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Frances McNabb Gray's Abbreviated Ancestor Chart

This chart goes back eight generations. This Ancestor Chart is also called an Ahnentafel* Chart. The number (which appears before the name) for the father of any individual is double that of the individual, and the mother’s number is the father’s number plus one. This chart is similar in nature to a pedigree chart. Because it is vertical rather than horizontal, it takes much less space. In theory, each generation doubles in the number of names, but this doubling depends upon the information we have and sometimes results in duplications. Where numbers are missing, our data is missing. The M which prefixes the number stands for McNabb to distinguish the numbers from those on the Wallace Firman Gray Ancestor Chart which start with G.

The number immediately following the names are RINs (Record Information Numbers) which are provided by our computer genealogy program. Dates and places in brackets (<>) are approximations provided by our computer program (Personal Ancestral File 3.0.)

* Ahnentafel is a German word for pedigree or "forebearer table." It is pronounced AW-NEN-TAW-FULL.

Biographies Given

When we have biographical sketches on any of these direct ancestors we are linking the biography to another web page. The names of children are listed in that linking.


M1 Frances Mildred MCNABB-2: b 26 Sep 1929 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah; m 29 Aug 1947 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, to  Wallace Firman GRAY #G1 ( Wally’s Ancestor Chart lists his direct lines.)


M2 Donald Oliver MCNABB-7: b 17 Sep 1903 Britt, Hancock, Ohio; m 29 Nov 1928 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah; d 1 Nov 1939 Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California.
M3 Elsie Gladys LUNDQUIST-8: b 3 Oct 1904 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.


M4 George Daniel MCNABB-10: b 12 Jan 1873 Mt. Palatine, Putnam, Illinois; m 1 Feb 1900 Forrest, Livingston, Illinois; d 14 Jan 1960 Britt, Hancock, Iowa.
M5 Bertha Elsie STANFORD-11: b 22 Jun 1873 La Salle, La Salle, Illinois; d 22 Feb 1905 Garner, Hancock, Iowa.
M6 Emanuel Richard LUNDQUIST (Merchant)-15: b 13 Mar 1867 Broten, Amneharad, Skaraborgs, Sweden; m 6 Jan 1892 Thistle, Utah, Utah; d 18 Oct 1925 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah.
M7 Grace Honor BUSHMAN-16: b 15 Jun 1873 Lehi, Utah, Utah; d 15 May 1912 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah


M8 Daniel MCNABB-25: b 5 Feb 1845 Urbana, Victory, Ohio; m 29 Sep 1869 Mt. Palatine, Putnam, Illinois; d 13 Sep 1931 Britt, Hancock, Iowa.
M9 Mary Frances GEORGE-26: b 27 Sep 1849 Ghent, Columbia, New York; d 23 Apr 1925 Britt, Hancock, Iowa
M10 Russell Elliott STANFORD-100; b 11 Oct 1842 Lowell, La Salle, Illinois; m 11 Jan 1872 Vermillion, LaSalle, Illinois.
M11 Mary HUTCHINSON-101: b abt 1845 of Vermillion, La Salle, Illinois; d abt 1918.
M12 Carl Gustav (Larsson) LUNDQUIST (Tenant Farmer)-52: b 9 Feb 1834 Luckebo, Lerback, Orebro, Sweden; m 20 Nov 1857 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden; d 24 Sep 1880 Amneharad, Skaraborgs, Sweden.
M13 Karin (Carolina) ERRSON-53: b 12 Sep 1832 Lekvettnet, Socken, Varmlands, Sweden; d 11 Mar 1903 Hyde Park, Cache, Utah.
M14 Jacob BUSHMAN-66: b 27 Jul 1830 Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; m 4 Mar 1857 San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California; d 25 Mar 1919 Fairview, Sanpete, Utah.
M15 Charlotte TURLEY-67: b 15 Apr 1840 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois; d 1 Nov 1899 Fairview, Sanpete, Utah.


