Working Together for Our Kids

Mission Statement: To influence or propose legislation which will have a positive effect on education within the Elk River Area School District. To work in partnership with our Legislators to gain equitable funding for the students of District 728


We are a group of non-partisan parents from the Elk River Area, who have formed a Parent Legislative Team ( PLT) modeled on the highly successful Anoka-Hennepin School District's PLT.

We introduced ourselves to the school board and community at the January 24th, 2002 School Board Meeting and were very positively received. We have the full support of the school board with their understanding that we are
first and foremost a Parent Group.
Our group keeps track of what's happening at the legislature. We work with our districts legislators on PLT goals to improve education for our children. We plan to come out with some equitable funding for our school district.
By educating our representatives, we can hold them accountable for the decisions they make that affect our childrens education. We need our voice, as parents, to be heard by our representatives and the more they know we are out here working, the more action we can hope to receive. By setting up communications with our representatives we can keep them educated as well.
We're looking for varying degrees of involvement, from 3 minutes a month to read email updates to substantial hours of involvement.

If you're interested in the political process and would like to say more about what get's done, please contact us at 763-274-1763 if interested or with any questions. You can also subscribe to our email update list by sending an email to mccartyparty91@msn.com with your request.


Phone: 763-441-7717
Fax: 763-441-3833

Email Janet at : mccartyparty91@msn.com

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