Buddhism as an Education

The path to Enlightenment

Namo Amitabha
Brethren, when I speak to you,don't accept it blindly because you love and respect me. But examine it and put it to the test, as a goldsmith examines gold by cutting, heating and hammering it to know whether it is genuine gold or counterfeit. if you see it is reasonable, only then accept it and follow it." -- Shakyamuni Buddha --


A Guide to Pure Land Practice

by the Buddhist scholar Cheng Wei-an

Translation with Commentary by

Dharma Master Suddhisukha

Sutra Translation Committee of the U.S.& Canada

New York - San Francisco - Niagara Falls - Toronto

May 2000

The Chinese original of this translation, Nien-fo ssu-shih-pa fa by the Buddhist scholar Cheng Wei-an, is reprinted (together with Elder Master Yin Kuang's work Ching-yeh Chin- liang) in: Ch'en Hsi-yuan, ed., Ching-t'u Ch'ieh-yao [Essentials of Pure Land], Taiwan, 1968.Cheng Wei-an's text has been translated into Vietnamese twice, under the title 48 Phap Niem Phat by Trinh Vi-Am. The better known version was published in 1963 with a commentary by Dharma Master Thich Tinh Lac (Skt: Suddhisukha).

Life’s most awesome event is death, and death comes to all without regard to wealth, beauty, intelligence or fame. Death is inevitable, but how you die—terrified and confused, or with confidence and spiritual mastery—is within your control.