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Homeless and loving it ...

2001 marked the year of traveling for us.  From Malaysia to Hong Kong and China, Singapore to Thailand, we visited family and old friends, attended a cousin's wedding, and explored the various cities/resorts. It has been 17 years since Eileen's  last trip back to her home country. Sophal met the rest of her family and most of her friends for the first time.  Back in the U.S., we stopped over at Los Angeles to visit friends and family, tried our luck in Las Vegas. As soon as we returned to Boston, we unpacked and repacked to drive to Ft Lauderdale so as to bring Mai Thai home. In between, we sold our home and officially became fulltime live-aboards, making new friends along the way as we cruised from Florida to Maryland and back.

What we did

  • Dec 19, 2000 - Feb 06, 2001: Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China
  • Feb 07 - 18: Phuket, Bangkok (Thailand)
  • Feb 20 - 26: Los Angeles, Las Vegas
  • Feb 27 - Mar 5: Back in Boston, we unpacked, repacked and headed southdrove off to Ft Lauderdale
  • Mar 8: Cast away the lines at Royal Palm Yacht Basin and ventured out into the Atlantic Ocean.
  • April: Stayed at Beaufort, S.C. for a month. Decided to slow down and "smell the roses" quite literally. Caught a ride back to Boston with the Hanshus so we can bring our car back.
  • May 31:  Sold our Boston condo.
  • Jun - Oct: Explored Virginia Beach, Washington DC and Solomon Island on Chesapeake Bay
  • Nov 2:  Arrived at Atlantic Yacht Basin, Chesapeake. It's like coming home, even though we came here because we hit something at the entrance to the Dismal Swamp Canal, and needed to be hauled out to check out the propeller and shaft. Took the opportunity to touch up the scratches on the hull, and to paint the boat bottom with a fresh coat of anti-fouling paint and to replace all the zincs.
  • Nov 20 - Dec 3:  made it to Vero Beach, FL to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Hanshus.
  • Dec 5  - Jan 5, 2002: Stayed at Isle of Venice in Ft Lauderdale

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