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Starship Registration

Starfleet Registry: NCC:1702
Name: USS Hellraiser
Class Type: Intepid-class Starship
Crew Size: 146(113)
Length: 254 meters
Launching: 2371
Constructed:San Fransisco Fleet Yards, Earth

Propulsion System:
Main Proplustion: Matter/Antimatter Warp Drive
Cruising Velocity: Warp 6
Emergency Velocity: Warp 9.975
Standard Range: Unknown
Defensive System: Deflector Shields
Tactical Weponry: Phaser Banks and Photon Torpedoes

The senior officers of the USS Hellraiser are:

Star Trek Timeline Hellraiser Timeline

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Coming Soon: The missions of The USS Hellraiser

Support Crew

Bridge Crew:

Lieutenant Joshua Gordon Anderson
Lieutenant junior-grade D'Page B'Ell
Ensign Wesley Richard Crusher
Commander Drn Pine
Commander Alex Marques Kpup
Lieutenant Catherine Reltub
Lieutenant Kindin Rikalli
Ensignt Welch Strathdon
Lieutenant Maybelle Suje
Lieutenant Commander Jeffey Wlm


Lieutenant junior-grade J'sharan D'elang
Lieutenant Krell Dezan
Ensign I'Dent knu
Ensign Markin
Ensign Mmun
Lieutenant Thejolias Mulahnulahnk
Ensign Mylor
Lieutenant Nnyl
Ensign 110
Third-Cadet 101
Lieutenant Cathlene Reltub
Ensign 011
Third-Cadet 010


Department Head: Commander Keith Daniels
Lieutenant Commander Kent Akron
Chief Taffol Anza
Chief Annie Dalton
Commander Walter Edmond
Lieutenant Danin Jatsee
Ensign Pozin Pejin Parke
Lieutenant Maybelle Suje


Department Head: Commander Edward Grubberman
Lieutenant Commander Klelee B'lin
Ensign Gyrkin Brewstiuary
Ensign Parrot Reanks
Ensign Sijne Ston
Lieutenant Commander T'Lryn
Lieutenant Lat T'Reenie

First Contact

Department Head: Lieutenant Robby Reltub
Lieutenant junior-grade Er Bud-Wies
Lieutenant junior-grade Charles Haree
Lieutenant Kindin Rikalli
Ambassador Sedan
Lieutenant Commander Ky Terren

Geological Studies

Department Head: Ensign J'Darra Arrel
Lieutenant Midnight Mourning
Lieutenant Commander J'daln Aryn Rahleh
Ensign Welch Strathdon
Ensign Aldari Thea
Lieutenant junior-grade Tommy Joseph

Medical Staff

Lieutenant Shawn Ashee
Ensign Ivan Patrick Freely
Lieutenant Dieda Broken Heart
Lieutenant Commander Dazall Horm
Dr. Steven Michael Memorex
Dr. Angela Alexis Parker
Commander Saitok
Dr. Jessamyn Sloan
Lieutenant Commander Thedora Trell Shala
Lieutenant Syrreny Generr


Lieutenat D'Page B'Ell
Lieutenant Commander Sylvia Tamyn Betancourt
Commander Drn Pine
Commander Simpleton Easystreet
Ensign Irving Gandler
Lieutenant Genauu
Lieutenant Commander Battle O Gettysburg
Lieutenant K'Dan
Lieutenant Commander Dilkjghn Kliamn
Commander Alex Marques Kpup
Chief Abe Bout Todie

Stellar Cartography

Department Head: Lieutenant Kloverr Kelrrn
Lieutenany Joshua Gordon Anderson
Lieutenant Don-Jon Bailey
Chief Beau Nermal Darro
Lieutenant Junior-Grade Ierren Katrra
Ensign Rril
Lieutenant junoir-grade Salok
Lieutenant Commander Jeffy Wlm

Traveling Dignataries

Admrial Hensley
Ambassador Jerremy Shrren
Admrial "MOM"


Cindy Edmond
Emmalee Edmond
Maryn Yourdon

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