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Sometimes it's better to cruise the Web anonymously without leaving your calling card at the sites you visit.

Anonymous Web Publishing
Anonymizer Publishing accounts cost $10 (USD) per month and provide web publishing space without the need to give us any information about you. If you pay via postal mail with a money order, you do not need to provide any personal information.

EPIC's Privacy Information and Tools:



Bacard's Privacy Page
Get lots of privacy information and the tools here.

Tons of links for free, unbreakable PGP encryption here:
PGP-Users Mailing List Home Page

The Global Internet Liberty Campaign
Members of the coalition include the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Privacy Information Center, Human Rights Watch, the Internet Society, Privacy International, the Association des Utilisateurs d'Internet, and other civil liberties and human rights organizations.


Good Sites for Labor:
Labor Unions - Workers' Parties, Organizations, Publications - Web Sites


LabourNet (UK)
This is the BEST site for news and support of current labor struggles around the world.
LabourNet also says:
"We provide a free service for striking or locked out workers. If you are involved in a trade dispute or just want to publicise your labour/trade union related cause, please contact us by email or telephone: + 44 171 713 1941."
The risephoenix site takes a lot of material from LabourNet in solidarity with international labor.

IWW - The Industrial Workers of the World
One Big Union

The Industrial Workers of the World, the Wobblies! They have one of the most glorious histories of working class struggle in the US. And they are on the rise again: One Big Union. No Political Parties. It's Revolutionary Unionism! Check out their great site -- lots of good stuff, including their newspaper The Industrial Worker. And you can join them online!

Labor Party Home Page
This is the new party in the USA (not the one in the UK), founded in June 1997, with a base in some of the most progressive and important unions in the country and in community organizations. You will find the Labor Party Press newspaper here along with the party's most important documents. JOIN IT!

AFL-CIO Home Page
The home of the USA's largest federation of unions.

Commodity Fetish Times
A deep and wonderful site: Globalization and its discontents, marxist and left political economy, history of workers councils and links to worker council sites, links to anarcho-syndicalist sites, critiques of capitalism and post-fordist production. Theory and practise of the revolutionary workers movement.

The Organizer
Excellent practical and action oriented analyses of workers' struggles, and a very good newspaper too. Subscribe to it. They are also working for international solidarity and an end to sectarian squabbles.

ILC - International Liaison Committee for a Workers' International
Anti-Sectarian unifier of working people's struggles internationally.

The National Peoples Campaign
An activist organization in the US acting as an umbrella organization for jobs and against cuts, fighting racism, police brutality, and in favor of popular power against capitalist oppression.

Liberty for the People
red and black flagFed up with political groups and parties, corrupted political and labor leadership, secretive "vanguards," and the oppression or betrayal of the people they claim to represent? Maybe its time to consider the anarchist approach. This site is one of the deepest anarchist / libertarian resources to be found anywhere, includes good material debunking phony right-wing and pro-capitalist "libertarianism."

Solinet - The Solidarity Network
A good Canadian, union-sponsored activist site.

The UE International Labor Information and Action Site
UE-F.A.T. Workers' Internationalism

The United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE).
The UE-FAT Strategic Organizing Alliance is an effort to build a new kind of international solidarity which is focused on organizing. The FAT and its affiliated unions are working to develop democratic, independent unions in Mexico; and the UE, with the help of individuals and other unions, are providing support for this work in a variety of ways. The UE-FAT Strategic Organizing Alliance has Organizing, Educational, Cultural, Worker to Worker, Emergency Action and Fundraising components.

A very deep site with lots of good material from a variety of sources.
From the National Air Traffic Controllers Association in the U.S.

TWU Local 7 Home Page
Telecommunications Workers Union, local 7, in BC, Canada. A good site, with news for their members, some especially interesting articles on the news page here, and good links here.

VICNET Australian Labour and Trade Union Page
A central communications point for labor in Australia.
VICNET's What's New, Campaigns and Actions is here. Current actions in Australia can be found here.

