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-Caveman Talk
-Coffee/Tea Quotes
-Deep Darkness
-Dusty Dunes Desert
-Jackie's Cafe
Caveman Talk
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Oooga boooga.
(May I help you?)
Wakka ungawa?
(What would you like?)
Wunga Din?
(Double Burger?) (Picnic Lunch?) (Fresh Egg?) (Cup of coffee?) (Secret herb?)
Spoongawa goonga ugh!?
(Who is going to carry it?)
Goongoo, woo woo!
(Come again.)
Wakka gowoon din woo!
(Would you like anything else?)
Ungaah, goon wakka woo!
(Thank you very much.)
Woongu Goongaree!
(Please come again.)
-The Caveman at Dr. Adonut's Lab
Coffee/Tea Quotes
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Drink coffee before go?
Say yes to me?
Say no to me?
Bottoms up! Boing!

You've traveled very far from home...

Do you remember how your long and winding journey began with someone pounding at your door?
It was Pokey, the worst person in your neighborhood who knocked on the door that fateful night.

On your way, you have walked, thought and fought. Yet through all this, you have never lost your courage. You have grown steadily stronger, though you have experienced the pain of battle many times.

You are no longer alone in your adventure, Paula who is steadfast, kind and even pretty, is always at your side.
Jeff is with you as well. Though he is timid, he came from a distant land to help you.
Ness, as you certainly know by now, you are not a regular young man... You have an awesome destiny to fulfill.

The journey from this point will be long, and it will be more difficult than anything you have undergone to this point. Yet, I know you will be all right. When good battles evil, which side do you believe wins? Do you have faith that good is triumphant?

One thing you must never lose is courage. If you believe in the goal you are striving for, you will be courageous. There are many difficult times ahead, but you must keep your sense of humor, work through the tough situations and enjoy yourself.

When you have finished this cup of coffee, your adventure will begin again. Next, you must pass through a vast desert and proceed to the big city of Fourside.


I wish you luck...

Why you say no?
-Saturn Coffee

Would you like some tea?

Like a great tapestry, vertical and horizontal threads have met and intertwined, creating a huge, beautiful image.

You may have cursed this never-ending journey. You have known injury and defeat, but you have struggled on to reach this place. Your in-born intelligence and courage have helped bring you here. You have believed in your friends, and as a group, you have supported each other. Have you ever stopped to consider how much your power has grown? Now, you could fell enemies in Onett and Twoson with one blow. As you certainly know, you cannot turn back. Giygas, the arch fiend of the universe, is growing frightened of you and your power. He is searching for ways to end your journey.

From here, the challenge grows and your adventure will take you beyond anything you ever imagined. You are drawing near to Giygas. Remember, when you are suffering hardships, your enemy is also struggling.

By the way, do you know where Pokey went? When this cup of tea is finished, your adventure will continue. Your destiny pulls you in the right direction. Believe in yourself and press forward.


I wish you luck...
-Tenda Tea
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Prince Poo, the time has now come for you to undertake your final trial.
Go to the "Place of Emptiness" and endure this final test.
I am praying for your success in this final stage of your training.

Go quickly!
-Poo's master

Use the treasures of Dalaam as you wish.
Go in peace.
-Man in red near throne in palace

Prince Poo.
You're my favorite. (blush) tee hee hee.
-Girl in the palace of Dalaam

What is immortality.....?
Is it everlasting life?
Mmmmm Mmmmm.
-Guy in red outside of the Dalaam palace
preeet!... pooooot!...
-Man south of the palace

Oh! Prince Poo! I'm surprised you're not in training!
It seems like that's all you do these days.
Why don't you take some time to play with me? I'm so lonely without you...
-Girl south of the northernmost house in Dalaam

Please come in.
Look around the house as much as you want.
-Man in Dalaam's northernmost house

Oh, Prince Poo.
Do you have time to play with me?
Happy me!
(patty cake, patty cake...)
Hah, I knew it. "Training" changed you!
I'm jealous of your "training"!
-Woman in middle of Dalaam

I just roasted some garlic and ate it,
so the room still stinks.
-Woman in house in Dalaam

I heard that Prince Poo is deeply into "Moo Training."
...I want to help him, if I can.
-Girl northeast of the rabbit statues

You know that you do do everything well, right?
Do do? Ooops.
Say, Prince Poo, are you still popular with the girls?
I heard you're living a more serious lifestyle these days.
You've been acting very serious lately.
-Man in home in southern Dalaam

