs to enhance shareholder value is a takeover raid—if only there were such a thing in the co-op world."); Ocean Spray Annual meeting coverage; Why the Decas proposal will not work, by Jack Crooks; On the Darlington/Connors ExtraNet posting, by Dean Pappas; Decas dispute with freezer company leads to furor over Ocean Spray ExtraNet posting; Coca-Cola and the noncarbonated beverage market; Pepsi Launches Dole Line of Single-Serve Juices including Cranberry Juice Cocktail and Cranberry Grape; A letter to the Cranberry Community from John Decas; AD Makepeace endorses growers' proxy; Ocean Spray posts sharp net decline; Handlers pledge cooperation, but divided opinions surface
by Betty Brown; Op-Ed - Baseline Price Guarantee for Growers, by Doanne Andresen; A Difference of Perspective on the CMC, by Linda Rinta; Summary of Merrill Lynch report released by lawyers; Proxy fight in the news; Ocean Spray shareholders challenge company  B.O.D. slate

to Jan. 16, 2001

The Ocean Spray Annual Meeting, Cranberry Marketing Committee, articles by Jack Crooks, Dean Pappas, John Decas and others.

to Jan 7, 2001

to Dec. 12, 2000

to Dec. 6, 2000

The week of the lawsuit against Ocean Spray

to Nov 29, 2000

Cranberry trade mission to Japan

to Nov. 21, 2000 

Ocean Spray could be scooped up by one of the major soft drink companies -- Basseuner China initiative makes news -- Northland announces reformulation of 100% juices -- On a cranberry marketing order for 2001 by John Decas -- Editorials: A few thoughts on the 27% solution and  Slotting fees: Bribes or extortion

 to Nov. 8, 2000

Sept. 20 - Oct. 12, 2000

September 1 -19, 2000

Aug. 29 -31, 2000

Aug. 10 -28, 2000

July 24 - Aug. 9, 2000

July 15 - 21, 2000

July 8- 14, 2000

June 29 - July 7, 2000

June 18 - 28, 2000

June 8 -18, 2000

Link to letter to the USDA on the cranberry marketing order

May 22-24

Views from Robert Hawthorne, John Decas, Tom Gelsthorpe and more

May 16-21,2000

With a 15% reduction, what's a grower to do (newspaper article)
New Jersey view (newspaper article)
Hawthorne endorses China trade bill
Decas exchange of letters with Ocean Spray
"Juicy dispute" at USDA
Food company takeovers
Wild blueberries
Rob Hawthorne's view of competition
Bogs as a contrarian real estate investment

- Bog value hits Wareham Taxpayers, The Standard Times
5/16/00: Link - Devaluation of bogs hits taxpayers; Plymouth and Carver must make up losses
By TAMARA RACE The Patriot Ledger

5/15/00 Link - Lower cranberry price has Washington growers struggling in the Oregonian

May 9 - 15, 2000

The Juice Aisle: Labels
Overproduction has growers writing with red ink form the Grayland Daily World
The Farmer as Warrior - review of Hanson's latest book from the Boston Globe
Dairy farmland development in Bridgewater, Mass.
Editorial on Managing Anger
How the cranberry crisis effects Carver, Mass.
Does it flow? from the Motley Fool
S. Korean company seeks to buy dried berries
Ocean Spray makes appointment to newly created European position
William Pietersen: O.S. news board member
Gatorade goes "FIERCE"
Snapple leads Triarc earnings
Don Hatton quoted in South Beach Bulletin
Farm labor immigration bill

April 26 - May 8, 2000

John Wilson named to head grower relations
Stock market down but food stacks up
Swendrowski questions Ocean Spray accounting procedures, calls for judicial review
First Pioneer: growers have until July to make spring payments
Makepeace to develop huge tract | Getting Soaked: Drop in cranberry prices threatens industry
Former board member (Kapell) speaks out

April 24 -25

Northland Cranberries, Inc. Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend
Berries in Mass. will grow themselves on Northland bogs
Northland stock down

First Pioneer to aid growers
An online Pepsi critic
Mass. papers deliver bad news
Motely Fool confronts Coke CEO

April 20 - 23, 2000

Decas critical of Ocean Spray in letter to growers
Quinn announces $1 million for Cranberry Research and Outreach
Researchers Find Potential Additional Health Benefit of Cranberries
"Ocean Spray's brilliant foray into raisin territory"

Massachusetts has awarded half of million dollar cost to town of Pembroke, MA., to buy Northland property for open space

April 8 - 19, 2000

Pepsi benefits from Tropicana's strong performance International division also shows growth
Minute Maid strong performer for Coke
Northland 2nd quarter financials released
Editorial - A revitalized Ocean Spray in 2002; but are the means ethical or legal?
State wants to purchase easements on Makepeace land
Chilean fresh cranberries coming to U.S. in April
Ocean Spray advertising and promotion
Ocean Spray growers receive April Advance

