How Can I Help?

Can you spare 30 minutes a month? That's just one minute a day to improve your childs education. How about more? What are your skills ? What would you like to contribute? Please let us know where your strengths are and what you'd like to do to further this

Send us an email with any ideas you have.

Join our core team. We try meet the 2nd Monday of each month at the Elk River Library Community Room. Be sure to check for specific dates as these are dependent on the library's programming first.

Add your name to our QRN list and help us by sending a voice mail or letters during a critical legislative vote

Other Talents? - Can you help us design brochures, research agenda items, donate other talents or skills. Please let us know !!!

Stay involved, stay updated for as little as a few minutes a month.
Join our Quick Response Network (QRN)Today!!!

Parents United for Public Schools 

This is a group that's forming statewide to see what can be done to improve the image of public schools. Any interested parents can call Jolene at 763-274-1763

Find out what they're up to!!!!

To contact us:

Phone: 763-441-7717
Fax: 763-441-3833

Email Janet at :

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