The UNDERWATER SERIES are photos taken with a simple underwater camera ( Hanimax Amphibian). Although the camera quality is low; locations and subjects were compensating for the cameras limited capabilities.

This is my favorite underwater image. (The quality sucks, but the content shows a very special moment).

In the foreground is a female, pregnant Lemon Shark, approximately 12 feet long. The middle shark is a Gray Reef Shark. Toward the top of the frame is a Black Tip Reef Shark.

There is no computer trickery here! Three species of Sharks on one negative!

I don't anticipate a more memorable time underwater.

A bit of shark overload for some people.

To keep sharks fed properly, divers line up along a safety bar at 15 feet to decompress......

Sharks are noted to refer to this as : ..........Shish-kabob.

Hey! I'm just fooling ......We are not part of a sharks natural food chain........we taste terrible.... really!

Having taken eight diving trips to Moorea (Tahiti), French Polynesia, my dream patterns have had to include a lot of scenes with sharks.

These are wonderful dreams, NOT nightmares.

Underwater we Are weightless and relaxed and free.

Hey, no complaining! Underwater IS Underwater.

I added the extra water, but the toilet seat actually was shaped that way.

Club Med, Guadaloupe, F.W.I

Michigan is located in the upper United States. ......Bordering Canada , we cannot dive as much as we'd like.

To participate in our sport during the winter, we have to saw holes through the ice.

I have been under the ice on eight dives; I have also walked away from ice dives about that many times. A good ice diver knows when he is 100%- anything less than 100% isn't enough.

At San Salvador the diving is along walls. This shot was taken from 140 feet. Above was a diver at the edge of the wall at 70 feet. Club Med at San Salvador has a Superb Diving set-up. You can do three dives a day on modern boats with the greatest instructors. Diving is buddy-diving, or if you prefer you can go with a group.

Diving here is deep: a dive computer is really needed to fully enjoy the diving opportunities. You won't go wrong going here for a great vacation with great diving.

I haven't seen the Beatles underwater, but I have seen a Yellow Submarine!

Did I ask for a light?

This photo isn't as it appears.....the diver is not being eaten. The diver was going away and the shark was between us..... it was just good timing. This has been a favorite postcard for divers to send with the greeting Wish You Were Here.

This is a southern view of a northbound black-tip reef shark....he came from the east.

Lots going on here with a Lemon Shark in the background. What makes this image make me grin a lot is the small fish toward the bottom right side. He was looking right into the camera while all the other fish were giving me their broadsides. On land you'll see this same phenomena with youngsters who have spotted you with a camera They get into the middle of your shot, stare into the lens, and generally mess up the image's feel.

This fish just made me smile.... smiling underwater causes your regulator to take water.

O.K......it doesn't look right.

If you haven't gone to my Optigasm page, this is what an optigasm looks like. Wanna go there?

This is Makiko, an instructor with Club Med.

I've had the pleasure of being a three different Club Meds while she was there.

Even the eel knows she's good people.

How's that for tail-gateing?

Miss your dive buddy?

It's not difficult to understand how these sharks got named as Black Tip reef sharks.

Click on a Pencil and go somewhere!!!!


44 Rubber Chicken Images from our camping/fishing trips to the Florida Keys in 2001 and 2002

This is the Classic/2000 Edition, ......over eighty images from the Florida Keys......Required Viewing!!! This is OvenReady At His Best, before he got clothes!

Don't get mixed up, this isn't San Salvador in Central America. This San Salvador is a Club Med in the Bahamas. About twenty pictures here. ....... First attempt at making a website.

You may have been laughing at my use of the moniker: PhA (ADSP)..... Whelp, this is what I was doing as Art. I never said Fine Art....I do Crude Art and am not ashamed.

If you are a youngster, or the parent of one, you know what Flat Stanley is all about. If neither, take a peek! 

Just some photos, with a bit of a twist or quirk.

Underwater. I own a simple underwater camera (Hanimex Anphibian), I took it to the right water and got sharks, submarines, divers and water closets

YaDa ,YaDa, YaDa!

duh....wonder what it's about?

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