Where can you look back on all the glory of a vision-changing view of the media called the game show? Where can you cherish the moments of this wonderful thing? I've got the answer.  Simply, it's

Jason Larsen's Gameshow Fan Page

RIP - My Game Show Quiz - 2000-2002
My Picture - Gone in April 2002

All right, 2002! Let's hope this new year will be a happy one.

Yes, I'd like to wish you and yours a prosperous 2002.  Don't forget, the daily syndicated daytime version of "The Weakest Link" will premiere on January 7 with George Gray.  I'm willing to give this guy a chance considering that he did not host a very good first gameshow.  To make a cryptic sentence short, check your local listings.

Also, the $100K Pyramid with Donny Everybody Knows Who will premiere in September.

Wait until you see this update, just make believe you're watching me, ok?

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My Bio Page -

What Christmas means to me as far as game shows go - This is a page that I created which explains my thoughts about game shows celebrating the Christmas season.

Million Dollar Game Show Craze - This is an article that I wrote for the school paper when I was in 7th grade.

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Brand spanking new! - My Pictures Page

My Sounds Page - memorable sound clips from various game shows

The Match Game Show - I once had a dream that a Pearson exec, who claimed he was one of the best in the business, hired me to host the Match Game Show, a gameshow version of the excellent, excellent game show Match Game. If you go to this site, you will read all about it.

My Game Show Lineup Proposal - This is a proposal I wrote that a quality game show lineup should be on Pax TV.  Pax TV should hear what other people are trying to say about the current game shows they put on.

My Game Show Riddles - Some game show riddles for your pleasuure, I think you'll like them, I honestly do.

The Story of a True Coward - The unthinkable occurred on TV last night.  This is a story with a little bit of humor.  Feel free to read!

My Chair Documents - Documents related to "The Chair" with John McEnroe

Revivals of Classics and Syndie Incarnations - This page lists all game shows that I think are worthy of being revived and what I would do to them, and what I would do to syndicated game shows to revise them.

My Acquaintance Inquisitor Page FAQ - This page lists why I made my own sites,  for those of you who are curious.

Have you noticed the update yet? My Acquaintance Inquisitor Page FAQ is back online after a long absence due to my computer being re-formatted and the link being unable to work.  Now, the link works.

"I can't go on!"
--Bob Eubanks on the last original episode of "The Newlywed Game"

Here's an update that is very much needed, but this may sound a little crazy when you come to think of it.  Imagine this, January 1, 2002.  I make the first big update to my webpage in a long time.  I know I am going to sound like a total mule when I say this, but I ain't Don Adams' wife, and I am not going to star in a new TV show called "Get Stupid."  You better believe, though, that everyone who knows I made a mistake understands it, and will realize that I made a mistake of human error.  So, if you have any questions, comments or positive criticism, by all means, talk to me by e-mailing me.

Join me next time when I make more updates of...  Jason Larsen's Gameshow Fan Page

This page was last updated on August 25. 2002