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The Theodore Turley Family

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Theodore Turley

This  site relates to the family of Theodore Turley, who lived from 1801 to 1871. He married Frances Amelia Kimberley in 1821 and immigrated from England to Lake Ontario, Ontario, Canada, in 1825. The Turleys became Mormon converts in 1837, immigrated to Far West, Missouri, later moving to Nauvoo, Illinois and then to Utah. Early descendants lived in Utah, Arizona, the Mormon colonies in Mexico and elsewhere. He finally lived in Beaver, Utah, and he is buried there next to his fifth wife Ruth Jane Giles. A headstone over their grave was recently placed there. A photo of the headstone appears on the the Theodore Turley site (referenced above) under Marriage Number Five. 

The THEODORE TURLEY known direct line goes back as far back as about 1575 in England as follows:

Theodore Turley, Birmingham, England (b 1801) > William Turley, Birmingham (b 1770) > Joseph Turley, St. Martins, England (b 1748) > Richard Turley, Coseley, England (b 1715) > Joseph Turley, Coseley, England (b. 1677/78) > John Turley, Coseley, England (b 1640) > John Turley, Coseley, England (b abt 1604), Mr. Turley (b abt 1575), England.

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Pedigree Chart and Family Group Records

In order to obtain a pedigree chart and related family group records for Theodore Turley, go to the LDS FamilySearch® site at and then under Search, click on Ancestral File and either enter Theodore Turley's name with the birth year as 1801 and country as England, click Search. An alternate method is to go the Ancestral File, and under File Number, type in his Ancestral File number of 1BGK-W5.

In my pages I have entered the file number which will help you make faster searches for any of the individuals.

Theodore Turley Family Biographies

In addition to Biography and Autobiography of Theodore Turley by Ella Mae (Turley) Judd, which is posted on this site, there is also the work by Richard E. Turley, Jr. who is running a series on Theodore Turley in the Theodore Turley Family Newsletter which is produced by the Turley Family Organization (Editor is Ella Mae Turley Judd. Her address is 6615 W. Lupine, Glendale, AZ 85304 phone 623-412-3955.) Richard Turley plans to eventually publish the biography after considerable revision of the drafts being run in the newsletter.


See In Memorium of Turley Family Members Lying in Unmarked Graves, a touching memorial by John Romney Pyper.

See article, The Missing Clifts: Robert, Eliza and Emma Found! by John Romney Pyper.

Related biographies:

Letters from Dr. Joseph Soll Turley. Extensive biographical information on Theodore Turley and his children and other family members. Dr. Joseph Soll Turley (middle name is actually Ingersoll) is the son of Jacob Omner (son of Theodore Turley and Ruth Jane Giles) and Louisa Ann Woodhouse Turley.

Biographies on related family members:

Bushman, Grace Honor #M7 (Mrs.Emanuel Richard Lundquist) (Photo)
Bushman, Ida Roxana #M7a (Mrs.Archibald Robert Anderson) (Photo)
Bushman, Jacob #M14 (Photo)
Bushman, Jacob Isaac #M7b. (Photo).
Bushman, Martin Benjamin #M28 (Photo)
Bushman, Sarah Erminie (brief biography under Charlotte Turley, child 5)
Greenwood, Sarah #M14j (Mrs. Isaac Turley, Sr.)
Kimberley, Frances Amelia #M31 (Mrs. Theodore Turley)
Tolton, Clara Ann #M14i (Mrs. Isaac Turley, Sr.)
Turley, Charlotte #M15 (Mrs. Jacob Bushman) (Photo)
Turley, Isaac Jr.#M7i and Lake, Ida Mae #M8i
Turley, Isaac, Sr. #M15h
Turley, Theodore #M30 (Photo)

Brief biographies of the following Theodore Turley children are given in the Theodore Turley site: Frances Amelia Turley, Mary Ann Turley, Priscilla Rebecca Turley, Frederick Turley, Sarah Elizabeth Turley, Joseph Orson Turley and Jacob Omner Turley.