M16 John MCNABB III-35: b 3 Feb 1809 Logie, Stirling, Scotland; m 22 Sep 1842 Urbana, Champagne, Ohio; d 4 Oct 1892 Mt. Palatine, Putnam, Illinois.
M17 Margaret MORRISON-42: b 17 Feb 1812 Southend, Argyle, Scotland; d 13 Mar 1880 Mt. Palatine, Putnam, Illinois.
M18 Robert Henry GEORGE-106: b 2 May 1823 Ghent, Columbia, New York; m 27 Nov 1847 Reformed Church, Mellenville, Columbia, New York.
M19 Eloy Elizabeth COLONE-107: b 5 Feb 1826 of New York.
M20 Emery STANFORD-118: b 19 Feb 1812 Annesville, Oneida, New York; m 1 Jan 1842 Lowell, La Salle, Illinois; d 16 Dec 1885 Tonica, La Salle, Illinois.
M21 Mary Lydia ELLIOTT-119: b 2 Aug 1819 Cato, Ondaga, New York; d 12 Feb 1856 Vermillion, Vermillion, New York
M22 Israel HUTCHINSON-122: b abt 1820 of Illinois; m abt 1845 of Illinois.
M23 Mary BURGESS-123: b abt 1825 of Illinois.
M24 Lars Johan OLSSON-62: b 23 Nov 1803 Lerback, Orebro, Sweden; m 16 Nov 1828 Lerback, Orebro, Sweden; d 1 Dec 1834 Lerback, Orebro, Sweden.
M25 Anna Maja ANDERSSON-63: b 12 Aug 1793 Bjorkvik, Tjallmo, Oster Gotland, Sweden; d 14 Mar 1835 Lerback, Orebro, Sweden.
M26 Eric ERSSON-64: b 24 Mar 1780 Vitkarn, Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden; m 26 Dec 1821 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden; d 17 Jul 1848 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M27 Marit OLSSON (OLAFSON)-65: b 4 Jan 1793 Hackfallet, Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M28 Martin Benjamin BUSHMAN-77: b 1 Apr 1802 Strasburg, Alancaster, Pennsylvania; m 20 Mar 1827 Bart, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d 18 Oct 1870 Lehi, Utah, Utah.
M29 Elizabeth DEGEN-78: b 12 Sep 1802 Hollstein, Bern, Ballisland, Switzerland; d 21 May 1878 Lehi, Utah, Utah.
M30 Theodore TURLEY (Gunsmith and Blacksmith)-89: b 10 Apr 1801 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; m 26 Nov 1821 Harborne, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; d 12 Aug 1871 Beaver City, Beaver, Utah.
M31 Frances Amelia KIMBERLEY-90: b 22 Jun 1800 St. Martins, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; d 30 Aug 1847 Florence, Douglas, Nebraska.


