The Flat Stanley Series came about by me receiving a folded-up, cut-out figure of a young person named Stanley. Within the envelope was an introduction: It said that Flat Stanley is a character from a children's book. The book is the story about Flat Stanley who got flattened while sleeping; a bulletin board fell on top of him. ....This was a benefit. (?):.... his brother was able to use him as a tail on his kite. Stanley's mother had lost her ring in the kitchen sink- Stanley fit nicely into the drain and was a hero. He got to go to California, as they only had to stuff him into an envelope and pay postage rates.

I was told in the letter that Flat Stanley was sent to me in hope that I would take him on adventures, and to report back to the class, by mail, what we had done. The educational value to the students was to hear from other people and learn about their towns and lifestyles.

Since I'm more a 'picture person' than a word person, I took my flat Master Stanley; scanned him into the computer, and made postcards to send the class. These images are the postcards I sent.

If you receive a cut-out of Flat Stanley from some young school child, please take the time to have fun with him.......he doesn't get out enough.

For further information on the Flat Stanley Project, put FLAT STANLEY into your web search engine: His following is International ,and his adventures are entertaining!

This is Flat Stanley ,as received in the mail.

(Since he arrived in the mail, he would be needing new clothes).

Flat Stanley Buys His Own Clothes Without any help.

By mistake I put Flat Stanley's clothes in with my WHITE Laundry. Do you think he will like what the bleach did to his clothes?

Flat Stanley was SURE he could lift one Hundred pounds while standing on one foot.

I think we'll have to iron him.

"Don't swat them; just stand still".

Flat Stanley didn't believe me at first, but NOW he knows that bees are O.K.

If you leave them alone.

Do Not play with the Bulletin Board!

At the 18th. hole at Putt-Putt, Flat Stanley had a Great idea.

We won a free game because Flat Stanley kept the ball from going into the hole.

I ran inside as the first drop of rain hit me.

Flat Stanley didn't get hit by the rain for another ten minutes.

He said being flat helps.

Flat Stanley was excited when he opened his mail.

He was less excited when he found out that many people had gotten the same message.

(Publishers Clearing House Ten Million Dollar Winner announcement.)

Flat Stanley wanted to SCUBA dive..... I would not let him because he was too small..... I did let him wear a wet suit,a mask,fins , and a snorkel.

Flat Stanley liked looking like a diver. He stayed on my 'Diver Down' flag so that he could be sure boats stay 200 feet away.

The water gave him funny hair.

Flat Stanley was trying to get a suntan by laying on a Xerox machine.

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If you are a youngster, or the parent of one, you know what Flat Stanley is all about. If neither, take a peek! 

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YaDa ,YaDa, YaDa!

duh....wonder what it's about?

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