"There are brave men in all castes"
[Explorers of Gor, p.433]

Merchant Newsletter

Tal Merchants!

Here are the results of the Merchant Caste elections:

First chair = Arie Morgana of Thentis
Second chair = Diandra Chartay of Lara
Third Chair = Trevan MacBeith of Schendi
GHC reps = Rika Aldarak of Piedmont and Al Jilida
Lower Court Judge= Kasmaira Krilon of Sais

I wish to thank everyone for a great two terms as First Chair of the Merchants Caste. It was totally a new experience for me and I met some wonderful merchants and Goreans. I wish to give my support and congratulations to the newly elected chairs, GHC reps and Lower Court Judge. You all have great qualities that will enhance our Caste and make it stronger. I wish you great blessings and fun in your positions!

Happiness and Prosperity,
Fiona Shadowhawk
Jorts Ferry

New Members:

Mariel C Summers RMC #000650
Opal McAran RMC #000651
TaliaRose Roshan RMC #000652

Pending Members:

Lure De Thorne
Jillian Murdock

Friendly Reminder!

A friendly reminder to all merchants to place in your scroll RMCG. This makes it easy to find each other and for other players to find us to purchase our goods.

Job Opportunities

The city of Jula is looking for an En'Merchant
Contact the Administrator: Crison Statler

Scroll String

Please use the BCC feature
when sending out a Caste wide scroll

(Akasha Vlada, Al Jilida, Aleena Hawk, Amina Targulli, Anaissa Avinash, AngeIaEspi, Angelina Avarice, Anna Lee Skye, Arie Morgana, Asha Deth, Ashton Darkwynd, Autumn Delavy, Casandra Tuel, Cauldric, Cymbeline Night, Diandra Chartay, Dora Storm, Ehven DeSante, Elisza Brynger, Fallon Sindhre, Fairiel Travere, Fiona ShadowHawk, Imnak Triumph, Jadirah A Adiar, Justyna Amerist, Kasmaira Krilon, Katrina Raizel, Kit Glyndon, Kitty S Vance, Kray Aniel, Krystin Dartey, Kylene Blackhawke, Lacia DelLamour, Lady Alustriai, Lady Kali Bly, LadyKatais, LadyLyniss, Lady Varia Rose, LdyDelicia, Layla Aurelis, Linette Kanzah, Louisia Carey, Lydia dellamour, Lizamaireiachian, Malarie Kell, Mariel C Summers, Marcus Blackmor, MasterNevram, Meghanna Raine, Metro Midnight, Michal Castus, MysticAnnHawk, Noriana Thorn, Ofelia Honor, Opal McAran, Parisete Vaux, Penelope Creed, Rayvynex, Renna Dayne, Rika Aldarak, Rivershimer Kell, Roanne Blackstone, Sabina MikorIis, Shaztar, Shentira DuBeau, Silk D Avarice, Simbre Valor, SybelleLyan, Symira Najishrat, Synnie Rycroft, Syrin Song, Takota Dantura, Targulli, The Lady Cadence, Theresa Anetta, Trevan Mac Beith, Trista Zarliek, TaliaRose Roshan, Tuchuk Fyre, VaIory, ZevaLahar)

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