Prince Poo... (blush)
You are such a hunk.
-Girl outside of the Dalaam Restaurant

I wish I could recover my PP just by drinking water...
Even though I have never seen him before, I heard that the prince can do that.
I guess I need more training...
By the way, just what is PP anyway?...
-Man in red inside the Dalaam Restaurant

We serve water, rice gruel and those sorts of things.
What would you like to do?
Jar of delisauce?
Who is  going to carry it?
Thank you very much.
You are not interested in our menu? I see.
Do you want to buy anything else?
Good-bye. Please take care.
-Dalaam Restaurant worker

(As strange as this may sound, there are statues of rabbits blocking your way.)
-Checking the rabbit statues in southern Dalaam

You have nice eyes.
...You must be Prince Poo.
Long ago, I completed Mu Training.
I want to show you a higher level of intelligence...
However, I'm still realizing and learning this high level..
I'll see you again. So long!
-Poo's teacher as Poo is on his way to learn the way of Mu

Ah! Prince Poo...
I am a messenger from your master...
He sent me to tell you that you must stop your meditation immediately.
Prince Poo!
You must come back with me instead of staying in a place such as this.
Your Master wishes it... please rise, Prince...
Your highness, you must give up this trial for now... believe what I say,
it is the truth...
-False messenger attempting to stop Poo's training

I won't say anything.
Go to "Mu," the place of emptiness again.
-Poo's master when Poo leaves the place of Mu too soon

Prince Poo...
I am the spirit of your ancient lineage.
To complete your trial, I am going to break your legs.
You will lose the use of them.
Do you accept this?
So, Prince Poo...
you cannot walk, as your legs are broken.
Next, I will tear your arms off...
I shall then take your arms and feed them to the crows.
The taking of your arms...
Do you accept this?
Ah, Prince Poo...
Without legs and arms, you can only lie there...
Now, I'll cut your ears off.
You do not mind my taking of your hearing away, do you?
Do you accept this?
(So, Prince Poo.
No legs, no arms and no sound...
By floating words through the air, I must ask you...
Do you care if I take your eyes?
Do you want to live in eternal darkness?
I shall steal your sight...
Do you accept this?)
(So, Prince Poo.
Now, I can only communicate directly with your mind.
Your mind is all you have left...
In the end, I will take your mind,
though you probably don't want to allow that, do you?
So... you can't answer? You can't even move?
Are you sad, are you lonely?
If you lose your mind, you also lose any feelings of sadness...
Do you accept this?
I will take your mind, Prince Poo, know that I will possess it...)
-Mu Training

Prince Poo!
You have now completed your training!
The old Master must be so pleased! Hurry, now, and return to the palace.
-Dalaam man after Poo's completion of Mu Training

I am proud.
You have completed your Mu training.
There is nothing more to teach you from the holy writings.

Prince Poo,
I shall relay a message to you from Eternity.
The evil entity that controls all wickedness is preparing for
the greatest struggle of all time...
The only ones to challenge the entity are three boys and one girl.
One named Ness is the leader of the four.
One of the boys is you, Prince Poo.
Now that you've completed your training, search out Ness at once.
For all beings, for the earth herself...
I pray for growth in the might of the four.
-Poo's Master after finishing Mu training

Didn't you meet up with many monsters along the way?
Recently, several bad incidents occurred in this peaceful country...
-Man in red in Dalaam palace

Your future battle will be considerably more dangerous than you expect.
Don't be careless...
-Poo's master

What's the difference between "existing" and "exiting"
Mmmmm Mmmmm
-Man in red outside of the palace

Prince Poo has good relationships with foreigners.
...What an international person!
-Girl next to northernmost house

There are so many monsters around recently, we can't relax and have fun.
-Woman in middle of Dalaam

I didn't eat any garlic today, so the room doesn't stink.
-Woman in Dalaam house

I wonder if Prince Poo succeeded in "Moo Training"?
I wanted him to come by and show me his best barnyard impression.
-Girl northeast of rabbit statues

I'm waiting for Prince Poo to see me and say "I love you."
-Woman in front of Dalaam Restaurant

Ness used the Carrot key.
(How strange! The rabbits and carrots disappeared all at once!)
-Using the Carrot key in front of cave in Dalaam
Deep Darkness
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*Ring* *ring*
-Bird by entrance to Deep Darkness

The monkeys run the inn in the forest. You can stay here for free!
Do you want to spend the night?
You're sure to have fond memories of the monkey's inn after your trip...

