Buddhism as an Education

The path to Enlightenment

Namo Amitabha

The Bodhi mind is fulfilled by the Four Great Vows of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas:

Sentient beings are innumerable,

I vow to help them all,

Afflictions are inexhaustible,

I vow to end them all,

Ways to practice are boundless,

I vow to master them all

Enlightenment is unsurpassable,

I vow to attain it.

Repentance Mantra

  • Part One
  • Part Two

Namo Amitabha

Life’s most awesome event is death, and death comes to all without regard to wealth, beauty, intelligence or fame. Death is inevitable, but how you die—terrified and confused, or with confidence and spiritual mastery—is within your control.