Background/Font C O L O U R Test Pages.

Ever have a problem selecting the correct font c o l o u r for your new page?

Here is the solution to your problem when designing your NEXT page.

Use one of these test pages to select the correct FONT C O L O U R & SIZE
to suit your BACKGROUND C O L O U R or IMAGE.

I have two versions for you to try. One is fixed and needs to be copied to your own PC so you can change it and test your background/text combinations. It is more detailed and includes font SIZE examples. The second is a less detailed INTERACTIVE page which allows you test your background IMAGE or COLOUR directly on the page.

[ Detailed Fixed Colour Test ]   [ On Line Interactive Test ]

After selecting your background and text colours, you should go to the HIDAHO ColorCenter to choose your Link colours (LINK, ALINK and VLINK).

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