Didn't you think it was comfortable? Take care and good bye.
I swear, it doesn't smell like monkeys.
-Monkey near entrance of the Deep Darkness

I heard monkeys living in some desert can teleport.
Oh, you learned how to teleport from the monkeys?

...I wanna try!
Will you tell me how to do it?!
Okay... I'll try it.

I'll never give up! I wanna try again.

I did it!
Did you see me? That's awesome!
Here's a small gift to thank you.
(Ness got the Monkey's love.)

Do you have the monkey's love?
You don't want to have a monkey for a student, do you?
-Monkey in front of tree above the army man

I don't feel it's necessary for us to talk.
-Doctor hiding behind tree in Deep Darkness

Hi, how are you? I'm not a bad guy.
I come from one of the world's largest economic powers
to this small rural village.
A businessman that is truly tough has to travel this far
for the best opportunities.
...and I'm a tough businessman, yessir!
I'm also a representative of the doctor over there.
A: Do you want to buy...?
B: Do you want to heal...?
...Needless to say, this is a rural village.
...Heh heh, we have poor items.
Hello there! How may I help you?
Can I get you anything?
Excuse me, uhhh... you don't seem to have enough money.
It looks like Ness can't carry any more stuff.
Would someone else like to carry it?
Please come again.
Charm coin? All right.
Which one of you will carry this?
Thank you. Are you going to equip it here?
What do you want to sell?
Chef's special? I can buy it for $149.
Would you like to do that?
Thank you very much.
Please come again.

Can I get you anything else?
What would you like to get next?
Thank you very much.
If you must talk to the doctor, please, PLEASE talk to me first.
Do you have business with the doctor?
It's a special treatment.
You'll be in perfect health with just one treatment.
The fee for one treatment is $500.
Do you agree to the fee?
I can pick up the fee for you now, if you want.
What would you like to do?
Let him pay
I can pay for you now.

Doc, please treat the next patient!
...Treat him right, ok!?

(The great doctor whispered in each ear, first right then left, "be healthy.")

I'm happy to do business with men outside of the monkey realm.
Please come back again.
If you attempt to talk with the doctor without first going through me,
it violates the law. Please be careful.
-Deep Darkness salesman

It's really dark here in the Deep Darkness, isn't it?
It's pretty creepy, don't you think?
If you don't have the Hawk eye here, you're helpless.
-Monkey walking around near doctor

This is the Deep Darkness.
When you walk through the swamp, you endanger your health.
You can't help it. That's why it's called Deep Darkness.
-Female monkey in Deep Darkness

I wanna become a pig.
If I become a pig, I can find the mushrooms called Magic truffles.
They're located in the swamp and can be found by scent.
You know, a Pig's nose would be enough
to find these great truffles by scent alone.
-Monkey southwest of the female monkey in Deep Darkness

Ness used the Hawk eye!
-Using Hawk eye in Deep Darkness

Shhhhh! Be quiet! I look very important, but I'm not really...
I'm a cash dispenser man.
If you want to withdraw cash.....
I'll charge you a handling fee,
which is the same amount as your withdrawal.
So, do you want a withdrawal?
You have $47305 in your account now.
How much do you want to withdraw?
Balance: $47305
Your cash withdrawal is $5,
and the handling charge is $5.
I will subtract this amount from your account.
Is that okay with you?
Your withdrawal is $5.
Please don't bother yourself with me...you should continue your journey.
How much will you deposit?
Balance: $47295
I have registered your deposit of $5.
Please don't bother yourself with me...you should continue your journey.

...I'll be here, so... Come back any time.
-Man breathing through bamboo stick in Deep Darkness

Village Tenda's Comes Nobody
Far It's Because. Kweek.
-Myna Bird near present

It's completely broken.
I though I could fix it, but on re-examination...
...I noticed that there's no engine. Mmmm.
-Checking Monotoli's broken helicopter, crashed in the jungle

You may have forgotten, but *Buuuuurp!...
I'm the return of Belch!
I've fought you before.
Don't you remember my ripe odor?
Belch has trained more and has returned much stronger.
Buuuurp! Belch has also changed his name to Puke!...
Barf! vomit! barf, barf! chuck! chuck!
Drown to death in puke!
Don't you think that's an incredibly masculine taunt to throw at you?
-Meeting Puke in the Deep Darkness