Mar. 11 to April 7, 2000

International - Cranberries a hit in Japan,
Eye on the Aisle - Here comes Pepsi,
Letter to cranberry growers from David Farrimond,
Cranberry Marketing Allotment Form,
NYT Front page coverage on the farm crisis,
Cranberry Marketing Committee votes: 15% grower allotment volume regulation recommended,
Costco to feature Cliffstar 16 oz. cranberry juices,
Kennedy hosts cranberry meeting between Hawthorne and Glickman,
Cranberry Marketing Committee Report Addendum,
Op-Ed - On a Cranberry Marketing Order, by Linda Rinta,

3/8 - 3/31/00

Marketing order controversy, meeting in Middleboro, other news

Decas considers appeal
Potential mergers in the food industry
Tropicana introduces new orange blends with calcium

Quote without comment - Paul Olson, President, National Farmers Organization,
Handlers' panel addresses crisis in Middleboro meeting
Scenic Mass. cranberry bogs target of housing developer
Editorial - War without bodies
Editorial cartoon - Clobber the competition
Cranberry Marketing Committee to reconvene
Coke and Pepsi rated strong buys, Northland and Ocean Spray mentioned
OS vs. Northland a skirmish, look to Coke vs. Pepsi for a real juice war
Mass. Cranberry Institute to fund research on human health and medical benefits of cranberry
Innovative cranberry drying process launched in Canada
Canada to compete with U.S. sweetened dried
Ocean Spray Deploys
Symbol's Wireless Mobile Computing, Scanning Appliances to Streamline Fulfillment, Delivery
Finally, Peace with Pepsi?
Northland closes previously announced sale of private label business to Cliffstar Corporation and recognizes after-tax gain of approximately $1.2 million
Middleboro-Lakeville growers speak out in Middleboro Gazette

The future of Northland
Northland shares down 16%

OpEd - Cooperation can return grower prosperity quickly, by Paul Jonjak
Northland Cranberries Retains Investment Bankers To Help Explore Strategic Alternatives

3/1 - 3/7/00

More on the marketing order. Hawthorne, Decas and Swendrowski at odds

2/22 - 2/29/00

Marketing order fails amidst intensive media coverage

2/8 - 2/21/00

Ocean Spray Proxy fight intensifies

2/1 - 2/7/00

Decas Suggests Ocean Spray has bulk of surplus

1/22 - 1/31/2000

New CEO, CFO hired at Ocean Spray

1/8 - 1/21/2000

12/21/99 to 1/7/2000

Northland - Cliffstar Sale


  • New Ceo - Insights from Korn/Ferry

  • Standard and Poors may now cuts Ocean Spray ratings

  • Article in Boston Globe on announcement of new CEO

  • Post-Snapple, Quaker Oats set for growth

  • Coke article

  • General Mills news

  • New cranberry bagel

  • Law suit against Pepsi

  • Could new CEO at Coke signal change in acquistion picture?

  • Tropicana now No. 4 grocery brand

  • Programs to help Mass. cranberry growers announced

  • Transcript of CBS News report


  • Editorial: Is Ocean Spray a Co-op in name only

  • Media: Articles from the Boston Globe and the Middleboro Gazette

11/22 - 11/30/99

  • Makepeace subdivision meeting draws 50 residents in Plymouth

  • Article in Food Processing addresses sluggish growth, retail consolidation, potential mergers and acquisitions

  • In Wisconsin, "State growers stand by Ocean Spray, Cranberry producers divided over co-op's fate"

  • On the Forum, The Bright Side to Remember

  • Northland 1999 10K Released, read it here

  • Ocean Spray logo makes unlikely appearance in The Boston Globe

  • Cliffstar Corporation acquires Greer, S.C. bottling plant

  • History repeats itself by Jack Bell

  • On the release of the Bain Report and recalling the Board of Directors by John McFarland

Nov. 8 - 21, 1999

  • A Call To Action! - The Future
    by "business person" and Nabiel Shawa's response

  • Media - New York Times: Ocean Spray votes against merger idea "We believe we can continue growing our brand and ensuring the financial health of our grower-owners by revitalizing the organization." Board Chairman Don Hatton

  • Ocean Spray shareholder revolt brewing:
    decision by board prompts "call to action"

  • Milwaukee Journal, Cape Cod Times, Boston Herald, Associated Press, Wall Street Journal

  • Ocean Spray Press Release: Riding Wave of Marketplace Momentum, Ocean Spray Rejects Potential Transaction
  • Ocean Spray board adds pro-merger members
    By Robin Lord Cape Cod Times, 11/19/99

  • Ocean Spray Board continues historic meeting

  • Be Bold Board of Directors by Nabiel Shawa

  • Readers react to Ocean Spray Board vote

  • Tropicana sales up - Shelf stable Sunny Delight down

  • Recommended reading: Competing in the global marketplace

  • Excerpts "New England Chronicle" Ocean Spray story "Is a mutiny in the offing?"

