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Charlotte Turley Bushman

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#M15 TURLEY, Charlotte (AFN:1BGL-KK) *

Born: 15 Apr 1840 Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois
Died: 1 Nov 1899 Fairview, Sanpete, Utah
Buried: Nov 1899 Fairview City Cemetery, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

Father: #M30 Theodore TURLEY (AFN:1BGK-W5)
Mother: #M31 Frances Amelia KIMBERLEY (AFN:1BGK-XB)

Married: 4 Mar 1857 to Jacob BUSHMAN #M14 (AFN:1KC7-8N) San Bernardino, San Bernardino, California. They had ten children.

#M14 BUSHMAN, Jacob (AFN:1KC7-8N)*

Born: 27 Jul 1830 Lampeter Township, Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Died: 25 Mar 1919 Fairview, Sanpete, Utah
Buried: Mar 1919 Fairview City Cemetery, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

Father: #M28 Martin BUSHMAN (AFN:1KC6-4T)
Mother: #M29 Elizabeth DEGEN (AFN:1KC6-51)

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Children of Jacob Bushman and Charlotte Turley

1. (F) Priscilla Elizabeth BUSHMAN (AFN:1Z9K-3S)
     Born: 22 Jan 1858 Muddy, Iron, Utah
     Died: 15 Aug 1859 Muddy, Iron, Utah

2. (F) Charlotte Amanda BUSHMAN (AFN:1Z9K-40)
     Born: 31 Jul 1860 Lehi, Utah, Utah
     Died: 25 Jan 1928 Lehi, Lehi, Utah
     Buried: 28 Jan 1928 Lehi, Lehi, Utah
     Married: 11 Dec 1879 in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, to John SABEY (AFN:1GC3-J9)

3. (M) Theodore Martin BUSHMAN (AFN:1KHV-SG),
     Born: 20 Oct 1863 Lehi, Utah, Utah
     Died: 30 Jul 1937 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
     Buried: 3 Aug 1937 Lehi, Lehi, UtaH
     Married: 13 Nov 1885 St. George, Washington, Utah, to Elizabeth Morilla LAMBSON (AFN:5CZ7-PH)

4.(F)  Frances Ann BUSHMAN (AFN:1Z9K-55)
     Born: 17 Apr 1866 Lehi, Utah, Utah
     Died: 26 Jan 1874

5. (F) Sarah Erminie BUSHMAN (AFN:1Z9K-6B)
     Born: 17 Mar 1869 Lehi, Utah, Utah
     Died: 17 Jul 1947 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
     Married: 19 Apr 1888 Logan, Casch, Utah, to Henry FOWLES (AFN:19GP-61)

Biography by Elsie Lunquist McNabb: My Aunt Sarah Fowles, whom we fondly called Aunt Sadie, is very dear to me because she helped and mothered me through my girlhood and growing up years after my mother's death when I was 7 years old. Her daughter died at age 16 of a ruptured appendix. I never knew Uncle Henry (he died in 1899).  Sadie and her  son Timothy lived in Fairview, Utah and I visited them frequently. My father, Emanuel Richard Lundquist built their home there for $600. This gave my father sufficient means to build his own home in Salt Lake City when he married Aunt Sadie's sister and my mother, Grace Honor Bushman (child number 7 on this page.) I also visited when I went to see other aunts (Aunt Ida, number 9) and Aunt Ella (#10).

Aunt Sadie was sincerely dedicated to the Gospel and Church work and had a loving and generous home life. After the sad death of her young daughter she adoped Lillian. Aunt Sadie moved to Salt Lake and bought a home there. Later on when I got married to Donald Oliver McNabb, the wedding took place on Thanksgiving Day at Aunt Sadie's home. Aunt Sadie dedicated her time and energy to Temple work for many, many years.

