What is Earthbound?
   Earthbound is a unique role-playing game for the Super Nintendo. A modern setting combined with excellent game play, intriguing characters, and humorous dialogue make this game a truly distinctive experience. The story revolves around a 13-year-old boy named Ness. You may recall him from the Super Smash Bros. series. His adventure begins with a simple noise from outside. Ness decides to investigate, but first he has to change out of his pajamas. As the game progresses, Ness meets up with three others, whom each lend their own special skills. Throughout the game, Ness and his party fight an assortment of enemies, from the Unassuming Local Guy to the Soul Consuming Flame. Unlike other videogames in this genre, you do not have to fight countless scores of enemies. If a weaker enemy approaches, it will simply read, "You won!" at the top of screen. This game was released on June 1st, 1995, with a size of 24 MB.

       The simple and cartoon-like graphics (but some find it enhances the game), along with a poor advertising campaign (The slogan, "This game stinks!", was used in various advertisements) led this game to be a flop in the US. It seems, though, that the fans of this game have stayed loyal, and a fairly large Earthbound fan base can be found on the Internet.
         In Japan, the title of the game is Mother 2. This is because Earthbound is second game in the Mother series (There had always been rumored talk about a third installment, but it has yet to be was released). The first Earthbound, or Mother, was also called Earthbound, but it has been renamed Earthbound Zero to avoid confusion. Earthbound Zero never was released in the United States, but there is a ROM floating out there in cyberspace that has been translated into English. Recently, both the Mothers were put on the Gameboy Advance. Even though this has only been released in Japan, American fans are still hopeful that it will reach across the Pacific.
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