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Our Quick Response Network is Twofold

We will use this email forum as a way to keep interested people updated. When things are happening you will receive emails. We will also be sending out emails for various areas we may need help in. If the area is a strength of yours we'd love the help. This is not a full time commitment but more like smaller projects and last minute things we need.

The second part of this network will be when we have legislative issues that need immediate attention. As we decide on our agenda and keep track of what's happening in the legislature, there may be times when we need people to make a phone call or send an email to their representative.

We'd appreciate as many of you responding to that type of request. This is one way our representatives will hear us and know we are out here.

To join our Quick Response Network (QRN) please click on the link below with your request and we will keep you updated from there. Thanks for your interest.

Quick Response Network (QRN)

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