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About the Webmaster :

Greetings! I'm Ang Wie, the creator & designer of the Dynamic Hound™ Studios.  Just call me Wie if you like. This is the first time in my whole life I've made a complete site for my own. I've never finished a site or homepage before, all you can see is just the first page of introduction and then all the links are under constructions. Hehehe...the pages even stay "under constructions" until now! Well, tell ya more 'bout the site later. It is time to introduce myself...

What you wanna know 'bout me? Hmmm...let's start with my Y.O.B. (year of birth) first. I was born in 1981...How old am I now? Err...2000 minus 1981...Oh, I'm 19! I'm a pure Chinese. I can speak in Chinese ( Mandarin, Hokkien, Teo Chew, a little bit of Hakka and understands a little bit Cantonese ), English ( not very fluently ), and Malay.  As an atheist, I believe no gods but I rather believe in aliens and UFOs  stuff. ( things that can't be explained in normal science knowledge ) One more thing, I thrust my own abilities!

Anyway, I live in Kuching now, the capital city of state Sarawak. ( on Borneo Island ) Sarawak is one of the states of Malaysia. ( search the map for more geographical information )

I'm currently a college student. I love computer stuff during my free time, e.g. computer games, surfing on da net, making homepages ( HTML stuff ), designing lots of weird graphics, etc. I like to play chess and draw some comics too. Music stuff. I like Britpop, techno, alternative, etc as long as the music suit my ears.

Whew! Too much for my intro huh? Well, I guess that's all from me this time. If there is anything more you would like to know 'bout me, just drop me an E-mail 
( dynamic_hound@yahoo.com ), ok?

Thanks for visiting my website!





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