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The International Language IDO - Reformed Esperanto

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The purpose of this site is to provide information on the international language Ido. Ido is a reformed and improved version of the constructed language Esperanto, the late 19th Century brainchild of Polish amateur linguist Dr. L.L. Zamenhof. Ido was the product of the Delegation for the Adoption of an International Auxiliary Language, which met in Paris in 1907 to decide on an international language to allow easier communication between the peoples of the world. In a world of over 7500 languages, the need for an easily acquirable international tongue is self-evident. Esperanto, it was felt, was unsatisfactory for this purpose, and so the Delegation recommended the revisions which led to the development of Ido.

On this page you will find a history of the language Ido, a first course in two stages to get you started, and at the end of stage 2 you will find out how to progress your Ido skills even further. I hope you enjoy this brief look at the first international language ever to be founded on thorough scientific study.

Click on the links to proceed to one of the following sections of this site:

  • History of the International Language Ido : A Brief History of the Search for a World-Language
  • NEW! Histoire de la Langue Internationale Ido: Une brève histoire de la recherche d’une langue mondiale (tr. par Raphaël Pinson)
  • History of Our Language (Ido) by Otto Jespersen, 1912
  • Historio di Nia Linguo (Ido-versiono originala) da Otto Jespersen, 1912
  • History of the International Language Ido by Henry Jacob, 1947
  • The Main Advantages of Ido - why you should choose Ido over Esperanto
  • The Problem of an International Auxiliary Language and its Solution in Ido by L. H. Dyer, 1923
  • An Experiment in Double Translation by Henry Jacob, 1947
  • International Language and Science - considerations on the introduction of an international language into science
  • Esperanto - a critique - a critical overview of the international language Esperanto
  • Histoire de la Langue Universelle by L. Couturat and L. Leau, 1903 (under construction)

  • A First Course in Ido: Stage 1
  • A First Course in Ido: Stage 2
  • Complete Manual of the Auxiliary Language Ido by Louis de Beaufront (under construction)
  • Kompleta Gramatiko Detaloza - complete grammar of Ido by L. de Beaufront
  • Ido-English dictionary with almost 4,000 words
  • Quick Ido Grammar Reference
  • Ido Grammatical Words - list of grammatical words in Ido
  • Changes in Ido since 1922
  • Lexiko di Nova Vorti by Camiel de Cock, 1988 [under construction]
  • Raporto, decidi dil Akademio Interimal e du suplementi, da Janis Roze, 1937 [under construction]

    From Progreso 1, March 1908:

  • Nia Programo - First article ever to appear in an Ido journal
  • Deklaro de So. Prof. Otto JESPERSEN legita en la lasta kunsido de la Komitato
  • Letters from the Delegation in 1907
  • Kelkaj Tagordoj - reactions to the decision of the Delegation
  • Bibliografio - bibliography
  • Korespondo - correspondence from Esperantists of the time

