Welcome to the Cocoon Fleet Shipyards. Here, you will find information on all major classes of ships found in the Cocoon along with information on how to join the Fleet Engineering Board.

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Federation Starships

Below are entries for the technical specifications and floor plans of the most common Federations starship classes to be found in the Cocoon. For a graphical representation of the relative sizes of some classes, please view the size comparison chart.


Hawkeye Class Pioneer Variant
Liberator Experimental Light Cruiser
Melbourne Class Super Cargo Vessel
Pioneer Class Dual Role Vessel
Sovereign Class Heavy Science Vessel
Sun Dancer Class Heavy Deep Space Science Vessel
Tecumseh Class Dreadnaught
Threin Class Heavy Deep Space Cruiser
Tryfan Class Modular Cruiser

Frigates & Destroyers

Gryphon Class Light Modular Vessel
Magellan Class Medium Science Vessel
Mercury Class Fast Response Vessel Roman Class Medium Duty Vessel
Starchild Class Medium Multi-Role Vessel

Corvettes & Escorts

Manta Ray Class Escort Vessel
Samurai Class Corvette
Thunderbolt Class Escort Vessel

Runabouts & Shuttles

Budapest Class Runabout
Danube Class Runabout
Raptor Class Assault Shuttle

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Engineering Board

The Holoworld Engineering Board consists of several Holoworld players, whose job it is to carefully consider the ramifications of non-canonical technology before it is introduced to the game. The board researches and devises specs for all ships and other technology within the Cocoon. This is not simply a bunch of "Treknicians" spouting technobabble. Although we strongly encourage creativity, super-weapons and invincible ships make poor roleplaying devices, and actually reduce the enjoyment felt by players. Our foremost purpose is to preserve the spirit of the game, and preserve the realism of the 25th century.

If you would like to be a member of the Engineering Board please drop a note to the Shipyard Commander at .