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 the Millennium Bomb and Labor
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                         updated: 23 May 1999

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The focus for governments and private sector companies should shift from readiness to survivability. Disruptions and even failures are inevitable. . . . executives must look at what is essential to keeping the government or the business operational at a very basic level.
Center for Strategic and International Studies, October 7, 1998


Radars, early-warning satellites, communication systems, and weapons systems are all reliant upon computer technology, and thus susceptible to the Y2K threat. Domestically, the Department of Defense (DoD) has only 29 percent of its approximately 2,800 mission critical systems fixed. Abroad, (according to DoD analysts) only three other countries are currently preparing their military computers for the year 2000.
Y2K Risk Assessment Task Force at CSIS











The collapse of the global marketplace would be a traumatic event with unimaginable consequences.
Yet I find it easier to imagine than the continuation of the present regime.
  -- George Soros, multi-billionaire capitalist, speculator and high priest of international financial markets


1998 : 
capitalist crisis in Asia: millions out of work and hungry
capitalist restoration collapses in Russia: millions out of work and hungry
crises in Asia and Russia spread to Africa and South America
capitalist world financial markets destabilize
world working class begins to strike back against excesses of neo-liberal austerity

1999 : 
y2k millennium bug manifests in isolated - and hidden - business and government failures
many begin considering safeguarding assets outside financial institutions and markets
US increases military action in Balkans, Mideast, and South America
international working class and left renew greater cooperative agreements
solidarity actions grow against
privatizations, austerity, war, & attacks on work and living standards
worldwide protests grow against military adventurism
many begin cautious withdrawals from banks and financial markets in preparation for y2k failures
world financial markets, banks, and currencies in turmoil and collapse
governments, military, and corporations plan for huge disruptions

revolutionary anti-capitalist groups establish coordinated international cooperation and planning
on banks and financial markets cause accelerating collapses around the world
troops are dispatched and readied in strategic locations

2000 :
widespread and concatenating failures of government, military, and corporate systems
"third world" failures increasingly affect "1st world" economies in the global economy
world capitalist financial collapse
widespread unemployment and hunger around the world
coordinated revolutionary actions in many areas defeat unreliable military technology
workers' cooperative systems supplant the corporate system in many areas
fascist repression is widespread to save capitalist institutions and governments
repression causes more popular revolts around the world
revolutionary and workers' cooperative systems replace corporate rule of the world

Is that how it will be?
Communicate: Plan for the Future Now!


The staff of the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission prepared a report in June 1997 that stated:
It is not, and will not, be possible for any single entity or collective enterprise to represent that it has achieved complete Year 2000 compliance and thus guaranteed its remediation efforts. The problem is simply too complex for such a claim to have legitimacy. Efforts to solve Year 2000 are best described as "risk mitigation." Success in the effort will have been achieved if the number and seriousness of any technical failures is minimized, and they are quickly identified and repaired if they do occur.


31 December 1999 - When the computers and microchips fail:
The Millennium Bomb and the Labour Movement - and
What is the Millennium Meltdown?


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