  • WSJ - Will the next Ocean Spray CEO come from Pepsi?

Oct. 22 - Nov. 7, 1999

  • Cape Cod Times covers Makepeace survey results


  • Environment - Study shows Air Force money well spent on Cape Cod

  • What the experts have to say on selecting a new CEO

  • "Firing the boss"

  • Advertising Northland poll leads to press release

  • 51% of stock needed to recall directors

  • High Tech "You're nowhere in Vegas without juice"

  • USDA News "The farm economy stinks"

  • Snapple features holiday cranberry drink

  • New Jersey growers sanguine about crisis resolution, William Haines quoted in Phil. Inquirer.

  • Media: Boston Herald - focus on development

  • Wisconsin's largest paper reports on cranberry crisis

  • Ocean Spray Acquisition: Barron's reports Pepsi rumor


Oct. 15 - 21, 1999

  • According to Makepeace survey, 57% think merger makes sense

  • Certificate of Incorporation could to be amended to lower percent of shares needed for approval

  • Northland Cranberries, Inc. Reports Record Revenues and Net Operating Income for Fiscal 1999; Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend

  • Co-ops: Blue Diamond - a co-op that works

  • "The truth at last from Don Hatton"

  • Letters: ...from David B. Mann and Paul Jonjak

  • Surplus puts squeeze on region's cranberry industry: Interviews with Jack Angley, Carol Heinz, Jeff Lafleur and others in the Boston Globe

  • How boards deal with lazy directors.

  • Ocean Spray launches new marketing campaign

  • Potential suitors: Eye on Quaker Oats

  • Ocean Spray web site has new look

  • Swendrowski predicts "phenomenal" harvest

  • Photo Essay - End of a twelve hour day

  • Ocean Spray Narrows CEO Search; Half Dozen Candidates Remain in the Running

  • Ocean Spray: Directors to "make more clear to growers structurally where they want to go" after Nov. board meeting

  • Massachusetts' legislators tour cranberry country from the Patriot Ledger

Oct. 8 - 14, 1999

  • Ocean Spray to Consolidate Into $13 Million Facility Underway in Henderson, Nev.

  • Media: 10/13/99 The Cape Cod Journal has three stories about cranberries, and a harvest photo essay:

  • French Television 1 films story on cranberry harvest

  • Sunsweet introduces Cranberry Fruitlings
    Legal wrangling over name with Ocean Spray resolved

  • The latest news from Ocean Spray via the press

  • Japan and Germany selected as new international markets for generic cranberry promotion

  • Forum under spam attack

  • Harvest Festival

  • Decas letter to his growers addresses past, present and future of cranberry industry

Oct. 1 - 7

  • Ocean Spray increases advertising, marketing budgets with new focus

  • Harvest '99: Crisis in Cranberry Country from the Middleboro Gazette

  • Generic promotion: A free ad in the N.Y. Times

  • Growers dilemma: too many berries, not enough markets, from the Middleboro Gazette

  • Opinion: Speculation about the future role of Medford at Ocean Spray

  • Ocean Spray launches new marketing campaign

  • Media: WBZ Television report features Decas, LaFleur

  • Media: Bittersweet harvest from the New Bedford Standard Times

  • Ocean Spray to use Internet outsourcing to meet travel and entertainment needs

Sept. 22-31

* Ocean Spray on S&P Credit Watch
* In the Forum: Look in the Mirror
* Media coverage
* Ocean Spray Press Releases
*Russia proposal of concern to cranberry growers, Decas calls helping Russians to build bogs "absolute madness"
* Possibility of Makepeace land development interests state and town officials
* Free Speech on the Internet When companies sue Internet detractors
*"New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Cape Cod Times, publish stories on Ocean Spray, All published on the same day" by Hal Brown
*Op Ed by Linda Rinta and rebuttal
* Editorial: Tom Bullock must be fired
* Web site news: BevNet reprints stressline article

Sept. 15-21

* 9/21/99 - Cranberry Marketing Committee: 1998 Crop year figures
* 9/20/99 Op-Ed from a processor: I wish to propose an initiative for the Cranberry Stressline that might hopefully result in influencing our industry to take notice (along with appropriate action) to rectify a situation that is most harmful to our industry and indeed is a contributing factor to the problems we presently face.....
* 9/16/99 Opinion - Heinz and Bestfoods
* 9/16/99 - Fresh Fruit price down $8 case from last year
* 9/20/99 Tom Bullock reminds us that Ocean Spray represents values like honesty and integrity.
* 9/20/99 Potential Ocean Spray suitors:Quaker Announces Supply Chain Reconfiguration; Targets $60-$70 Million in Savings in 2002 and Beyond
* 9/17/99 Ocean Spray hires Interim COO
* 9/17/99 Northland Cranberries: Swendrowski addresses concerns, issues, in letter to Northland growers

