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In these pages I hope to share with you the many poems that I have written... This is a place of self expression , feelings and emotions as I feel poetry expresses.  I am putting this web site together so that I may share  with others my love of poetry and writing...  My deep love of writing started back in my high school years and continues to be a special way of expression for me to this day. Poetry.. tells a sense of time or place.. of hopes and dreams.. of traditions , love and so much more...

copyright of all poetry within this web site is
the sole and seperate property of the author
copyright 2001 Jerre M. Gostlin
and cannot be copied or used
without written permission from the author

updated :November 2005
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Come sit, relax, enjoy with me
Of life, love and fantasy
Within these walls for all to see
Of verse that rhymes
called Poetry
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May You Always
For All Tomorrows
A Mothers Heart
I will be adding more pages from time to time
Please visit often.
Many Blessings

The Dance
Connections Of The Soul
True Friends Are Forever
To Eternity
Nana's Boy
The Wayside's End
Family Tree
Dream The Dream
The Victims Silent Cage
Looking At The Stars
A Legend To Me
The Miracle Of Life
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