  • Quo esas Ido? - informi ed opinioni pri Ido
  • Kio estas Ido? - en Esperanto
  • Por la Kritiko di Esperanto by Otto Jespersen, from Progreso vol. II.
  • Quo esas nia Fundamento? by Otto Jespersen, Progreso vol. I.
  • Pri nia metodo by L. Couturat, Progreso 1909
  • Objecioni e Respondi da Otto Jespersen, Progreso 1909
  • Kontrauargumentoj kaj Respondoj de Otto Jespersen - en Esperanto
  • La Tasko di nia Akademio da Otto Jespersen, Progreso 1910
  • Verbala Sistemo da Otto Jespersen, Progreso 1910
  • Lingual Questioni - Ma vice sed da Otto Jespersen (see also Jespersen's linguistic article Adversative Conjunctions)
  • Komparo inter Esperanto ed Ido da Otto Jespersen, de Progreso 1909
  • Sociala sajeso e ciencala koncienco da Prof. R. Lorenz
  • Dissolvo di la Delegitaro from Progreso, 1910
  • Finala diskurso en la Universitato di Kobenhavn, da Otto Jespersen
  • MONDO - mondo-revuo por la mondo-linguo
  • Euro Babel - English translation of an article from Progreso, Sep-Dec 95, about Ido and the EU
  • Ido Photo Gallery
  • 1997 Conference Photo
  • Report on the 1997 International Ido-Konfero in Bakkum (in Ido)
  • Esperanto or Ido? - an account of the history of and differences between the two languages
  • The Truth about the Delegation in 1907 - a defence of the organization which created Ido
  • From the Annals of "Progreso" - selected articles from older volumes of the central Ido journal
  • Wilhelm Ostwald on World-Language (in Ido)
  • Selected articles in Ido from the journal Progreso with English translation
  • More articles in Ido from various journals (without translation)
  • Progreso 300 - Special jubilee edition of the central Ido journal
  • Original poems in Ido
  • The Babel Text in Ido
  • Reports on the 2001 international Ido conference in Germany
  • Somero - Collection of essays by Albert Camus, presented in Ido
  • Rakonto di Du Futuri - Article from Progreso about George Orwell and Aldous Huxley
  • Extraktaji de LA YOGI E LA KOMISARIO da Arthur Koestler, 1942
  • La Nova Kalendario - Prologo di 'Janus - A summing up' da Arthur Koestler, 1978
  • L'agado di profesoro Wilhelm Ostwald por la linguo internaciona Ido da Günter Anton, prizentita lor la 150ma naskodio di Wilhelm Ostwald
  • Teo en la Sahara rakonteto da Paul Bowles
  • Amiko di la Mondo rakonto da Paul Bowles
  • L'Epoko di Kolmo da Arthur Koestler, 1967
  • La Biblioteko di Babel - esayo dal Arjentiniana skribero Jorge Luis Borges
  • Europa - Aktualaji pri Europana Vivo, Socio e Kulturo, tote en Ido
  • La Sekreta Regnanti di la Mondo - Jon Ronson serchas la vereso pri la Bilderberg-grupo
  • Kurante tra Maiz-Agri - Jon Ronson naracas pri la Federala Siejo di Ruby Ridge, 1991
  • La Kraso dil Tero da Arthur Koestler, 1942
  • David Icke, la Lacerti e la Judi - Jon Ronson naracas pri l'aventuri di David Icke en Kanada
  • Re:evoluciono - Terence McKenna konversas kun le Shamen pri evoluciono e shamanismo
  • Marrakech da Arthur Koestler, 1972
  • Kyoto - la sola posibleso da John Gummer, olima Konservema ambiento-ministro di Britania
  • Frostita Archo por salvar animal-DNA da Julianna Kettlewell, BBC-artiklo
  • La Senarboreyo en la Foresto - Jon Ronson ed Alex Jones infiltras Bohemian Bosko
  • Mikra Bonajo - rakonto da Raymond Carver
  • Adio a Gauguin - esayo pri la Suda Pacifiko, da Arthur Koestler, 1969
  • Archives of the Europa-Diskuti list: page 1 - page 2
  • 30 yari Ido - Esayo pri la frua historio di Ido, da Hans Cornioley (duesma parto)
  • Archives of the Ido-Akademio list: page 1 - page 2 - page 3 - page 4
  • Mesajeti - kolektita esayeti en Ido
  • Stradope: Berggasse, Wien - tradukuro pri strado en Wien, Austria
  • Multilingual index of Ido pages and contacts. By Martin Lavallée.

    Report on the 1998 Ido Conference in Poland in Ido and German / Conference Report in English.

    Ido course for Dutch speakers.

    Learn Ido at Ido for Travelers, part of travlang - Foreign Languages for Travelers.

    Use Ido to send a digital postcard - a service provided by All-Yours Greeting Cards.

    Inform-texti en multa lingui / Multilingual information

    Informatie over Ido in het Nederlands uit Ido-Info Nederland / Information on Ido in Dutch from Ido-Info Nederland.
    Basis Grammatica van Ido in het Nederlands / Basic Grammar of Ido in Dutch.

    Auskunft über Ido im Deutsch / Information on Ido in German.

    Renseignements sur l'Ido en français / Information on Ido in French. Association Ido-France por la langue internationale
    Diala Jurnaleto da Jean Martignon (redaktero)

    Information on Ido and the 1997 International Ido Conference in Norwegian / Informasjon på norsk om Ido og den internasjonale Ido-konferansen 1997

    Please visit my other site on International Auxiliary Languages, where many more pages on the problem of an international language in general are available.

    You might also like to visit the Official Ido Website. Here you will find News, Information, Grammar and Vocabularies. It is well worth a visit.

    There is also a mailing list exclusively for discussions in and on Ido. You do not have to know any Ido to join it, however, as English and other national languages may be used. To subscribe, send an empty message to You will receive full instructions when you subscribe. If you have any problems, please e-mail James Chandler, Hans Stuifbergen or Frank Kasper

    There is also now a mailing list for English-language discussions on Ido. This is a low-volume list and is ideal if you want to ask a question about Ido or just want to receive updates about the language. To subscribe, send an empty message to If you have any problems, please e-mail James Chandler

    For more information on Ido you can write to the International Language Society (Ido) of Great Britain (ILSGB) at:
    The International Language (Ido) Society of Great Britain, 24 Nunn Street, Leek, Staffs, ST13 8EA, UK.
    Books in and on Ido can be obtained from the Ido Book Service by writing to:
    The Ido Book Service, 44 Woodville Road, Cathays, Cardiff, CF2 4EB, Wales, UK.
    A free catalog and price list will be sent on request.

    I would like to thank Geocities for hosting this site. Why not have a look at their homepage? This Homepage was initially produced by James Chandler using the Homepage Online Construction Kit at Yellow Internet. If you have any comments on this site then please e-mail me at, which you can also do by clicking on my name at the bottom of this page.

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