29 Un Chien Andalou (scr.)

28 The Passion of Joan of Arc (scr.)

27 London After Midnight (scr.)

27 The Jazz Singer (scr.)

26 The Scarlet Letter (scr.)

25 Battleship Potemkin (scr.)

25 The Lost World (scr.)

25 The Phantom of the Opera (scr.)

24 Judgment of the Storm (scr.)

24 Peter Pan (scr.)

23 The Dinkum Bloke (scr.)

23 The Sidewalks of New York (scr.)

23 The Lucky Strike (scr.)

22 Nosferatu (scr.)

22 Nosferatu (trans.)

22 Red Hot Romance (scr.)

21 The Mystery of the Jamaica Bar (scr.)

20 The Love Expert (scr.)

20 Pirate Gold (scr.)

20 The Golem (trans.)

19 The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (trans.)

19 The Glory of Life (scr.)

18 Everybody's Girl (scr.)

17 The Hand That Rocks the Cradle (trans.)

16 A Daughter of the Gods (LOC materials)

16 Witchcraft (scr.)

16 Youth's Endearing Charm (scr.)

16 His Suicide (scr.)

15 Satan McAllister's Heir (scr.)

14 The New Janitor (trans.)

14 How to Write a Photoplay (book excerpts)

14 The Spitfire (scr.)

14 Fogg's Millions (scr.)

14 The Fire Jugglers (scr.)

13 The Evidence of the Film (trans.)

12 The New York Hat (LOC materials)

12 The Musketeers of Pig Alley (LOC materials)

12 Children Who Labor (assembly sheet)

12 Over a Cracker Bowl (scr.)

05 The Kleptomaniac (trans.)

05 The Wedding (scr.)

05 Wanted; A Dog (scr.)

05 The Nihilists (scr.)

05 Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son (scr.)

04 The Chicken Thief (scr.)

04 The Suburbanite (scr.)

03 The Great Train Robbery (trans.)

03 Life of an American Fireman (trans.)

02 Jack and the Beanstalk (trans.)

02 A Trip to the Moon (trans.)

XX In the Beginning Was the Word - A scholarly article
about the earliest surviving American screenplays.

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