Sept. 8-14, 1999

* Psychological Perspective: Why aren't more food companies merging?
* Hershey learns about SAP the hard way
* Ocean Spray - Despite rumors, coop denies consultants "actually running company"
* Media Speculation: Pepsi most logical - Unnamed Pepsi spokesman says corporation "doesn't comment on rumors"
* New Jersey: Wetland expansion questioned
* Web Sites: Communication: Co-ops and Corporations - Disclosure is what it's all about.
* Makepeace merger position clarified: "I presume major worldwide companies are major, billion-dollar companies. That's our understanding of what a strategic merger would involve.'' Bob Rosbe
* National Media: Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe print Ocean Spray story
* Northland - Ocean Spray alliance worth discussing, according to John Swendrowski
* Makepeace media statement: A.D. Makepeace Company board of directors advocates consideration of a strategic merger of Ocean Spray
* Makepeace position reported - Patriot Ledger interviews spokesmen
* Opinion - Ocean Spray International

Oct. 22 - Nov. 7, 1999 | Oct. 15 - 21 | 8 - 14 | 1 - 7 | Sept. 22-31 |15-21 | 8-14 | 1-7 | August: 22-31 | 17-21 | 9-16 | 1-8 | July 22-30| 15-21, | 8 - 14, | 1- 7, | June 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Articles from early editions of Cranberry Stressline

Feb. to May 1999


Cranberries Adrift on the Waves of a Global Economy, Op-Ed by Doanne Marks Andreson

Cooperatives vs Corporations

Activate the Cone of Silence More on secrets.

The Trouble with Lawyers - and a cooperative that is anything but

Misery Loves Company "How Farmers Cope with Setbacks" Op-Ed by Tom Gelsthorpe Part I. Beautiful Losers Part II. Whither Capital? Whither Labor? and Part III "When a buffalo falls, the jackals feast.

Historical Perspective by Carolyn Gilmore, Editor/Publisher, Cranberries Magazine

Spring Mourning? "If you don't have the money you can't hire us! It trickles down to us, it affects us all." Companies and people who service the cranberry industry are hurt by economic downturn.

Does Ocean Spray advertising need a tune-up? (and why Wellfleet Farms was a poor idea)

Two memos from Supervalue Raise questions about Ocean Spray Distribution

"We'll waiting until the ball is over, and then we'll tell them about the iceburg"


What are we going to do come two-thousand and two? New products for the new millennium, illustrated satire. If you have a slower modem click here for the text version with clickable links to illustrations.


5/8/99 Raytheon in controversial case with employees over Internet postings.
Source:The Boston Globe

Mott's and Duncan Hines enter advertising agreement
History links big names in beverages, including Ocean Spray, Coke and Welch's

5/1/99: First quarter demand for Ocean Spray products great than anticipated, promotions for May eliminated

Radioactive Cranberries turn up in Moscow markets 13 years after Chernobyl

Ocean Spray News for May, 1999

Ocean Spray news for March and April, 1999

4/27/99 Milwaukee Journal Sentinal: Northland introduces four new drinks | Related article in Beverage Online

4/19/99 The Sweet Business of Cranberry Sales: Ocean Spray Implements Microsoft Technology with aid of VAR partner in Computer Reseller News

March, 1999 Am. Demographics Magazine: Tom Bullock in the news.

4/17/99 Patriot Ledger: A sea of red ink threatens cranberry industry.

4/12/99 Ocean Spray and Northland "Evolve Lines" into each other's market niche.
Cooperative may drop Wellfleet sub-brand name
Source: Brandweek

4/11/99: Ocean Spray spokesperson calls Cranberry Stressline "odd and misguided" in the New Bedford Standard Times

4/8/99 - Boston's TV Channel 4 aired a report about "cranberry concerns"

4/8/99 and 4/8/99: Cranberry surplus slashes prices to growers, triggers layoffs - Ocean Spray cuts 100 jobs, stops buying back owner shares. New Bedford Standard Times; and The Boston Globe

3/19/99 A.P. "Cranberry Growers hurt by low prices from over production"

3/11/99 Oregon Cranberry Farmers Lose as Ocean Spray Cuts Payments: the Oregonian


The Unlikely Farmers: The Librarian and the Shrink

No news, no opinion, no op-ed, no forum. This is a much shorter version of the original picture and story site about our personal experience as new cranberry growers. It had many pictures which we took off line as they were taking up too much space on the server.

Editorial pictoons and cartoons

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