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Speak of The Devil

Speak of the Devil
"Speak of the Devil" on Google Video
The world, legacy, music, loves, rituals, careers and philosophies of Anton Szandor LaVey.

Available through Feral House.

SATANIS is available through {DVD} & Something Weird Video {VHS}

The Canon Of Anton Szandor LaVey
A video documentary by Nick Bougas

Reviewed by Draconis Blackthorne.

Speak of the Devil...As a contemporary Satanist, you've probably wondered about Our Black Pope, Anton LaVey {1930-1997}, & what his lifestyle, history, & evilution was. Well finally, to calm your insatiable curiosity, he has released a video documentary called SPEAK OF THE DEVIL. Very aptly named for the prime incarnation thereof. The first thing one sees, is the video case, which shows the doctor holding BOAZ, His boa-constrictor.

A lightning bolt cuts through the clouds, reminiscent of the Doctor's personal symbol. Probably the most impressive line in the whole presentation starts it all off when The Doctor states, "You're either a REAL Satanist, a TRUE Satanist, or not. And if you are, you were BORN that way." Every true Satanist knows that we are born, not "made", with that essential superior Satanic gene.

Suddenly, as if gazing through a crystal ball, We are out on the streets, surveying the common populace, asking their feeble minds what they think of SATANISM. We get many varying answers, most of them ill-educated, which is to be expected from the mealy-mouthed, unwashed, or biased & prejudiced "sources", who still adhere to the age-old xian mythology. Witnessing those idiotic fools, those walking trash-bags, with their misconceptions & blatant ignorance, One more fully realizes why there should be birth-control, & if I ever agreed with abortion, it would be in such cases.

However, there were a couple of Satanists besides the lot, who clearly have earned their places upon the earth, by submitting intelligent commentary about Our religion. Anyone can throw their two-cents worth of meaningless opinion, but it takes a superior person to put a modicum of effort into studying a particular subject matter, without vomiting forth absurdities like the assimilates do. We Satanists are prideful, & this world is OURS!

By & by, LaVey talks a bit on how humans are inherently cruel to each other, & enjoy seeing the pain & suffering of their own. Perfect examples, being practical jokes such as joy buzzers, whoopie cushions, stink bombs, & voice testers. the latter is the most devious of the bunch, in which blood is actually drawn.

A portion of The Infernal Diatribe is narrated to inspirational scenes of brutality & vengeance, diabolic justice, & some spiritual concepts.


The Den of Iniquity

The rest of the video consists of a tour of The Black House. LaVey leads you through its many dark chambers, including The Den of Iniquity, where we meet some of His humanoid creations-----they are testament to the Satanic philosophical ideal that we are Gods. We Satanists place no other deity before Ourselves. The Dark Forces We conjure, that make Themselves manifest by the fulfillment of Our Wills through Magic, We call SATAN ----- that Presence - that POWER.

The dwellers therein show the lustiest, mundane elements of Underworld life, in a bar setting. Twisted people reveling uninhibitedly in a cavalcade of debauchery. The "freaks" have burst their chains, busted out from their cages, & have enslaved their public for our amusement. We are the judges of mankind...


In the name of Satan, the Ruler of the Earth and the King of the World...

As we travel deeper into the labyrinths of the Black Monster that has swallowed one up, we arrive at The Ritual Chamber, the Inner Sanctum, the Heart of Darkness, at the very Gates of Hell Itself. This is where those abominable blasphemies took place that brought on The Age of Fire, where "God" was sacrificed upon The Black Altar, bringing forth a rebirth, improvement, liberation, Lucifer's Enlightenment - all part of Nature, The Darkside of Life. Here, the Satanic High Priest delivers an Infernal Eulogy of Misanthropic Indignation, invokes The Forces of Darkness, & essentially declares War on hypocrisy, mediocrity, & repression, & calls for a return to Nobility, & the Magical elements in Life. SO IT IS DONE.


The Devil always has the best tunes...

Finally, we arrive at THE MUSIC ROOM, where LaVey Satanically serenades Our Dark Souls unto enchanted delights upon the keyboards. He arches & looms above the organ, creating sensual & evocative impressions. We are taken upon black wings into dark dimensions of the Noir Era. The Musick drifts & falls, crashes & strikes, explodes & smooths. A veritable roller coaster of audial adventure, much like a picture He painted of a skeleton taking a gleeful ride upon one, which hangs in the Purple Parlor.

Speaking of art, The Music Room is splenderously arrayed with hellish murals of demons dancing & flying about the walls, along with The Sigil of Baphomet, such as in The Ritual Chamber.

Next, we have a lengthy conversation with The Black Pope about His illustrious past, influences, & experiences. LaVey's Left-Hand Gal

Besides the Sinister Minister, we become acquainted with High-Priestess Blanche Barton, His left-hand gal, chronicler, & confidant. She speaks briefly about the LaVey biography, The Secret Life of a Satanist, which she authored, & she also appears in The Den of Iniquity earlier on.