M32 John MCNABB II-43: b 13 Oct 1768 St. Ninians, Stirling, Scotland; m 9 Dec 1798 St. Ninians, Stirling, Scotland; d 1819 Tullibody, Scotland.
M33 Jane DRYSDALE-44: c 8 Nov 1785 Alva, Stirling, Scotland; d 1 May 1809
M34 Donald MORRISON-116: b abt 1781 Scotland; m 18 Jan 1806 Southend, Argyll, Scotland.
M35 Mary CURRIE-117: b Jan 1784 Argyll, Scotland; d 22 Aug 1846, Magnolia, Putnam, Illinois.
M36 Henry GEORGE-1734: b <1797> <Reformed Dutch Church, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York>; m 2 Mar 1822 Reformed Dutch Church, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York.
M37 Catharine DINGMAN-1735: b <1801> <Reformed Dutch Church, Kinderhook, Columbia, New York>.
M40 Jonathan STANFORD-137: b 16 Apr 1784 Natick, Worchester, Massachusetts; m 13 Apr 1807 Annesville, Oneida, New York; d 2 Feb 1845 Annesville, Oneida, New York.
M41. Eunice MORTON-138: b 6 May 1790 Guilford, Wndhm, Vermont; d 17 May 1847 Annesville, Oneida, New York.
Jacob ELLIOTT-1152: b <1793> <Cato, Ondaga, New York>.
M48 Olaf JONSSON-974: b 14 Jun 1761 Lerback, Orebro, Sweden; d 3 Sep 1814 Lerback, Orebro, Sweden.
M49 Maria LARSSON-975: b 10 Feb 1764 Ingelsby, Orebro, Sweden; d 2 May 1821 Ingelsby, Orebro, Sweden.
M50 Anders JOHNANSSON-1010: b 26 Sep 1761 Gryteback, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden; m 2 Sep 1792 Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden; d 20 Aug 1835 Rometorp, Hallestad, Ostergotland, Sweden.
M51 Anna Maria (Maja) JOHANSSON-1011: b 2 May 1762 Vik, Tjalalmo, Ostergotland, Sweden; d 4 Dec 1794 Bjorkvik, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden.
M52 Eric ERSSON-988: b 19 Feb 1749 Vitkarn, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; m 26 Dec 1773 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden; d 24 Mar 1802 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M53 Britta OLSSON-989: b 10 Apr 1749 Gransjon, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 1812 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M54 Olof Andersson ANDERSSON-998: b 15 Feb 1752 Rundsjoskogen, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; m 26 Oct 1777; d 12 Apr 1798 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M55 Maria OLOFSSON-999: b 18 Sep 1753 Rundsjoskogen, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 21 Sep 1808 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M56 Abraham BUSHMAN-79: b 12 Apr 1767 of Strasburg Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; m 12 Jan 1788 Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d 17 Nov 1852 West Lampeter Township, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
M57 Esther FRANKS-80: b 14 Oct 1764 of Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d 25 Apr 1844 Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
M58 John Casper DEGEN-87: b 18 Jan 1770 Holstein, Bern, Switzerland; m 26 Jan 1802 Holstein, Bern, Switzerland; d 19 Aug 1821 Pennsylvania.
M59 Anna Maria GRAFF-88: b 15 May 1768 Technau, Switzerland; d 29 Oct 1806 Holstein, Basel, Switzerland.
M60 William TURLEY-257: b 1770 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; m 9 Jun 1793 St. Martin’s Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; d  7 Apr 1841 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
M61 Elizabeth YATES-258: c 10 Sep 1775 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England; d 6 Mar 1848 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
M62 Thomas KIMBERLEY-(Builder)-255: c 25 Mar 1766 King’s Norton, Worcester, England; m 4 May 1790 St. Martins, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; d 14 Jun 1832 Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
M63 Sarah HITCHENS-256: c 28 Dec 1772 King’s Norton, Worchester, England.


