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Jax to Virginia
Va to St Michaels
Annapolis to Ft Myers

Exploring the Chesapeake Bay, one river at a time ...

It has been said that the happiest day of your life is buying a boat, and the second happiest day of your life is selling your boat. Starting last year, we saw several friends celebrating the latter. Things on the boat inevitably break down, and when they do faster than we can fix them, we too wonder if we would succumb to terra firma. Returning from the Bahamas late spring of last year, our starboard engine overheated. With hurricane season approaching, we decided to hide out on the Ortega River in Jacksonville to fix the problem. Well, hurricane season turned out to be ten months long (one third of our cruising life!), for we did not cast off the docks until April this year!

We once read that you can cruise the Chesapeake Bay for years and still not see everything.  This is true. If you are a traveler like us, who like to explore new places, and linger in places we like. Some times way too long. Coming up north, we made a point to visit places we haven't been to before - Hilton Head, Elizabeth City and the Dismal Swamp Canal, Wilmington,  Cape Lookout, Ocracoke and St Michaels made the wish list. With plenty of time on our hands and no set schedule, what's the rush? We would cruise with this mantra in mind.

Unfortunately, our Dell PC, which we use to load our photo images, is dead in the water; so there won't be new photos here for a while. Sorry!

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Map of Chesapeake Bay

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