6. (F) Mary Emma BUSHMAN (AFN:211Z-NN)
     Born: 5 Oct 1871 Lehi, Utah, Utah
     Died: 1 Jan 1872 Lehi, Utah, Utah

*7 (F)  Grace Honor BUSHMAN #M7 (AFN:47QT-DD)
15 Jun 1873 Lehi, Utah, Utah
     Died: 15 May 1912 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
     Married: 6 Jan 1892 Thistle, Utah to Emanuel Richard LUNDQUIST #M6 (AFN:47QT-C7)
* Indicates direct line to Frances Mildred McNabb Gray.
For extensive biographies of Grace Honor Bushman and Emanuel Richard Lundquist go to the links above.

8. (M) Jacob Isaac BUSHMAN #M7b (AFN:1Z9K-9T)
     Born: 16 Mar 1876 Lehi, Utah, Utah
     Died: 18 Dec 1939 Fairview, Sanpete, Utah
     Buried: Fairview, Sanpete, Utah
     Married: 16 Nov 1897 Fairview, Sanpete, Utah, to Effie May BILLS (AFN:20RR-LP)
For extensive biographies of Jacob Isaac Bushman and Effie May Bills go to the link above. (Same for both.)

9. (F) Ida Roxanna BUSHMAN #M7a (AFN:1Z9J-QX)
     Born: 14 Sep 1879 Lehi, Utah, Utah
     Died: 28 Apr 1970 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
     Buried: Fairview City Cemetery, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah
     Married: 5 Feb 1902 Manti, Sanpete, Utah to Archibald Robert ANDERSON (AFN:1Z9J-PR)
For an extensive biography of Ida Roxana Bushman to to link above.

10. (F) Ella Isadora BUSHMAN (AFN:1LGD-FL)
     Born: 3 Feb 1884 Lehi, Utah, Utah
     Died: 4 Sep 1956 Provo, Utah, Utah
     Buried: 7 Sep 1956 City Cemetery, Fairview, Sanpete, Utah
     Married: 23 Oct 1901 Manti, Sanpete, Utah, to Rufus Orrin BARKER (AFN:1LGD-DF)

Biography of Charlotte Turley Bushman

Based upon The Theodore Turley Family Book (FHL Microfilm #1321300 and call number 929.273/T848t), pp. 474-478. See also biography of Jacob Bushman.

Charlotte was born in the home of her parents, the first home built in Nauvoo while her father, Theodore Turley, was on a mission to England. She was born at the time when Nauvoo was a joyous city. But as the tides changed and the Saints became more and more persecuted, anxiety and fear once more filled the hearts of the people. Many times Theodore hid the Prophet Joseph Smith in his cellar. Charlotte often told her children that when the Prophet was in the cellar he would hold her on his lap and tell her stories so she would be very quiet. This was a memory she always cherished.

As the Mormons were driven out of Nauvoo they fled across the Mississippi River and wintered in Winter Quarters, Nebraska. Charlotte's mother and also Theodore's third wife Sarah died in Nebraska.

When the Saints arrived in Salt Lake Valley, Brigham Young instituted his great colonization program. In the early 1850s the Turleys were sent to San Bernardino to help with the building of this western-most boundary of the state of Deseret. This is where Charlotte and Jacob met and married. See Jacob's biography for their life together.

Charlotte was described by her daughter Ida as "a very beautiful woman. Her creamy white complexion, her black eyes and silky black hair made her one of the most beautiful women I ever knew!" She related the utmost care that her mother always exercised in her appearance, also of her mother's neat black dress with a pocket in the skirt where pieces of candy were usually available for her children and grandchildren.

A granddaughter Ora Anderson mentioned how her mother had told her of Charlotte's devotion to children, husband and the Church. Charlotte accepted each day as it came and gave thanks to God for her family.

Charlotte died at the age of 59 in Fairview, Utah. She had participated in the great drama of Nauvoo, crossing the Plains, colonization, motherhood, and sustaining and supporting her husband as he performed his duties as a father and missionary.

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