M64 John MCNABB I-48: b 21 Jul 1734 Stirling, Stirling, Scotland; m 22 Nov 1760 Kincardine, by Doune, Perth, Scotland.
M65 Jennet BROWN-49: b 6 Aug 1737 St. Ninians, Stirling, Scotland.
M66 John DRYSDALE-110: c 14 Feb 1731 Alva, Stirling, Scotland; m 23 Jun 1760 Alva, Stirling, Scotland; m 23 Jun 1760, Stirling, Scotland.
M67 Jean YOUNG-111: c 20 Nov 1726 Alva, Stirling, Scotland.
M80 Richard STANFORD-159: b 19 Dec 1740 Southboro, Worchester, Massachusetts; m 26 Jun 1764 Shrewsbury, Worcester, Massachusetts.
M81 Elizabeth WINCH-160: b 13 Mar 1739 of Farmington, Massachusetts.
M82 Benjamin MORTON-321: b abt 1764 Guilford, Windham, Vermont; m 29 Nov 1787; d Oneida, New York.
M83 Hannah DEXTER-322: b 5 Dec 1770 Athol, Worcester, Massachusetts; d 18 Sep 1858 New York.
M96 Jons JONSSON-978: b 27 Aug 1738 Luckebo, Lerback, Orebro, Sweden; d 1782 Lerback, Orebro, Sweden.
M97 Anna MATSSON-979: b Lerback, Orebro, Sweden; d 22 Dec 1801 Lerback, Orebro, Sweden.
M98 Lars LARSSON-980: c 29 Sep 1734 Berget, Lerback, Orebro, Sweden; d 8 Dec 1805 Lerbeck, Orebro, Sweden.
M99 Maria PERSSON-981: b 30 Apr 1741 Lerbeck, Orebro, Sweden; d 11 Dec 1814 Lerbeck, Orebro, Sweden.
M100 Johan ANDERSSON-1012: b. 1727 of Gryteback, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden; m 28 Oct 1760 Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden.
101 Anna TORSTENSSON-1013: b 29 Oct 1726 Gryteback, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden; d 30 May 1810 Pikhulatet, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden.
102 Johan JOHANSSON-1020: b 27 May 1737 of Vik, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden; m 27 Sep 1761 Godegard, Ostergotland, Sweden; d 13 Apr 1815 Vik, Rjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden.
M103 Kierstin ANDERSSON-1021: b 14 Jun 1736 Karnskogen, Godegard, Oster Gotland, Sweden; d 1 Apr 1815 Vik, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden.
M104 Erick CLEMETSSON-990: b 20 May 1707 Vitkarn, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; m 20 Oct 1726 Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 18 Jan 1792 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M105 Karin SIGFRIDSSON-991: b abt 1710 Vitkarn, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 22 Apr 1788 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M106 Olaf PERSSON-996: b abt 1718 of Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; m 25 Nov 1744 Fryksande, Varmlands, Sweden; d 8 Apr 1744 Ostmark, Varmlands, Sweden.
M107 Annika HENDRIKSSON-997: b 12 Dec 1728 Arnsjon, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 23 Sep 1792 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M108 Anders ANDERSSON-1000: b abt 1720 of Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; m 27 May 1745 Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 5 Jan 1780 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M109 Marit NILSSON-1001: b abt 1721 of Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 24 Sep 1782 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M110 Olof SIGRIDSSON-1002: b 4 Apr 1720 Vitkarn, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; m 16 Dec 1745 Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 1786 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M111 Anna PERSSON-1003: b 22 Dec 1725 Lekvattnet, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 16 Sep 1776 Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M112 John Henry BUSHMAN-81: b 30 Nov 1734 Mackensen, Hanoverschen, Germany; m 6 Nov 1764 Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d 1784 Lancaster, Pennsylvania
M113 Mary Barbara TROUT-82: b abt 1744 Strasburg, Lancaster, Pennsylvania; d 20 Jun 1824 Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
M114 David FRANKS-1299: b 23 Sep 1720; d 1794.
M116 Frederich DEGEN-1085: b 16 Mar 1723 Hotstein, Basel, Switzerland; m 28 Jul 1766 Holstein, Basel, Switzerland; d 28 Mar 1810.
M117 Elizabeth GYSIN-1086: b 28 Aug 1729 Holstein, Bern, Switzerland; d 28 Sep 1817 Hollstein, Basel, Switzerland.
M118 Johannes GRAF-1089: b 21 Nov 1734 Misprach, Switzerland; m 25 Feb 1766 of Techniu, Switzerland; d 15 Feb 1789.
M119 Barbara MANGOLD-1090: b 29 Nov 1744 Sissach, Bern, Switzerland; d 1 Aug 1786.
M120 Joseph TURLEY-259: c 21 Jul 1734 Sedgley, Straffordshire, England; m abt 1769 Birmingham, Staffordshire, England; bu 6 Jul 1819 Sedgley, Staffordshire, England.
M121 Mary-1468: b 1736 Coseley, Sedgley, Straffordshire, England; d 15 Jun 1823 Sedgley, Straffordshire, England.
M122 Joseph YATES-260: c 10 Sep 1750 St. Philips, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; m 24 Jan 1775 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England; bu 18 Nov 1787 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England.
M123 Ann HART-261: b 25 Mar 1758 of Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England; bu 14 Dec 1825 St. Pauls, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
M124 Joseph KIMBERLEY-282: c 1 Apr 1737 King’s Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; m 11 Oct 1759 King’s Norton, Worchester, England; bu 2 Aug 1808 King’s Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
M125 Ann BOLTON-283: d 5 Feb 1823; Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
M126 John HITCHINS-284: c 19 Aug 1738 King’s Norton, Worchester, England; bu 1 Mar 1786 King’s Norton, Worchester, England.
M127 Mary GRIFFIN-285: c 24 Feb 1748/1749 King’s Norton, Worchester, England; bu 14 Mar 1781 King ‘s Norton, Worchester, England.