Italian "Coordinamento Nazionale delle RSU"
(National Coordinating Committee of Shop Steward Organizations)
In Italian. Site also includes in English and Italian:
Good links to trade union sites and some good pages of international labor.

Unions On The 'Net
A good resource listing lots of labor and labor related sites.

Syndicaliste's Home Page
Comité Syndicaliste Révolutionnaire : in French here and in English here

red/black starIn Italian, with links to sections in English with French, Spanish coming:
"The Italian Syndicalist Union (USI) was founded in 1912 by a revolutionary and anarco-syndicalist split of the early CGdL and reached its major extension in 1922 with 500.000 adherents, before the fascists destroyed it. The Union was founded again in 1950 and completely restored at the end of the 70's. Today, although it still refers to revolutionary syndicalism and libertarian federalism, it also refers to self-management as the unique way to the global anti-capitalist and self-managed society."
Site includes: ITALY 1920, when 600,000 workers seized control of their workplaces.

Le Monde Libertaire
In French. The French Anarchist weekly newspaper: this month's issues and archives, including "Les articles du Monde libertaire depuis janvier 1998" and "Le catalogue de la librairie du Monde libertaire."

All about Anarchism - also news of Irish politics
Lots of interesting stuff here.

Spunk Press home page
An excellent resource: Spunk Press collects and distributes literature in electronic format, with an emphasis on anarchism and related issues.

Irish Anarchist Publications from the Workers Solidarity Movement:
Workers Solidarity, Red & Black Revolution, and Anarchist News.
These are publications of the Workers Solidarity Movement , an anarchist group active in Ireland. Articles cover aspects of Irish History and current struggles including union/workplace struggles, community struggles and anti-imperialism.

La CNT: Confédération Nationale du Travail - in French.
"la Confédération Nationale du Travail essaie de développer un syndicalisme différent. Longtemps ignorée et marginalisée, elle émerge aujourd'hui forte des expériences accumulées, pour dire bien fort que le pire n'est pas fatal et qu'il n'est pas trop tard pour agir autrement. "

Le Combat syndicaliste - in French
Le CS, mensuel de la Confédération Nationale du travail, traite de questions d'actualité, se fait l'écho des luttes ouvrières et sociales tant nationalesqu'internationales, réalisent des dossiers sur des thèmes précis (protection sociale, Prud'hommes, réduction du tempsde travail...) ou des numéros plus spécialement consacrésà un secteur particulier (dossier éducation...).

Anarchism and Revolutionary Syndicalism in Africa
Web site includes - South Africa: Workers Solidarity Federation; Nigeria: Awareness League; Sierra Leone: The Industrial Workers of the World; Lebanon: Al Badil al Taharouris
Freien ArbeiterInnen Union - Germany
In German.

Workers Solidarity Alliance - San Francisco
affiliated with the International Workers Association

Rebel Worker Magazine
The Paper of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation, based in Australia. The A.S.F. is an affilated body with the International Worker's association.

Workers World
The newspaper of the Workers World party in the USA.
A good source of current news on workers' struggles.

An Anarchist FAQ Webpage
This web site holds an anarchist FAQ. Its aim is to present what anarchism really stands for and indicate why you should become an anarchist.

Progressive Labor Party WWW Home Page
Leninist vanguardist party in the U.S. and their newspaper Challenge/Desafio.

Revolutionary Worker Online
Newspaper and site of the Revolutionary Communist Party USA.

Plawiuk Pontificates
Voice of the Rebel Worker: An outstanding site with a good mix of pro-worker material from this Canadian worker/activist.
And Plawiuk has an excellent links page: Workers on the WWW Unite!

Zapatista National Liberation Front
Everything from and about the Zapatista Uprising in Mexico's Chiapas state.


Resources of value to workers
News - Information - History - Research - Exposes - etc.


