Deer running along the side of the road.
 Always be gracious when receiving a gift.  
   Some people are born a bit "before their time"...... I had this haircut over twenty years ago.
 This image was shot using a camera using 8" by 10" film. It may look familiar if you visited my OPTIGASM page.  
   This image was the Grand Prize winner in the General Motors Employee Photo Contest for Earth Day. It was published in GM TODAY.
 Another image of SCUBA diving in the Ste.Claire River.  
   If this appeals to you, visit my UNDERWATER page.
 A Solarized shot of a sailboat and a submersible, taken at Provo, Turks & Caicos Islands.  
   Although I don't shoot weddings, when Terry got married I had to do something.
 This was a first place winner in the Michigan Renaissance Festival photo contest. Tracy dancing was published in the Detroit Free Press.  
   This is a multiple exposure featuring Pud the Wondercat, some burnt & bubbly slide film, and some pinholes zoomed.
 Even Scrooge himself seeks publicity.  
   Tranquility seems to always be popular.
 This is a winner in the Detroit News Photo Contest (1982). The contest had over 9,000 entries.........13 got printed as winners.  
   Santa had a bad day at my place!
 Do you know of anyone who shot three different species of sharks on the same film frame? Black Tip on top; center left is a Gray Reef Shark; the middle bottom shark is a pregnant Lemon Shark. Tahiti is great for diving with sharks!  
   This image was shot at Guadeloupe, French West Indies. I have used this image many ways; it's a classic.

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44 Rubber Chicken Images from our camping/fishing trips to the Florida Keys in 2001 and 2002

This is the Classic/2000 Edition, ......over eighty images from the Florida Keys......Required Viewing!!! This is OvenReady At His Best, before he got clothes!

Don't get mixed up, this isn't San Salvador in Central America. This San Salvador is a Club Med in the Bahamas. About twenty pictures here. ....... First attempt at making a website.

You may have been laughing at my use of the moniker: PhA (ADSP)..... Whelp, this is what I was doing as Art. I never said Fine Art....I do Crude Art and am not ashamed.

If you are a youngster, or the parent of one, you know what Flat Stanley is all about. If neither, take a peek! 

Just some photos, with a bit of a twist or quirk.

Underwater. I own a simple underwater camera (Hanimex Anphibian), I took it to the right water and got sharks, submarines, divers and water closets

YaDa ,YaDa, YaDa!

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