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Cruising the Tennessee River

On April 3rd, we left Tampa in shorts and T-shirts, with a stopover in Atlanta to visit Sophal's buddy Marwan. Next day, we were back to our winter clothing. Good thing we packed some with us. Back at Midway Marina a couple of days later, the temperature dropped to the 30s, and remained there for several more days. Had we known that winter doesn't thaw out until mid April, we would not have returned so early. Anyhow, we found Mai Thai to be surprisingly clean; we had  expected spiders and wasps to seek refuge there. Guess it must have been too cold. We spent the rest of the month getting reacquainting with her and the marina folks, and prepping for our cruise to Tennessee.

Taking advantage of the nice weather, we cast off on Sun Apr 29th. Normally, we take our time to cruise somewhere. This time was different. We had a schedule. We had an appointment to get Mai Thai surveyed with a SAMS surveyor for our insurance company. So, four days and seven locks later, we arrived at Hales Bar Marina, our destination for the summer.

video - A surprise birthday in Chattanooga!
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What we've been up to 

  • Jan - Apr 3: landlocked in Tampa, Florida, with many friends and relatives visiting
  • Jan 27: Gasparilla Festival with the Altans
  • Apr 6 - 29: Midway Marina, Fulton, MS
  • Apr 28: Doubledecker Arts Festival at Oxford (home of John Grisham), MS
  • Apr 29 - May 2: Cruised from Fulton, MS to Chattanooga, TN
  • May 2: Arrived at Hales Bar Marina
  • May 14: A surprise birthday party at 212 Market in Chattanooga
  • May 26 - 28: Celebrated Memorial Day with Jim and Sallye of Moby Duck at Tellico Village, near Knoxville
  • Jun 8: Met Joyce (of One Love) and her friend Mary at Country Music Association Fan Fair in Music City Nashville.
  • Jul 24 - 28: SooLin came in from Philly
  • Jul 29 - Aug 14: Reunions with 2 families in Philadelphia and Virginia.
  • Sep 4-5: The Porters visited
  • Sep 18 - 25: Sophal's siblings Phan and Lim visited
  • Sep 29 - 20: Jon and Peggy visited.
  • Oct 20: Cooking Session for friends in Knoxville
  • Oct 27: Dock, Birthday and Halloween Party
  • Nov 10: Goodbye Chattanooga, hello Tampa!
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