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The following list contains the first flights of all Junkers aircraft types. Following the initial experiences of the J1 and J2, the years 1917 and 1918 saw a lot of first flights of new Junkers aircraft types, while Junkers was on his way towards a reliable and adequate military aircraft design. After WWI the number of annual first flights was reduced to about one a year due to the massive restrictions about Germany's aircraft industry. Most of these aircraft types were smaller aircraft, which fit with the Allies' restrictions. The Fili venture in Russia brought a lot of new designs into the air in 1923. Two military aircraft for the Russian Air Force and two experimental designs to gather experience about highlever airplanes performed their maiden flight during that year. But already in 1924 the Soviet Air Force lost their interest in the Junkers venture and most design projects were rejected. The number of first flights again fall back to one a year. During the following years the average output of new aircraft types, which made it up into the year laid at about one per year. Outstanding years were the year 1926 with five first flights and the year 1929 with four first flights.

When the Nazi Government took over control of Junkers Flugzeugwerke in 1933 nearly all developement projects were stopped. New programs were launched, which were focused on the setup of the new Luftwaffe. Between 1934 and 1938 four different bomber types were developed at Junkers Flugzeugwerke and year by year one of this new types performed its first flight. Just a few other developements were performed during that time. As the Luftwaffe setup program was finished, Junkers Flugzeugwerke were transformed from a developement company into a mass production company. During the following years no new aircraft types became airborne.

In 1940/41 one new Junkers aircraft developement per year appeared. In 1942/43 three new types per year performed their first flights. Nevertheless, these new types were just improvements of older Junkers types under new designators. But 1944 was a final remarkable year in the history of Junkers' first flights. During that year the first Junkers jet powered aircraft performed its first flight, as well as a Junkers rocket driven aircraft even if this was a further improved Messerschmitt design. Even if the wartime developements of Junkers Flugzeugwerke did not bring up much innovative aircraft types, the first flights of 1944 are milestones, which give an imagination of what would come out from Dessau during the following years. These new aircraft types were realistic plattforms for the planned EF developements of the year 1944/45.

Junkers First Flight Test Pilots:
Mallinkrodt     1915-1916   flight officer of IDFLIEG, 
                            delegated to Junkers
Schmidt         1917-1918   IDFLIEG officer, delegated to Junkers
Thiedemann      1918        IDFLIEG seaplane officer, 
                            joint Junkers later
Monz            1919        Junkers company pilot
Zimmermann      1920-1930   Junkers test pilot of the twenties
Neuenhofen      1929-1935   Junkers test pilot, 
                            killed during Ju87 tests
Kindermann      1936-1938
Hesselbach      1937-1941   Junkers test pilot
Matthies        1942-1943   Junkers test pilot during WWII
Pancherz        1942-1944   Junkers test pilot during WWII
Wendel          1942        Junkers test pilot
Holzbaur        1944        


J1     f/f: 12.12.1915  Mallinkrodt  designed by Junkers


J2     f/f: 11.07.1916  Mallinkrodt  designed by Junkers


J4     f/f: 17.01.1917  Schmidt      designed by Mader
J7     f/f: 17.09.1917  Schmidt      designed by Junkers/Mader
J8     f/f: 10.12.1917  Schmidt      designed by Mader


J9     f/f: xx.04.1918  unknown      designed by Junkers/Mader
J10    f/f: 04.05.1918  unknown      designed by Junkers/Mader
J11    f/f: 23.10.1918  Thiedemann   designed by Junkers/Mader


F13    f/f: 25.06.1919   Monz        designed by Reuter


A20    f/f: xx.03.1920  unknown      designed by Zindel/Mader
J15    f/f: 04.09.1920  Zimmermann   designed by Mader


K16    f/f: 03.03.1921  Zimmermann   designed by Reuter


T19    f/f: 14.07.1922  unknown      designed by Zindel


J21    f/f: 12.06.1923  Zimmermann   designed by Zindel
T23    f/f: 04.09.1923  unknown      designed by unknown
T26    f/f: 23.10.1923  unknown      designed by Zindel
J22    f/f: 30.11.1923  Zimmermann   designed by Zindel


G23/24 f/f: 18.09.1924  Zimmermann   designed by Zindel


T29    f/f: 22.04.1925  unknown      designed by Zindel


A32    f/f: xx.xx.1926  unknown      designed by Zindel/Plauth
A35    f/f: xx.05.1926  unknown      designed by Zindel
W33    f/f: 17.06.1926  Zimmermann   designed by Zindel
W34    f/f: 07.07.1926  Zimmermann   designed by Zindel
G31    f/f: 07.09.1926  unknown      designed by Zindel


S36    f/f: 05.09.1927  unknown      designed by Zindel




A50    f/f: 13.02.1929 Arntzen      designed by Zindel/Arntzen
W41    f/f: xx.08.1929 unknown      designed by Zindel
A48    f/f: 15.09.1929 Neuenhofen   designed by Pohlmann
G38    f/f: 06.11.1929 Zimmermann   designed by Zindel


Ju52/1mf/f: 03.09.1930 Zimmermann   designed by Zindel


Ju49   f/f: 02.10.1931 Hoppe        designed by Zindel


Ju46   f/f: xx.03.1932 unknown      designed by Zindel/Pohlmann
Ju52   f/f: 07.03.1932 unknown      designed by Zindel
Ju60   f/f: 08.11.1932 Neuenhofen   designed by Pohlmann




Ju160  f/f: 30.01.1934 Neuenhofen   designed by Pohlmann
Ju86   f/f: 04.11.1934 unknown      designed by Zindel


Ju87   f/f: 17.09.1935 Neuenhofen   designed by Pohlmann


Ju88   f/f: 21.12.1936 Kindermann   designed by Zindel


EF61   f/f: 04.03.1937 unknown      designed by Wagner
Ju89   f/f: 11.04.1937 Hesselbach   designed by Zindel
Ju90   f/f: 28.08.1937 Hesselbach   designed by Zindel/Wagner






Ju288  f/f: 29.11.1940 unknown      designed by Hertel


Ju322  f/f: xx.04.1941 Hesselbach   designed by Hertel


Ju252  f/f: 05.06.1942 Matthies     designed by Eichholtz
Ju188  f/f: 24.06.1942 Wendel       designed by Zindel
Ju290  f/f: 16.07.1942 Pancherz     designed by Kraft


Ju388  f/f: xx.xx.1943 unknown      designed by Zindel
Ju352  f/f: 18.08.1943 Matthies     designed by Eichholtz
Ju390  f/f: 20.10.1943 Pancherz     designed by Kraft 


Ju287  f/f: 16.08.1944 Holzbaur     designed by Wocke 
Ju248  f/f: 31.12.1944 Pancherz     designed by Hertel


EF131  f/f: xx.09.1945 unknown      designed by Wocke/Baade

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