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    Welcome to PJs Planet, where we live with our 'special' child in a world called the 'spectrum'.  We are in our sixth year on the internet and we have shared so much with those of you who have joined us here.  We have grown along with our PJ and, like him, we still have much to learn.  We hope to continue with our site and with sharing our experiences and passing along information and links. We have met many generous and caring people along the way  who travel the same path.   These wonderful folks have lent their knowledge and experiences to share with all who pass here.
     For those of you who are first time visiters, we'd like to tell you a little bit about how we got here.
PJ is our daughter's second son.  His arrival at his particular place on the 'spectrum' was by one of the usual paths. He was one of those children who started out seemingly normal and then went into reverse at about age two and a half. He had developed a small vocabulary but lost it. After several bouts with ear problems, he seemed to retreat into his own world of silence while we searched for an answer to his strange behavior. He was evaluated and later diagnosed with severe autism. He started in a pre-school type environment for two years at the local special education cooperative.
     Prior to entering a special-ed program, he was exhibiting aggressive and anti-social behaviour. He would be frustrated when we didn't comprehend his needs and took to fits of screaming, throwing, hitting and biting. By only the second day at school, his behaviour was already changing for the better. Since then he has slowly, but continually progressed. With speach therapy, ABA, and classroom activities that encourage interaction, PJ has become a relatively happy and loving child. He loves school and has been blessed with wonderful teachers and aides. He has also had the support and encouragement of family and friends to help him along the way.
     As PJs grandparents we try to reinforce all that is applied at home and at school. This is what brings us to where we are now, on the internet as a part of a  system of support and encouragement to those who are new to the world of autism and as part of the growing community of those who are constantly learning and sharing that which we learn by living our lives on this rollercoaster ride called the 'autism spectrum'.
     Please join us and help us to spread autism awareness and to share information and support for those who live here with us on "PJs Planet".
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