Secrets and Hints

L Button
Use the L button to check or to talk or to affirm a choice

Twoson $ Trick
In the Twoson hotel, talk to the man there many times and should change his response every time. After about 20 times, he'll give Ness $50 (its the same amount as a one night stay in the hotel)

Rock Candy Trick
Stock up on tons of condiments, and have a rock candy in your inventory, but make sure that it is below the condiments. Use the Rock Candy in battle and the condiment will be used, not the rock candy. This will permanently raise one stat a point. May be done many times.

Insignificant Item
In the Twoson Hospital, if you talk to a man upstairs, he will tell you that he left an item somewhere. Go to the hospital in Threed and check the dresser to get the Insignificant Item. Use the item in front of the man in the Twoson hospital to get a Magic Truffle.

Easy Experience
In the Dusty Dunes desert, every once and awhile, you'll see a green caterpillar who runs away from you. Chase it until it gets stuck in something, and then go up to it. You should get a green swirl, and an instant You Won!, and a bunch of Exp. Also, a pink version can be found in the desert between the pyramid and Scaraba, which give even more exp. 

Weapons/Items You Can get From Enemies
Whirling Robo- Meteornium- can be sold for $1000
Bionic Kracken- Legendary Bat- weapon for Ness
Starman Super- Sword of Kings- Poo's only weapon
Hyper Spinning Robo- Meteorite- may be sold for $$$
Chomposaur- Magic Frypan- weapon for Paula
Major Psychic Psycho- Star Pendant- protects against fire, freeze, flash, and paralysis
Ghost of Starman- Goddess Ribbon- armor for Paula
(Chances of getting the item are 1/128)

Game Genie Codes
DB23-77D1 Start with a level 9 character
DE23-77D1 Start with a level 15 character
7423-77D1 Start with a level 50 character
1723-77D1 Start with a level 100 character
EE23-77D1 Start with a level 255 character
EE2E-7D01 Start with a super strong character
BB2D-5461 Start with a lot of H.P.
BB2F-54A1 Start with a lot of PSI
(Game Genie codes thanks to http://maxpages.com/rpgrealm?)

Strategy to Beat Giygas
Errors in this game seem to be quite few. They're not quite "all your base belong to us", but here are a few things that appear to be mistakes  that I have spotted.
Meditation is misspelled as "meditaion."
Seems there should be an "s" at the end of know...
Memento is misspelled as "momento."
When using the Help! command on the Pak of bubble gum, the Bubble Monkey is referred to as the "Balloon Monkey".
Balloon Monkey being the Japanese name for the character, thanks to ikkitenryou@canada.com.
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