Reference & Credit Checks

While the reference check is the most common and expected, both the credit and typical reference check can only be conducted with written or verbal consent. It is highly advised that you come to an interivew with two or three employment related references.

Reference Checks

The reference check is a necessary component of any recruitment process. It is very important for the recruiter to be able to gain any information, which might confirm or disprove any information you have presented to them as fact. For example if you stated on your resume that you have your PhD in Astro-physics and the prospective employer finds out that you have not completed you PhD, yet have only two credits to go. The employer might wonder about your intergerty.

Most companies will require you to give them permission either orally or written to conduct a reference check with your pervious employers and if a position requirement to check your credit history.

Here are some guidelines given to recruiters before they begin to conduct reference checks.
Be sure to speak directly with a person who worked directly with you and can speak about your performance, work habits, Reference Checksand skills.
Let the person know that you are speaking confidentially.
Ask questions, which will confirm facts. Ie, Did the candidate hold the position of Chief Clerk?

Credit Checks

These are very delicate and personal checks it is however essential in some fields to have this sort of inquiriy made. Credit checks are typically carried out when you apply for loans, credit cards and cell phones. They give only a "snapshot" of your credit history and your financial stability and also some of the your financial habbits. For example it is typical in the financial industry to have credit checks conducted upon potentional hires.

Credit reports typically display the following information:
For each creditor lists the amount borrowed, lowest monthly payment required, & the instutiton's credit rating.
Who has a copy of your credit check, and the date requested.
Date-of-birth (DOB)
Social Insurance Number (SIN)
Declared Occupation
Current and past place of residence.

Canadian Credit Bureaus

Trans Union of Canada

 Perspective on Personal Credit.

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