In connection with Isaac Turley, Sr., this site will be of interest: Colonia Juarez and the Temple There (leads to related sites)

Books Available at the Family History Library and/or on Microfilm

The Theodore Turley Family Book. (Mesa, Arizona, 1978.) 574 pages, illustrated. Includes index and these other families: Barker, Bushman, Kartchner, Romney, Tanner, Walser and related families. Found in FHL US/Canadian book area with call number 929.273/T848t. Also on FHL microfilm (1321300, item 4.) Lawrence Turley began the mammoth project of producing this book, and persisted with it for several years. It was then turned over to Wayne and Nancy Turley to finish. [Wayne is from Wallace Mar Turley, Alma Ruben Turley, Isaac Turley, Theodore Turley; Nancy is from Kathryn Eleanor Bates Romans, Lucy Turley Bates, Theodore (Teed) Wilford Turley, Isaac Turley, Theodore Turley: they are both descendants of Theodore Turley.] Wayne and Nancy finished, published and distributed the book, which is such a blessing to the Theodore Turley family. The work done by Lawrence, Wayne and Nancy to produce and distribute this book is beyond description. If there is an extra or unused copy anywhere, please inform us. There are many people who would like a copy.

Sketch of Life and Missionary Journal of 1840. By Theodore Turley. 14 leaves. FHL call number 921.73/Al /no. 93. Also on FHL microfilm. (0962585, item 6.)

Theodore Turley Biography and Autobiography. Compiled by Ella Mae Turley Judd. 71 leaves, typescript photocopy. (Note: This is the same biography we have published on this web site. Go here to find it. FHL call number 921.73/Al/no. 86. Also on FHL microfilm (0962258, item 3.)

Colonia Juarez Book

History of the Mormon Colonies in Mexico (The Juarez Stake) 1885-1980, written by Clarence F. Turley and Anna Tenney Turley. Several Turleys are mentioned in this book. If you are interested in purchasing one you may contact Lawrence and Marilyn Lee (909-794-5120); Robert and Sonia Turley (801-233-9480); Alvin and Lucille Romney (505-525-1766); Kathleen Hakes (505-525-1766); or Rick and Gayle Turley in Colonia Juarez (011-52-169-50017.)

Connection to Frances Mildred Gray
(Wife of Webmaster Wally Gray)

Frances Mildred McNabb Gray is related to Theodore Turley as follows: Her mother is Elsie Gladys Lundquist McNabb, daughter of Grace Honor Bushman, daughter of Charlotte Turley, daughter of Theodore Turley. (These linked sites go to biographies.) Go to the biographical index for other biographies that are published on this web site. This list will continue to grow.

The family members may be interested in a possible connection to Lady Godiva.

Other Turley Lines and Books

There are other Turley family organizations who do not trace to the Theodore Turley line. At least, at present, we cannot find a connection. Jay F. Turley wrote on one such organization in the April 1996 Newsletter on page 13. He met David  and Kathleen Turley who had a 760-page book entitled, Turley Family Records which was published by Turley Family Historical Research Association in 1981. The book also mentions 13 other Turley groups, all of the Eastern United States. See Family History Library call number and microfilm number in the next paragraph.

Turley Family Records compiled by Beth Mitchell, 1981. "There were at least five Turley families in Virginia as early as 1716. From there descendants went to South Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Oklahoma and elsewhere." 766 pages with illustrations  and maps. Includes index. Related families are Buckles, Cheatham, Fulcher, Mitchell, Williams, Wilson and others. (FHL Microfilm #1033780, item 3. Call number 929.273/T848m.)

Jay F. Turley also met a John Turley of Alabama who is a member of the Church but whose line does not connect to Theodore. John feels that the two families may be from a common ancestor in England, Ireland or France.

Turley Family Links

The Theodore Turley family website by Tami Thompson who has published a site on the Turley family. It contains a remarkable collection of photographs of Theodore Turley descendants and their spouses. At present it is the only other Theodore Turley site we know of. This URL takes you to Tami Thompsons main index page. Scroll down to the Turley section.

While searching the Internet we came across some other Turley links, probably not related to ours. Here are the ones we know of:

   "John Taylor's Faith in Financial Help." Includes a statement by Turley. From B.H. Roberts, Life of John Taylor, pp. 72-74.

"Called to Serve in England." Account of missionary departure of Brigham Young and company and also of Elders George A. Smith, Reuben Hedlock and Theodore Turley. From B. H. Roberts, Comprehensive History of the Church, 2:24-25.

   The Clan Turley.
   Turley Family Genealogy Forum
   Turley Clan of Ireland
   The Irish Turleys

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