Biographical Index and Family Information

This is an index of all biographical sketches and family information published in this Web site. Sources and associates are also listed who are not members of the family. In this section is the family of Wallace Firman Gray and the family of Frances Mildred McNabb Gray.

See also Ann Lewis's Project Featuring Life Stories of Ancestors which includes several other biographical sketches.

The family of Wallace Firman Gray

Andersen, Jorgen #G122* (listed on daughter's page)
Bubeckhoffer, John Michael (chr 1758) #G40 and Vogler, Christina Elizabeth
Bubeckoffer, John Philip #G40c and Engels, Maria Dorothea
Bubeckopfer, Franz #G160*
Bubickhoffer, John Peter #G80  Immigrant
Bubbikoffer, Johann Michael (born 1793) #G20
Bundgaard, Niels Nelsen #G24 and Larsen, Else #G25*
Bundgard, Anders Nielsen #G12 and Jeppesen, Leene (Helena) #G13 (Photo)
Bungard, Helen Esther #G3 (Mrs. Firman C. Gray) (Photo) See also Tres Robles
Bungard, Howard Luther (Photo)
Bungard, Niels Nelsen #G6 and Madsen, Bertha Kristine Madsine #G7 (Photo) (Immigrants)
Christensen, Ane Kirstine #G63 (Mrs. Laust Nielsen)* (listed on daughter's page)
Christensen, Birthe #G123*(listed on daughter's page)
Christernsen, Frederike #G29 (Mrs. Mads Jorgensen)* (her parents are listed on her page)
Christensen, Kirstine #G15 (Mrs. Niels Madsen) (Photo)
Christensen, Peder #G60 and Jorgensen, Anne Marie #G61*
Clausen, Claus #G54 and Pedersen, Lene #G55* (listed on daughter's page)
Klausen, Kirstine #G27 (Mrs. Jeppe Hansen)
Dore, Louisa Elizabeth #G11 and Publicover, James #G10
Faestersen, Christian #G58* (listed on daughter's page.)
Gray, Firman Carleton #G2 (Photo)  See also Tres Robles
Gray, Joseph Albert #G4 (Photo of family and of couple.)
Gray, Josiah John #G8 and Catharine Smith #G9
Gray, Wallace Firman #G1 (Photos) (Other links: Navy Experiences, Joining the Church,  Mysteries of the Past.)
Gray, William [I] #G32*
Gray, William [II[ #G16
Hansen, Jeppe #G26 and Clausen, Kirstine #G27
Hansen, Jorgen #G56 and Madsen, Ane Kirstine #G57*
Iversen, Hans #G52 and Jeppesen, Ester #G53* (listed on son's page)
Jeppesen, Ester #G53 (Mrs. Hans Iversen)* (listed on son's page)
Jeppesen, Leene (Helena) #G13 (Mrs. Anders Nielsen Bundgard) (Photo)
Jorgensen, Anne #G115 (Mrs. Mads Nielsen)* (listed on daughter's page)
Jorgensen, Anne Marie #G61 (Mrs. Peder Christensen)
Jorgensen, Mads #G28 and Christensen, Frederike #G29
Larsen, Else #G25 (Mrs. Niels Nelsen Bundgaard)*
Lausten, Elisabeth Catherine #G31 (Mrs. Christen Pedersen)
Madsen, Ane Kirstine #G57 (Mrs. Jorgen Hansen)
Madsen, Bertha Kristine Madsine #G7 (Mrs. Niels Nelsen Bungard) (Photo) (Immigrants)
Madsen, Mads Christian #G7a (Immigrant) and Thomson, Kjarstena
Madsen, Margrethe #G59* (listed on daughter's page.)
Madsen, Niels #G14 and Christensen, Kirstine #G15 (Photo) (Immigrants)
Madson, Laura (Mrs. Mads Christian Madsen)
Nielsen, Mads #G114 and Jorgensen, Anne #G115*(listed on daughter's page)
Nielsen, Laust #G62 and Christensen, Ane Kirstine #G63* (listed on daughter's page)
Pedersen, Christen #G30  and Lausten, Elisabeth Catherine #G31
Pedersen, Christen #G120* (listed on son's page)
Pedersen, Lene #G55 (Mrs. Claus Clausen)* (listed on daughter's page)
Publicover, Ada Mary #G5 ( Photo of family and of couple.)
Publicover, Harris #G2a
Publicover, James #G10 and Dore, Louisa Elizabeth #G11
Smith, Catharine #G9 (Mrs. Josiah Gray)
Thomson, Kjarstena M. (Mrs. Mads Chrisian Madsen)
Vogler, Christina Elizabeth (#G41) (Mrs. John Michael Bubeckhoffer)
Vogler, Johann Heinrich (#G82) and Whalter (Walter/Walters), Anna Elizabeth
Whalter (Walter/Walters), Anna Elizabeth (Mrs. Johann Heinrich Vogler)