Then we hear from daughter Karla LaVey. She talks about what it was like living in the LaVey house-hold, the incredible similarities to The Addams Family, such as the manner of dress, the Victorian house, & all the unusual pets prowling the premises.

We Listen & watch to four other prominent Satanists ----- Boyd Rice, speaks about the impending Satanic World, Father Larry Wessel gives his impressions of The Satanic Bible, & Rex Diabolos Church, speaks on Aesthetic Terrorism, while seated before his Gigerian depiction of Baphomet, drawn for the uprising Satanic Death Metal band & COS members, Acheron. Then there is Peter Gilmore, publisher of the official forum of The Church of Satan, The Black Flame, with a few words about blood & brains.

Speak of the Devil concludes with Hymn of the Satanic Empire, or, Battle Hymn of the Apocalypse, by Anton LaVey, played with demonic scenes from Hell. Very last, LaVey concludes by reading a portion from Gone With The Wind.


Yankee Rose

The Devil's Mass

Satanis: The Devil's Mass Satanis: Untamed Video

Before Speak of the Devil, which shows a look into the Black House today, that has long since been closed for public display of Satanic rites, there was Satanis. For many of us who were not yet incarnate upon this Black Earth, Satanis provides us with an intimate look inside the early Church of Satan, when this revolutionary organization gained its initial notoriety. We get to see L'Air Epais, in which a cardinal receives a flogging, then is reborn unto Satan & his own fleshly desires, as he enters a coffin containing the manifestation of Lilith. The "lord's prayer" is said backwards, a witch urinates blasphemously, as she represents a nun gaining liberation. We also get to see a curse, employing a beautiful serpent, & a fetish doll is impaled, as the congregation swoons in an hypnotic state of morbidity. A compassion ritual is also enacted, as well as a lust spell.

Throughout the video, interviews are conducted with Dr. LaVey, & other Satanic Witches & Warlocks, & also with neighbors, who have varying opinions on the Satanic Church, its Black Pope, & its practices. Also here, are interviews with little Karla LaVey, & Diane LaVey, the second first lady, who repeatedly quotes the Doctor, verbatum. Baby Zeena is only briefly seen at the zoo, being held by Diane. Ironically, it was Zeena who sold Me My copy of Satanis from her now non-existent store, Hellhouse of Hollywood.

Satanis is the definitive, official documentary of The Church Of Satan, during its media-manipulation period of emergence, & subsequent development. With all of the emotions this video will inspire in you, you will feel as if you were there, partaking in the diabolic rites yourself.


* Also on the DVD: Sinthia, The Devil's Doll.

Baphomet portrayed in the film


The Devil's Rain

The Devil's Rain The Devil's Rain

Technical consultant & actor, Anton LaVey graces the film with his presence, & arcane knowledge of the occult, & the visage of his wife Diane at the time, dwells herein also. John Travolta, Eddie Albert, & Tom Skerritt also star, in this Satanic thriller about a cult of devil-worshippers haunting a ghost town.

Since the Dr. is the technical consultant, all magical text herein is from THE SATANIC BIBLE. Ernest Borgnine plays a most convincing Satan, with LaVey as, most appropriately, the High Priest.

William Shatner {yes, Capt. Kirk himself!} went where no man had gone before, plays the protagonist Mark Preston, whose bloodline is under the curse of Corbis {Ernest Borgnine}, because of his ancestors' betrayal of the group centuries before, & the subsequent loss of the Book of Souls, chronicling those who have sold their souls to Satan, which Corbis had been obsessively searching for ever since. The group was murdered by the pyre, much like the Knights Templar, but Corbis swore to rise again, his "shadow covering the land again, & again....."

Until the book is recovered, Corbis cannot manipulate & control the souls, or, free them to do his bidding, as they remain imprisoned in a beautifully ornate container, bearing the form of the Baphomet goat.

Then, Mark Preston's brother {Skerritt} teams up with a Parapsychologist {Eddie Albert} to retrieve his brother, & mother, from the clutches of the "evil" Corbis {"...Evil? There is no evil here. Only purity..."}

One of the more typically moronic actions done by the normals, was when Preston was talking with Corbis in one of the scenes, & reveals his insecurity & false heroism, as he proclaims that he'll "face whatever lies behind those doors" of that old church {wait until you see that altar!}, while parting open his jacket, & displaying a gun. Where's the "faith"? Well, that made no difference, as you will see, neither did his pathetic, sniveling prayers, or his god of weakness.

The Devil's Rain has quite a line-up, & quite a plot. It is thoroughly entertaining, & many of the effects, make-up, & prosthetics were advanced for that time, & continue to be fascinating today. Notice the undertone of black noise in some of the scenes.

This rare film remains as one of the more Satanically-inspirational, & influencial pieces of underground art. It has been featured a few times on Elvira's "Movie Macabre" show, but she unfortunately lacked perception on this one.

It IS so unique, because it features actual Satanic rituals & ceremonies that have been unearthed by Dr. LaVey. Every Satanist worth their sulphur will want to have this in their collection.

Available through Feral House.

SATANIS is available through {DVD} & Something Weird Video {VHS}

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