Buddhism as an Education

The path to Enlightenment

Namo Amitabha

The name Amitabha (Amituofo) alone contains all of Buddhism as well as all laws throughout the universe. Therefore, to chant this name is to chant all sutras. During the reign of Emperor Qianlong, there was a famous monk Ciyun Guan-ding. Among his many works is the Directory to the Visualization Sutra, which tells us that when we seek escape from disasters we can resort to reciting sutras, chanting mantras or drawing divination slips. However, if a person has committed grave wrongdoings then the only thing that will work is to recite “Namo Amituofo”. From this, we understand that this is the best method to follow when facing disaster. Many people do not know this so they resort to other methods. Therefore, a person who is ill may recite the Medicine Master Sutra and when faced with disaster may recite the “Universal Door Chapter". This person does not know that the merits and virtues of Buddha Name Recitation make it the number one method.
On Amidism

A Short Discourse
By Grand Master T'an Hsu

A short Introduction To Amitabha Buddha
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The supreme and endless blessingsof Samantabhadra's deeds,
I now universally transfer.
May every living beings, drowningand adrift,
Soon return to the land of LimitlessLight!

The Vows of Samantabhadra, Avatamsaka Sutra

Namo Amitabha

Life’s most awesome event is death, and death comes to all without regard to wealth, beauty, intelligence or fame. Death is inevitable, but how you die—terrified and confused, or with confidence and spiritual mastery—is within your control.