Pilot               Edward Solinas                    October 23, 1998
FOX original order and air dates
Heat                Gwendolyn DuBare               October 30, 1998
Encore              Gilbert Jax                           November 6, 1998
Repentance         Martin Benedict                    November 13, 1998
Poem                    Da Ming Po                        November 20, 1998
Executioner            Fredrick Wilcot Graver        Decmber 4, 1998
Slayer                      Hasdrubul Skaras               December 11, 1998
Ashes                       Ashur Badaktu                   December 18, 1998
Lovers                       Paco Gomez                     January 8,1999
Carrier                        Sally Ann McGee              January 15,1999
Faces                            Brian Reed                      January 29,1999
Mourning After                  Season Finale                February 12, 1999
It’s a Helluva Life             Joe Renkmeyer              February 5, 1999
     I think it is in Stephen King’s introduction to ‘The Stand’ that he writes ‘it is the little details that make great story telling.’  He writes a one paragraph version of ‘Hansel and Gretel’, which covers all the main points.  The little details, like the trail of breadcrumbs, are not essential to the plot, but they are what make a great story. 
      My synopsis of an episode covers all the main points, actually almost every scene.  But much of the magic is lost, most notably the interaction between Ezekiel Stone and The Devil.  Their conversations do very little to advance the story, but they are some of the most enjoyable parts of each episode. 
      If you have seen the episodes, I hope reading these can bring back some pleasant memories.  If not, know you are getting the bones of it, if not all the meat.  There are obviously spoilers, but since Brimstone will most likely never be back on FOX, what have you got to lose?
      I’ve ordered them in the order I have them taped – the Sci-Fi Channel order.  For purists, the original order is farther down on the page.  The damned souls are also listed with the titles.
      I've also added a link to the Brimstone Virtual Seasons.  It is a fan fiction continuation of the series written by several authors, myself included. 
Pilot           Edward Solinas
Sci- Fi order
Heat                Gwendolyn DuBare
Encore         Gilbert Jax
Repentance         Martin Benedict
Poem             Da Ming Po
Executioner           Fredrick Wilcot Graver
Slayer               Hasdrubul Skaras
Ashes                      Ashur Badaktu
Lovers                       Paco Gomez
Carrier                        Sally Ann McGee
Faces                            Brian Reed
It’s a Helluva Life             Joe Renkmeyer
Mourning After                   Season Finale
     The Pilot takes place in New York City.  I don’t believe any location is given in ‘Encore’.  I assume it takes place in New York also, because that is where they met before.  Every other episode takes place in California. 
      So with the original order, Stone starts in New York, then to California in ‘Heat’  We know this in hindsight because Ash is there, and as she says in ‘Executioner’, “This is L.A., and I’m an L.A. cop.”  There is a heat wave in ‘Encore’, which would support a California location, but does not rule out New York.  ‘Repentance’ is in California, but Max and Stone seem to know each other well, but then not at all in ‘Slayer’. At the beginning of ‘Poem’, The Devil comments on his trip out to California, an odd thing to do if it is the fourth episode out there.  So, the Sci-Fi channel order seems to make more sense.
Episode Guide
The Brimstone Virtual Seasons
Glad you found your way to my site.  I haven't updated it in quite a while, focusing my attention on my bigger and better site, where several writers, myself included, are continuing Zeke's story.  As of February 2004, that site is being updated weekly, so if you're still into Brimstone after five years without a new episode, that's the place to be.

I lost my old index page to this site, so I'm just slapping a quick fix on what's left.  These are still fun to read, if you've got the time.  Enjoy!