LabourStart: where tradeunionists start their day
A rich resource, including current important news and events. Includes the Labor Website of the week.

Jay's Leftist and "Progressive" Internet Resources Directory
Just like it says: this is a wonderfully deep source of progressive Net resources.
And: They made us the "Leftist Site of the Week."

Homeopathic Self-Sufficiency Site!
Yes, Capitalist Medicine is as corrupt and profit-driven as the rest of the system.
Not only do big capitalist drug and insurance companies rip us off and limit our access to good health care, they ALSO determine health-care training, what gets researched, and what is acceptable as medicine. The result? Only health care practices that bring in the big profits are acceptable.
This is the only class-conscious health site that I know of. It shares lots of useful, in-depth information.
One specially useful section of the site provides specific advice on cheap and effective remedies for "Workers, Union Members, Strikers, Activists, Demonstrators, Liberation Fighters, & All of the Good Trouble Makers." You can find that section of the site - here.

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages
Lots of stuff for the vets.

The Marx/Engels Internet Archive
Marxism, even after so many disasters, remains alive and vital today as a tool for the liberation of working people. Why? Go to this site and read/download the classics of Marxism, and find out. It's full text and searchable, with all the classics!

There IS a Welfare problem:
CORPORATE WELFARE Information Center

"The $150 billion for corporate subsidies and tax benefits eclipses the annual budget deficit of $130 billion. It's more than the $145 billion paid out annually for the core programs of the social welfare state: Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), student aid, housing, food and nutrition, and all direct public assistance (excluding Social Security and medical care)."
"After World War II, the nation's tax bill was roughly split between corporations and individuals. But after years of changes in the federal tax code and international economy, the corporate share of taxes has declined to a fourth the amount individuals pay, according to the US Office of Management and Budget."
--Boston Globe series on Corporate Welfare
And the hosting site, Envirolink, is well worth a visit too.

CAQCovert Action Quarterly: a great source of solid, well-research information on the activities of the ruling class and its governments, both the overt and secret ones. Covert Action Quarterly has won numerous awards for investigative journalism. It is read around the world by investigative reporters, activists, scholars, intelligence buffs, news junkies, and anyone who wants to know the news and analysis behind the soundbites and headlines.
The CAQ Archive of back issues

NameBase is Terrific

NameBase Book Index & ESSAYS

Terrific research tool, plus Daniel Brandt has put up a lot of his penetrating and well-researched articles.


Hightower Radio
Jim Hightower's progressive populist revelations about the doings of the bosses and their hirelings--and a general call to working people to open their eyes and get on the move. In RealAudio.

The Activist's Web-Starters Kit
Good resources here. PLUS, you can download their Favorites/Bookmarks add-on that will put a whole host of new progressive links into your browser!

Working Class Revolutions
Anarchist perspectives on Revolution: the Paris Commune of 1871, The Russian Revolution of 1917, The Spanish Revolution of 1936, The Mexican Revolution, and more.
Here's how this site describes these excellent pages:

"Human history has been marked by many many attempts by ordinary people to take power into their own hands. A lot of crap gets talked about what a revolution is though so as well as discussing this in the abstract here we look at specific examples of revolutions each of which met with mixed success. These articles also seek to answer the questions what is the role of anarchists in a revolution and how do we get to a revolution? Above all else it aims to show that revolutions are still possible."

Spanish Revolution and Civil War - a history in posters and photos
In July 1936, the opening shots of the 2nd World War were fired in Europe's poorest country . . .

The Bolsheviks and Workers Control
This site says:
"The Bolsheviks and Workers Control is a remarkable pamphlet by Maurice Brinton exposing the struggle that took place over the running of workplaces in the immediate aftermath of the Russian Revolution. In doing so not only does it demolish the romantic Leninist 'history' of the relationship between the working class and their party during these years (1917 - 21) but it also provides a backbone to understanding why the Russian revolution failed in the way it did. From this understanding flows alternative possibilities of revolutionary organisation and, some 26 years after the original was written, this is perhaps its greatest contribution today."

