Anchovies & Belly Buttons

A collection of short stories, essays,  conspiracies and more.

All writings on this website are property of Megan and Sarah unless otherwise stated.  Plagerisms of these pieces is forbidden and down right stupid as most of them don't really have plots.  These are for entertainment only and no animals were hurt during the writing of these stories.  Sit back and enjoy and please send comments, questions, or your own zany writings to

Body Parts



Belly Buttons

The BOB Files

Letter 1

Letter 2

Short Stories

Harry the Woodchuck's Final Stand

Jolly Holly and the Seven Legged Gang

Fetchin' Gretchen the Worm

The Skateboarding Surfer Who Got Swallowed by a Starfish

Anchovie's Fascination

Angelica the Spaz

The Unlucky Shoelace

Mumble Jumble

Our Own Devon Sawa

Tips on Obssessing

Heart Attack!!


Oops, I'm Pregnant Again!

I Have to Pee

The Pickle Bunch

Ingot the Ugly Fish


Size 7 Shoe