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This is Miscellaneous section. 
Dynamic Hound™ Studios will bring you the latest updates on goodies on the web, downloads, MP3s, shareware, links, freeware, nice software, games, etc. 

If you have any links ( including your own website link ) that you think they are cool and would like me to publish here, you are welcome to send me a notification E-mail. Thank you.


< Cool Links >

Contain lots of links to cool web pages from all over the world. Also consist of my friends' personal homepages, school homepages, nice websites and many more! Brief introduction provided.

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< Download Sites >

A collection of links to download sites. Files on the sites are all free to download! Includes MP3 downloads, Real Audio files, shareware, freeware, drivers, etc. Short introduction provided. Your hear me? It is FREE!

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< PC Gamers Board> 

This is my favourite! We can discuss 'bout latest games, game cheats, links, walk through, secrets, codes and even challenge me in multiplayer games online or through modem! Let's get dangerous...

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