Earthbound Products
Manga pictures Taken from different Ebay auctions
Other Earthbound merchandise includes:
- Earthbound Strategy Guide
- Earthbound Manga (Japanese Comics)
- Soundtrack
- Various advertisements with scratch and sniff cards
- Mr. Saturn stuffed animals
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What's Earthbound?
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Earthbound is a harder game to find, but it can be found. I would reccomend looking over at FuncoLand because that is where I found my copy of the game for $30 a few years ago. The auctions are good place to look, but bewarned the prices can get a little steep, so watch out. Here are some places to look for Earthbound:
Ebay Auctions

Mr. Saturn stuffed animals can be found at
Setsuna Kou & Haruka Kou's Sailor Moon Specialty Shoppe. They range in prices from $30 to $110.

Earthbound related manga can be bought at Videogameya's Ebay Store.

Please excise caution when making purchases online.
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