Prevailing Winds Research
The Center for the Preservation of Modern History.
Prevailing Winds Research is devoted to exposing hidden history, intellegence abuses, assassinations, coverups, political scandals, suppresssed technologies, medical fraud, media monopoly and manipulation, institutional corruption, hemp awareness, religion, mind control, cults and high strangeness.

Coup d'Etat in America: the CIA and the Assassination of JFK
Probably the best and deepest source on the Web, with multitudes of photgraphic and other information and evidence. Want to probe the real CIA? Here it is!

CIABASE provides data on the CIA and other individual or organizational entities, from information gleaned from 850+ sources of various political ideologies -- congressional reports, newspapers, and magazines, including more than 500 books.
Simple CIABASE search
This is a very stripped down version of CIABASE.

Cocaine Importing Agency
Probably the most complete site on the Net about the CIA's drug running activities.

The Michael Williams Story
Williams has paid the price for opposing George Bush. He's in exile in Switzerland and needs some help. His story is instructive, and it's on his site that you will find the Bush Unauthorized Biography.

This source runs the gamut from excellent and rare material to other stuff that's more dubious. Check it out.

Real History Archives
This rich site is designed to provide researchers with information, links and leads to finding real information about the real history of our current era.

CTKA/Probe Home Page
Citizens for the Truth about the Kennedy Assassination: Probing the assassinations.
"If we cannot have the truth once and for all about the government's murder of John Kennedy, if the warfare interests in our government are so powerful that they cannot be questioned about such things, then let us have an end to the pretense that this is a government of the people."
~ New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison ~

The Consortium
Excellent original nvestigative journalism by Robert Parry. Some free articles, mostly by subscription.

Thy Will Be Done
The Web site for the book: Exposing the Rockefeller/Christian Fundamentalist schemes to take over the "Third World" for god and capital. Genocide is just one tool. . .

The Alternative Guide through the WWW-Galaxy
A guide to progressive stuff on the Net, based in Germany.

Exposing and Fighting the Right-wing takeover of "Listener Sponsored Radio"

Countering the dis-information of the bosses' corporate media. In RealAudio.

Get the Real Story from the Left Side of the Web!
An excellent resource: solid information on the political and social realites of today.

DeepTimes News Service
Lots of good stuff on the schenaegans of the bosses' government(s).

FAIR -- Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting
Exposing the distortions and dis-information in the bosses' media:
"FAIR is the national media watch group that offers well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship. We seek to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater diversity in the press. We scrutinize media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints. "

Lot's of good stuff here, from WBAI's Paul, some of which is on this site with Paul's permission.

Public Citizen
"Founded by Ralph Nader in 1971, Public Citizen is the consumer's eyes and ears in Washington. We fight for safer drugs and medical devices, cleaner and safer energy sources, a cleaner environment, fair trade, and a more open and democratic government."

The Nation Digital Edition
The left/liberal magazine online: many good articles.

The National Web Site for the Republic of Cuba - CubaWeb
Get it from them, not the hostile bosses' media. In Spanish and English.


Helpful Sites -
for getting by in the NWO. . .


Do you smoke? Do your friends smoke?
It may not be a great idea to smoke, but a lot of us do.
Here's a way for smokers (and their friends!) to:
Natural Tobacco Site

  1. Stop supporting the evil transnational cigarette corporations
  2. Support a Native American Tribe that collectively owns and manufactures cigarettes
  3. Smoke chemical-free smokes and stop absorbing the 500 or so chemicals that big capital puts in their cigarettes
  4. Smoke a smooth, premium quality cigarette
  5. Save a LOT of money
  6. Make money too and supplement your income by telling others about it
  7. Help yourself, your friends, and our sisters and brothers on the reservations

If all this sounds interesting, visit a friend's Omaha Tobacco site.






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