M128 Patrick MCNABB-5-: b abt 1708 of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland; m 4 Oct 1733 St. Ninians, Stirling, Scotland.
M129 Elizabeth MCDONALD-51: b abt 1712 St. Ninians, Stirling, Scotland.
M130 John BROWN-108: b Jul 1712 St. Ninians, Stirling, Scotland; m 2 Jul 1736 St. Ninians, Stirling, Scotland.
M131 Margaret PATON-109: b 26 Dec 1712 St. Ninians, Stirling, Scotland.
M132 William DRYSDALE III-112: c 31 Mar 1700 Alva, Stirling, Scotland; m 30 Oct 1724 Alva, Stirling, Scotland.
M133 Mary ARCHIBALD-113: c 1 Mar 1702 Alva, Stirling, Scotland.
M134 William YOUNG III-114: c 6 Sep 1702 Alva, Stirling, Scotland; m 14 Sep 1723.
M135 Jean DAWSON (DASON)-115: c 10 Jan 1699 Alva, Stirling, Scotland.
M160 Thomas STANFORD-105: b 25 Jan 1712/1713 Sherborn, Middlesex, Massachusetts; m abt 1738; d 25 Jan 1771 Natick, Worchester, Massachusetts.
M161 Mary-313: b abt 1712 of Massachusetts; d aft 1781.
M162 David WINCH-316: b Sep 1714 Middlesex, Massachusetts.
M163 Naomi GIBBS-317: b <1717> <of Farmington, Massachusetts>.
M164 Benjamin MORTON-323: b 20 Oct 1739 Hampshire, Massachusetts; m 30 Sep 1760 Athol, Franklin, Massachusetts.
M165 Mary DEXTER-324: b 11 Jun 1743 Hardwick, Worcester, Massachusetts; d 16 Apr 1824 Annesville, Oneida, New York.
M166 Benjamin DEXTER-329: b 17 Nov 1747 Hardwick, Worcester, Massachusetts; m 1769; d 1818 Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts.
M167 Hannah STONE-330; b 15 Jan 1746 Marlboro, Middlesex, Massachusetts; d 1832.
M192 Jons JOHNSSON-984: b abt 1710 of Lerback, Orebro, Sweden.
M193 Anna-985: b abt 1712 of Lerback, Orebro, Sweden.
M194 Mats MATTSSON-986: b abt 1703 of Lerback, Orebro, Sweden.
M195 Maria-987: b abt 1704.
M196 Lars LARSSON-1009: b abt 1698 of Berget, Lerback, Orebro, Sweden.
M197 Mrs. LARSSON-1293: b abt 1702 of Berget, Lerback, Orebro, Sweden.
M198 Per ANDERSSON-982: b 1714 Ox Lerback, Orebro, Sweden; m abt 1740 Ingelesby, Lerback, Orebro, Sweden.
M199 Brita GLOFSSON-983: b 1718 Ox Lerback, Orebro, Sweden; d 1793.
M202 Torsten NILSSON-1014: b 27 Nov 1700 Markebo, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden; m 17 Oct 1725 Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden; d 7 Dec 1772 Gryteback, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden.
M203 Brita ANDERSSON-1015: b 1703 of Gryteback, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden; d 3 Mar 1762 Gryteback, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden.
M204 Johan NILSSON-1022: b 8 Jan 1703 Vik, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden.
M205 Mrs. Johan NILSSON-1377: b abt 1707 of Vik, Tjallmo, Ostergotland, Sweden.
M206 Anders PEHRSSON-1024: b 1709 of Karnskogen, Godegard, Ostergosland, Sweden; m 18 May 1732 Godegard, Ostergotland, Sweden.
M207 Anna THYRESSON-1025: c 21 Sep 1702 Karnskogen, Godegard, Ostergotland, Sweden; d 20 Jul 1775 Karnskogen, Godegard, Ostergotland, Sweden.
M208 Clemet JOHANSSEN-992: b abt 1665 of Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 12 Jan 1725 Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden.
M209 Karin PERSSON-993: b abt 1670 of Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 9 Oct 1740 Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden.
M210 Sigfrid JOHANSSON-994: b abt 1680 of Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 8 Feb 1741 Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden.
M211 Karin MATTSSON-995: b abt 1664 of Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 14 Sep 1759 Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden.
