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Grace Honor Bushman Lundquist

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#M7 BUSHMAN, Grace Honor (AFN:47QT-DD)*

Born: 15 June 1873 Lehi, Utah, Utah.
Died: 15 May 1912 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.

Father: #M14 Jacob BUSHMAN (AFN: 1KC7-8N).
Mother: #M15 Charlotte TURLEY (1BGL-KK).

Married: #M6 Emanuel Richard LUNDQUIST 6 Jan 1892. They had eight children.

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1. Clarence Richard LUNDQUIST (13 Apr 1893-4 Apr 1968), m (1) Mercy Malvina Groo BYWATER 28 Oct 1919. m (2) Lacy Elizabeth ALPLANALP 16 Jun 1939.
2. Leo Ivan LUNDQUIST (4 Dec 1894-24 Mar 1975)
3. Ruby Grace LUNDQUIST (6 Jan 1898-19 Feb 1959), m Franklin SMUIN 11 Sep 1924.
4. Carl Jacob LUNDQUIST (18 Mar 1900-25 Jun 1918)
5. Roy Emanuel LUNDQUIST (23 Sep 1902-27 Sep 1965) m Leila COTTERELL 19 Jun 1929
*6. #M3 Elsie Gladys LUNDQUIST (3 Oct 1904-living) m (1) #M2 Donald Oliver MCNABB 29 Nov 1928. m (2) James Malcolm SAYE 22 Aug 1974.
7. Lucille Beatrice LUNDQUIST (15 Dec 1907-11 Jun 1909)
8. George Bushman LUNDQUIST (10 Nov 1908-8 Oct 1990), m Mildred PUGMIRE 18 SEP 1936.
* Indicates direct line to Frances Mildred McNabb

Biography by Elsie Gladys Lundquist McNabb Saye, daughter. (Written in 1998)

My mother was very beautiful, intelligent and a truly gifted woman. As I remember her when I was 7 years old and younger, she had brown eyes and an abundance of brown hair which she often wore in braids wound around her head like a crown. I cherish the memory of her warm and loving spirit. Some of the family say I am very much like her in nature.

She was skilled with her hands in dressmaking, knitting, crocheting, embroidering and tatting. I have a dainty handkerchief that has at least an inch of tatting using fine thread on the border, which she made.

I remember some of the meals we had such as on Sundays with a beef roast, brown gravy over Yorkshire pudding and always a nice cake or pie. I was brought up with a taste for fruitcake at Christmas and plum pudding. Having a store to draw from, my mother did a lot of canning, everything from fruit to jam and chile sauce.

My father and mother met in Thistle, Utah. They were married in Thistle in 1892, and in 1897 they were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple. We lived in a home on Fifth Avenue which my father had built. It was a two-story home with a grocery store attached on the right side. There they raised eight children, working together to teach and guide them in school and at Church and through all the trials of life.

Mother  wanted to have a little income of her own, so she raised chickens. She incubated the eggs in the house, and we had little chicks popping out of the eggs and being kept warm on the oven range. With some of this money she bought an upright piano, and everyone had a chance to learn to play the piano. This was a great incentive for me when I got married: to have a piano for our children.

My mother was subject to asthma, and when she had bronchial pneumonia, they did not have the drugs to fight is as we do today. As a result she died when she was 38 years old and I was only seven.  I remember as we drove to the cemetery that May seeing lilacs everywhere in bloom.

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