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   1999:  year of the impending collapse of world capitalism ?
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Welcome to
Labor versus Capital in the New World Order

A Note About the Site:
The point of this site is to present news, information, analysis, points of view,
and avenues of potential action in service to the majority of people around the world:
the trans-national working class. If you earn a wage - or wish you could! - this site is for you.

I post what I think will be of value, but I don't necessarily agree
with all of the details or points of view of everything that you will find here.
This site represents no particular "sect" or "tendency."
It is up to you to draw your own conclusions and to carry the struggle forward.

A Technical Note:
Most of the External Links on this Site
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To Return, Just Close the Window.
I designed the site this way to make your return easy,
even after an extended side-tour.


Lets get Properly Oriented.
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Current news and issues
that you will rarely find in the corporate media:
the real condition of the world and our struggles for a better life

. . . a philistine believes everything, but does not reflect on anything.
      --Grigory Isayev, a leading revolutionary worker in Samara, Russia, 1990's

Labor Party Convention 1998

The corporation media, in their self-serving and selective "news," generally did not tell you about the LP's 1st Constitutional Convention. But you can find out all about it here.

  • Electoral Campaigns Endorsed
  • Just National Health Care Campaign
  • Workers' Rights Campaign
  • and more

miners demonstrate in Moscow

Updated Weekly:
On the picket line and
Workers around the world
via Workers World News Service

Daily & Long-Term News of:
A World in Revolt
from Jay Moore

A Great New Source:
Worldwide Progressive News
from Many Sources
in Real Audio and Video!
Just The News

A New stage in Black struggle in the USA
recent article by Ralph Shoenman

Unions and Labor Pary Support
Black Political Prisoner in USA:
Support Mumia Abu-Jamal

Confronting Globalization:

What it is and how to fight it

recent article by Alan Benjamin

Globalizing the Metalworkers Union

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Attention Deficit Disorder?
Child Violence?
Adult Violence?
Brain Dysfunction?
Social Alienation?
Priorities All Wrong?
Bad Guys are Good Guys?
Good Guys are Absent?
Celebrity Insanity?
Celebrity Inanity?
Commodity Obsession?
Shopping Madess Obsession?
Sports Insanity Obsession?
Violence Obsession?
Rich and Famous Obsession?
Royalty Obsession?
Xenophobic Myopia?
Racial Prejudice?
National Prejudice?
Narrow Range of Discussion?
Only the "Experts" Know?
Poison, Propaganda, and Death, Inc.?
Empty Barrels Making All the Noise?
No Alternatives to the-Way-It-Is?
Inability to Act?
Lights are on . . . . but no one is home?
Widening Body & Narrowing Mind?
Horizontally Challenged?
Polite Blather Polution?
No Way Out Complex?

Turn it off Now!

NO Television!

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