The Rubber Chicken Series consists of photos shot at Club Med in San Salvador. My references to San Salvador, are from a resort in the Bahama Islands, (...NOT from Central America). The decor of the resort is relics from many cultures over many ages.

I am a person who believes a Rubber Chicken is humorous; I have one mounted on the grille of my car!

On a trip to San Salvador in 1998, I took along my Rubber Chicken. His name is "Oven-Ready".

This is a photo record of how Oven Ready entertained himself at Club Med.

Rubber Chicken Conga Line.

Not being satisfied by being a 'fryer on the wall' , Oven Ready hangs out with the locals.

Missionary Chicken.

Watching for chicks with Stoneface.

Proper Attire Required.

Oven Ready "Off-The-Rack" wear.

Oven Ready checking a plastered individual.

Choked chicken.

Doorman at Sign of the Chicken Eater.

Enjoying cocktails.

Discovering that he's really a ham.

Don Quixote Chicken.

Watch the birdie or Be the birdie?

Blending in with strangers.

Instant Chicken broth.

Chic Chick.

Chicken Wired.

Chicken ala Clink.

Chicken of the sea.

Box Chicken.

Jerk Chicken.

Peeking Chicken.

Flied Chicken.

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44 Rubber Chicken Images from our camping/fishing trips to the Florida Keys in 2001 and 2002

This is the Classic/2000 Edition, ......over eighty images from the Florida Keys......Required Viewing!!! This is OvenReady At His Best, before he got clothes!

Don't get mixed up, this isn't San Salvador in Central America. This San Salvador is a Club Med in the Bahamas. About twenty pictures here. ....... First attempt at making a website.

You may have been laughing at my use of the moniker: PhA (ADSP)..... Whelp, this is what I was doing as Art. I never said Fine Art....I do Crude Art and am not ashamed.

If you are a youngster, or the parent of one, you know what Flat Stanley is all about. If neither, take a peek! 

Just some photos, with a bit of a twist or quirk.

Underwater. I own a simple underwater camera (Hanimex Anphibian), I took it to the right water and got sharks, submarines, divers and water closets

YaDa ,YaDa, YaDa!

duh....wonder what it's about?

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