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Wallace F. Gray Family Sites
The Bungard Family of Denmark
The Gray Family of Sambro, Nova Scotia
The Publicover Family of Nova Scotia
The Madsen Family of Vejle, Denmark

The family of Frances Mildred McNabb Gray

Bills, Effie May #8b (Mrs. Jacob Isaac Bushman)
Bushman, Abraham and Esther Franks (In Martin Bushman file)*
Bushman, Grace Honor #M7 (Mrs.Emanuel Richard Lundquist) (Photo)
Bushman, Ida Roxanna #M7a (Mrs.Archibald Robert Anderson) (Photo)
Bushman, Jacob #M14 (Photo including family photo.)
Bushman, Jacob Isaac #M7b and Bills, Effie May #M8b (Photo)
Bushman, John Henry and Esther Franks (In Martin Bushman file)
Bushman, Martin #M28 and Degen, Elizabeth #M29 (Photo)
Bushman, Sarah Erminie (brief biography under Charlotte Turley, child 5)
Claussen, Bertha Christiana (Mrs. Victor Rocine) (Photo)
Clift, Robert and Elizabeth family
Daniels, Cyrus
Degan, Elizabeth #M29 (Mrs. Martin Bushman)
Errson, Karin (Carolina) #M13 (immigrant) (Mrs. Carl Gustav Lundquist)
Franks, Esther (Mrs. Abraham Bushman)*
Godiva, countess of Mercia (unverified line)
Greenwood, Sarah #M14j (Mrs. Isaac Turley, Sr.)
Harris, Eugenia (Mrs. Eric Benjamin)
Hutchinson, Mary #M11 (Mrs. Russell Ellliott Stanford) (Photo)
Jolliffe, Hattie Belle #M5a (Mrs. George Daniel McNabb (Photo)
Kimberley, Frances Amelia #M31 (Mrs. Theodore Turley)
Lake, Ida Mae #M8i (Mrs. Isaac Turley, Jr.)
Lundquist, Carl Gustav #M12
Lundquist, Ebert Maurice #M3i
Lundquist, Elsie Gladys #M3 (Mrs. Donald Oliver McNabb #M2)  (Photo)
     (Glimpses Into My Early Years by Elsie Lundquist McNabb)
Lundquist, Emanuel Richard #M6 (Photos of Emanuel and of his family of first two children)
Lundquist, Eric Benjamin #M6c and Harris, Eugenia
Lundquist, Eugene B. #M3h
Lundquist, Hilma (Helen) Augusta #M6a (Mrs. John Wallace Simpson)
Lundquist, Milton #M3g
Lundquist, Roy Emanuel #M3e (Photos and Letters)
Lundquist, Ruby Grace #M3c and Smuin, Franklin
Lundquist, Victor (See Rocine, Victor)
McNabb, Daniel #M8 and George, Mary Frances #M9 (Photos)
McNabb, Donald Oliver #M2 (Photo)
McNabb, Frances Mildred #M1 (Mrs. Wallace F. Gray) (Photo)
McNabb, George Daniel #M4 (Photo)
McNabb, James Archibald (in McNabb, Illinois article)
McNabb, John Morrison (in McNabb, Illinois article)

