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This is Part 9 of the Mollica Links.

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References to Mollicas in the following links often are buried deep in a page. The easiest way to find them when you get to the page is to click on 'Edit' on your menu bar, then on 'Find.' Type 'mollica' into the 'find what' section - much easier than scrolling through the whole page.

Meet Gabriella Mollica Lazzaro - a Canadian living in Saudi Arabia right now. She's a member of the Omega Foundation - surf around the site after you read a self-profile by Gabby - very interesting. Go to this page to see a great shot of Sharon Mollica in an elementary school setting.
Take a look at Joe Mollica in Ontario, Canada - what a good guy! He donated one of his retirement checks to the Kidney Foundation of Canada

Thinking about naming your female child Mollica Mollica? Probably not. But you can find out what the name Kabalarian philosophy..."a sociable person who appreciates the beauties of nature and the refinements of life, and is moved by music and the arts." Much more...

Ever heard of a band called Ultranoise? No?! What's WRONG with you. Here's an interview with Luke Mollica, who is a a member of the band...
Mimi Mollica took some great photographs in Pakistan in October 2001 - just a month after 9/11.Click on the photos when you get there to enlarge the size.
Patti Mollica is quite a talented artist!You can download a copy of this painting from WebShots.
Want to see a gorgeous home? Visit "The Mollica Home" in Colorado. Scroll down the page and click on the pictures...
Looks like deer-hunter Paul Mollica in New York did not prevail in court when he claimed his 4th amendment rights were violated by a couple of state law enforcement officers.

Plan of vacationing in Bermuda anytime soon? Marc Mollica is directing a play called ART between February 25th and March 2nd in City Hall Theatre in Hamilton Bermuda.

Mimi Mollica documented with pictures a traditional drinking ritual in Italy called "Tocco." He also has a photo feature entitled "A Journey Through Memories and Boundaries."

Three Stray Dogs

Find New Homes

Thanks to Dr. Mollica

That's the good news headline of a story in The Herald newspaper of Randolph, Vermont, USA on March 1, 2001.

Nicole Mollica is an interesting and beautiful young lady from British Columbia, Canada. She is pursuing a career in marketing, and has a biography, portfolio, and pictures on her web site - take a look.


Mollica back on the mat

This is the headline for a story published in the Akron Beacon Journal newspaper (Akron, Ohio, USA) in June 2000. The story is about Marcus Mollica, a two-time NCAA wrestling champ at Arizona State.
I don't know how to describe this, exactly, but I think the art on this page are the works of a Mollica in Brazil.
Vincenzo Mollica is a book author in Italy. Looks like most of the book covers have naked or scantily clad women on them. You can buy Vincenzo's books via the Internet at this web site.
Remember Kristy Mollica - the actress from Australia (Mollica Links #6)? Well, here's a 2000 graduation profile of her by the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts.

Here's an impressive profile of Patricia Mollica, who is a Corporate Associate in the law firm of Winston & Strawn in New York.

Mollica Brothers' religious item.

Interested in beautiful handmade gold or silver ecclesiastical items? Visit The Mollica Brothers in Milano, Italy

Anello Mollica is a beer brewer in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA. He would be a good guy to invite to family reunions!

Here's a November 1999 clip from an Italian newspaper that describes the capture of Saverio Mollica, the boss of a crime organization in Reggio Calabria, Italy. Seems that Saverio was was wanted for kidnapping, drug trafficking, and association with the Mafia - all of which has resulted in about 50 people dead in a war with the Motticella family.

Max Mollica owns the Mixage Music Shop in Brindisi, Italy. He has a very cleverly designed web site - and a great looking store. I see that Max is also a radio dee jay.


Barbara (Mollica) Arndt is quite an athlete. She is on the Cougar Sports Associates Wall of Fame. The CSA supports Mount Vernon Nazarene College in Mount Vernon, Ohio, USA. You've got to see Barb's record of achievement.
Listen to the Mark Mollica Trio (left) or Matt Mollica (right).

As you'll see by these photos, Bernadette Mollica is a fine photographer. More of her work appeared in the Senior Art Show at Ramapo College of New Jersey in June 2000.

And one more Mollica artist...this one is Orlando de Magalh„es Mollica and he lives in Brazil.

Veronica Mollica is a talented artist in Argentina. Take a look at her work.



The lady at the right is Helen Mollica Barolina, and she is the author of seven books.


From the WTOM news team in Milwaukee Wisconsin with news co-anchors Mike Michaels and Ashley DeBlonde...

Yes, Tom Mollica in Milwaukee Wisconsin has outdone himself this time! He's making short news videos, which you can view by visiting or

Here's an article by Mike Mollica on the subject of cloning.
Terry Mollica is a lawyer in a San Francisco firm.
Oh boy. Did we really want this condition named after us? DWARFISM, MENTAL RETARDATION, AND EYE ABNORMALITY - Those are the manfestations of "The Mollica Syndrome," named after an Italian pediatrician named Florindo Mollica who discovered the disorder in three children on the island of Lipari.
Want a good laugh? Go to Ben Mollica's web site.

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