Buddhism as an Education

The path to Enlightenment

Namo Amitabha
The Buddhist belief system trusts the deities in the heavens to be fair and just. God, as commonly referred to, is thought to be the head of one heaven. Although these deities have not reached Buddhahood, they have fewer worries and therefore much more wisdom than we mortals. If I were God, I would be quite pleased if all sentient beings ended their evil ways and cultivated kindness. Similarly, Buddha also wishes the best for us. We must have faith in Buddha's teaching and apply them in creating a better future for at least ourselves and our families. This is how Buddhist Dharma will directly benefit our lives. I can use myself as an example. In the past, quite a few people predicted my fortune. They all said that I would live only a short time -- that I would not survive past the age of forty-five. When I started learning Buddhism, I changed my fate. You can all witness that I have now reached my seventies. Therefore, we must realize that our destiny is quite flexible.
-- Ven. Master Chin Kung --

Dharma Talk In Cantonese

Namo Amitabha

Life’s most awesome event is death, and death comes to all without regard to wealth, beauty, intelligence or fame. Death is inevitable, but how you die—terrified and confused, or with confidence and spiritual mastery—is within your control.