M212 Per SIGFRIDSSON-1027: b 1684 of Gransjon, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; m 6 Aug 1714 Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 3 Mar 1763 Gransjon, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden.
M213 Marit JEANSSON-1028: b abt 1693 of Vittkarn, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden.
M214 Hindrik HANSSON-1031: b 1690 of Rojdasen, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; m 6 Jan 1725 Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 18 May 1729 Arnsjon, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden.
M215 Annika ANDERSSON-1032: b 1702 of Arnsjon, Frxyksande, Varmland, Sweden; d 3 Feb 1783 Arnsjon, Ostmark, Varmland, Sweden.
M220 Same as individual M210.
M221 Same as individual M211.
M222 Per MICKELSSON-1033: b abt 1682 of Lekvattnet, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden; m 9 Jan 1707 Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden.
M223 Anna JACOBSSON-1034: b abt 1686 of Lekvattnet, Fryksande, Varmland, Sweden.
M224 Wilhelm BUSSMAN-83: b abt 1708 of Germany; m abt 1733 Germany.
M225 Mrs. Wilheld BUSHMAN-84: b abt 1712 of Germany.
M226 Wendel TROUT-85: b 1689; d 1760 Strasburg, Pennsylvania.
M227 Magdalena WALTER-86: b 1743; d 1761.
M232 Ulrich Ulin DEGEN-1087: b 17 Feb 1683 Oberdorf, Switzerland; m 14 Jan 1710; d 22 Apr 1762.
M233 Magdalena THOMEN-1088: b 28 Jan 1697; d 18 Apr 1767 Oberdorf, Swiitzerland.
M234 Hans Joggi GYSIN-1773: b 18 Jul 1697.
M235 Barbara AENISHAENSLIN-1774: b abt 1701.
M236 Johannes GRAF-1091: b 7 Oct 1704 Maisprach, Switzerland; m 10 Oct 1730 Misprach, Basel, Switzerland.
M237 Chrishona BUSER-1092: b 26 May 1715 Tecknau, Basel-land, Switzerland.
M238 Martin MANGOLD-1093: c 10 May 1714 Sissach, Switzerland; d 16 Aug 1761 Boecklen.
M239 Maria HAENDSCHI-1094: c 16 Nov 1717 Gelterkinder, Basel, Switzerland.
M240 Richard TURLEY-1469: b 8 May 1715 Coseley, Staffordshire, England; m 25 Mar 1743/1744; bu 7 Jun 1787.
M241 Sarah RICHARDS-1470: b 8 Feb 1719 Coseley, Staffordshire, England; d 10 Dec 1780.
M244 Joseph YATES-262: c 6 Nov 1725 St. Peters, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; m 14 Feb 1747/1748 St. Peter’s, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; bu 3 Apr 1782 St. Paul’s, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
M245 Sarah SANDERS-263: c 10 Sep 1726 St. Martins, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; bu 17 Jul 1781 St. Pauls, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
M246 Samuel HART-274: c 3 Jun 1731 Edgbaston, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England; m 24 Mar 1755 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England, bu 15 Apr 1804 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England.
M247 Hannah MALBOURN-275: c 1 Jan 1737/1738 Wolstanton, Staffordshire, England, bu 9 Jul 1793 Edgbaston, Warwickshire, England.
M248 John KIMBERLEY-291: c 20 Mar 1699/1700 King’s Norton, Worchester, England; m 14 Apr 1724 King’s Norton, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England.
M249 Elizabeth SANDERS-292: c 19 Mar 1697/1698 King’s Norton, Worchester, England; bu 6 Jun 1769 King ‘s Norton, Worchester, England.
M252 William HITCHENS-286.
M253 Mary-287
M254 William GRIFFIN-288: c 23 Feb 1711/1712 Alvechurch, Worchester, England; bu 1 Jan 1755 King’s Norton, Worchester, England.
M255 Mary HILL-289: c 18 Mar 1720/1721 King’s Norton, Worchester, England.

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