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If you've never played Ultimate Frisbee before, or you don't remember much, this page is for you!

I'm so pleased that you are coming to play. If this is your first Utlimate Frisbee experience, or if it's your first tournament experience, then welcome! Please be prepared.

What's it like being the new player?
Relax. It's great. Ultimate Frisbee is probably the most encouraging, open-armed and welcoming sport you will ever get to play, with the exception of the Hokey Pokey. Veteran players know that a hat tournament is a welcome place for rookies and will encourage you to play, and are open to helping you with basic skills. Feel free to ask anyone anything, and if they cop an attitude, that's their problem, someone else will be happy to help. You paid your entry fee just like everyone else.

Please remember that you are there to play the whole day.

Like any other tournament, this is a competitive event, so you must come prepared. Here is a list of stuff you will need:
    ** 1 pr shorts
    ** At least one light t-shirt and one dark t-shirt, possibly two of each (please avoid tans and grays)
    ** Cleats.
I cannot stress this enough! Playing in sneakers is a recipe for hurting yourself and the people around you. You can get a cheap pair of cleats and any decent sporting goods store. I prefer soccer cleats but some people use football cleats. has soccer cleats for $19.99, but the $29.99 ones are probably your best bet for a one-time deal.If you want to splurge, you can purchase cleats made just for Ultimate Frisbee at Gaia Ultimate. Avoid metal spikes.
    ** sweatpants and a long-sleeve t-shirt (this is New Jersey in September, you know.)
    ** Bring two pairs of thick socks. I always bring one pair for a one day tournament, and always regret it at the day's end.
    ** Water, fruit, bagels and some Gatorade will be supplied, but if you want something more substantial, bring it in advance, or perhaps your team can get something as a group. A couple of Power Bars, Clif Bars or Luna Bars never hurt.
    ** I find that a small towel is really useful.
    ** Not required, but bringing a pair of comfortable sandals to wear at the end of the day will make you the envy of your lesser-prepared companions.
    ** Be prepared for light to moderate rain. If the weather forecast is for rain, bring a slicker, a large garbage bag (to keep your stuff dry),
another pair of socks, and more shirts.)

Rules - Here are some great sites for you:
An Introduction to the Sport of Utlimate
Ultimate in Ten Simple Rules -- This is probably the document you've been looking for.
The UPA Rules of Ultimate, 9th Edition -- THE Rules. Disregard the stuff about the 24-minute halves.

Skills - Start at the top and work your way down:
The Utlimate Handbook
How to Grip a Frisbee
Learn2 Throw a Flying Disc
Leaning to Layout
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