McNabb, John I #M64 and Brown, Jennet #M65

McNabb, John II #M32 and Drysdale, Jane #M33
McNabb, John III #M16 (Photo)
McNabb, Patrick #M128 and McDonald, Elizabeth #M129*
McNabb, Reva Iola #M2a
Morrison, Margaret #M17 (Mrs. John McNabb III #M16)

Rocine, Rex #M3j
Rocine (Lundquist) Victor, Gabriel #M6b and Claussen, Bertha Christiana (Photos)
Smuin, Grace Helen #M2b
Stanford, Bertha #M5 (Mrs. George Daniel McNabb) (Photo)
Stanford, Russell Elliott #M10 (Photo)
Tolton, Clara Ann #M14i (Mrs. Isaac Turley, Sr.)
Turley, Charlotte #M15 (Mrs. Jacob Bushman) (Photo)

Turley, Frances Amelia (Mrs. Cyrus Daniels) M31
Turley, Frederick (brief biography under Theodore Turley (Marriage 1, Child 5)
Turley, Isaac Jr.#M7i and Lake, Ida Mae #M8i
Turley, Isaac, Sr. #M15h

Turley, Jacob Omner (see reference to Jacob's children under Theodore Turley, Marriage 5, Child 2)
Turley, Joseph Orson (brief biography under Theodore Turley, Marriage 5, Child 1)
Turley, Mary Ann (brief biography under Theodore Turley (Marriage 1, Child 3)
Turley, Priscilla Rebecca (brief biography under Theodore Turley (Marriage 1, Child 4)
Turley, Sarah Elizabeth (brief biography under Theodore Turley (Marriage 1, Child 7)
Turley, Theodore #M30 (Photo)

Turley, Theodore (Biography and Autobiography by Ella Mae Turley Judd)

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Frances M. Gray Family Sites
The Martin Bushman Family
The Lundquist Family of Sweden
The McNabb Family
The Stanford Family
The Theodore Turley Family

Friends or Associates of these families

Ingalls, Laura (aviator) (Photo)

Sources for all families

Bell, Dr. Winthrop (Gray, Publicover)
Bumgarner, James McNabb (McNabb, Morrison, Laughlin)
Gray, Donald (Gray, Publicover)
Hedrick, JoAnn (Theodore Turley)
Judd, Ella Mae Turley (Turley, related lines)
Lewis, Ann (Sketches of Bushman, Turley and others gathered by her)
Publicover, Harris #G2a (Gray, Publicover)
Pyper, John Romney (Turley, related lines)
Stewart, Elden (Turley, Bushman)
Teal, Scott Winston (Publicover)
Turley, Joseph Soll (Ingersoll) (Turley, related lines)
Turley, Lawrence (Turley)

Our immediate family

Gray Lawrence F. and Bingham, Marie (photo)
Gray, Stephen Wallace  (photo)

Descendancy Chart
Descendants of Wallace F. Gray and Frances M. Gray

The Perilous Journeys our Ancestors (and others) Took
*Early Protestant Settlers Had Terrible Time in Nova Scotia By Bessie F. Mason.  (Includes Publicovers)
Journeys from Germany to Pennsylvania, 1734 to 1775  By Harvey H. Wimmer.
Pioneer Migration from North Carolina to Tennessee By Jan Philpot.
Across the Plains in the Early 1860s By Abbie Brown
*Sweden to America: Karin Ersson (Lundquist)
*Scotland to America: Margaret Morrison (Mrs. John McNabb)
*Scotland to America: John McNabb
*Jacob and Charlotte Bushman (Across the Plains)
*Martin  and Elizabeth Bushman (Across the Plains)
*John Henry Bushman (Hamburg to America)
*Isaac Turley (Crossing Plains, Travel in American and Mexico)
*Theodore and Frances Amelia Turley (England to Canada, Crossing Plains)
*John Peter and Sabina Bubickhoffer (Publicover) (Palatinate to Canada)
*Karin Errson (Lundquist) (Sweden to America)
*Margaret Morrison (Scotland to America)
*John McNabb (Scotland to America)
*Tolton Family (America and Mexico)
*Sarah Greenwood (England-America-Mexico)

* Our own families

Ancestor Chart of Wallace Firman Gray | Ancestor Chart of Frances McNabb Gray
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