Poo swooped down from the sky!
Poo used his new power, PSI Starstorm!
Poo tried Starstorm a!
386 HP damage to Master Barf!
Master Barf was defeated!
-Poo's return from learning Starstorm
Dusty Dunes Desert
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Man! It's bumper to bumper!
My job is to drive, so I can't get off the bus...
It's up to you if you want to get off the bus and walk around the desert...
Hey, it's a free country.
-Bus driver stuck in traffic on way to Fourside

This traffic jam is taking forever.
...Man, do I need to go...
-Woman with glasses at the end of the traffic

I feel sorry for the guys behind me, but I'm so bent,
I'm leaving my car here and walking instead!
-Surfer stuck in the traffic

I heard that a little ways ahead a herd of buffalo is running across the road.
I can't move an inch!
-Blonde fellow near red van in the traffic

I was going to see my girlfriend in Fourside...
At this pace I'll be 100 years old by the time I get there!
-Man in shades at end of the jam of cars

Welcome to the very end of the worldís longest traffic jam!
-Man in car stuck in the desert

(Due to traffic jams, bus service has been temporarily suspended.)
-Checking the desert bus stop when thereís traffic

We are also running an inn, mister.
Itís $210 a night if you want to stay here.
Do you want to stay?
Well, have a good rest. Youíll wake up refreshed!

When you travel through the desert, you may be hit by sunstroke.
If you see flashing lights before your eyes, you may have sunstroke!
But donít worry too much.
If you have a Wet towel, youíll be all right.
Thatís probably for the best.
You see... our beds are really old and dusty.
-Man wearing green in desert drugstore

(Our paradise exists beneath that hole.)
Kukykku kikki...
(Talah Rama is great and kind...)
Kikki Kuykku
(and he knows everything, Talah Rama does...)
Kikku Kuekki
(He made us the underground rooms...)
-Monkey by Talah Rama hole

Kyakkyekyaekya Kyikkya
(Talah Rama is now fasting and)
(practicing silent meditaion,
he is also abstaining from anything that would make him sick or smelly too.)
Kyapi Kyapi
(Please donít bother him.)
-Monkey in Talah Ramaís cave

-Talah Rama

Annoying kids... What a group of brats!...
Scat you little monsters!
-Sunbathing woman in the middle of desert

We sleep in the desert, so we're often mistaken for corpses.
But a corpse doesn't usually wear a bathing suit, right?
...Hey, stop staring at my tan lines... Go away.
-Sunbathing male in the middle of the desert

I'm big brother Pancho.
-Pancho of the Sanchez Brothers

I'm kid brother Pincho.
-Pincho of the Sanchez Brothers

I'm Tomas Jefferson.
-Tomas, friend of the Sanchez Brothers

(I'm a broken slot machine.
But, the Sanchez Brothers and their friend are a very cheerful trio...
they will make you happy.)
(Would you like to insert a buck?)
-Slot machine in desert

(...I'm just a pile of bleached bones. I can't talk.)
-Skeleton northwest of the Talah Rama's hole

(Why would you feel like talking to a tiny sesame like me.
I wanna apologize to the white sesame that I hurt before.
If I could just see her.)

(What? The white sesame still... loves me?! Weep, weep...)
-Black sesame seed

As sea monkeys live in the sea... desert monkeys live in the dessert.
I mean desert, not dessert!
I am happy that there are animals in the desert, aren't you?
-Monkey near oasis

(I heard that the black sesame I used to love is somewhere in this desert.
If you see him, please tell him that I still love him.)

(Really? You've seen him already? Was he okay? ...Hmmm, I see.)
-White sesame

(Even though I'm just a pile of bones,
I can talk and I'm lonely out here in the desert.)
-Skeleton northwest of miner's shack

This holeís great! Good hole, good hole, good hole...
First, someone asked me to dig for buried gold.
I began to feel like I was obligated to find it.
Man, am I starving.
Do you have any food you can spare?
Seems like you have a lot of stuff.
What are you gonna give me?

Thank you. If I find the gold, Iíll give it to you.
The humanitarian thing is to help people out when theyíre hungry.
Although I hate it, Pizza would work for me...
-Miner near bulldozer in desert

Iím still hard at work digging and digging. Hey, wait a second.
-Miner, after heís fed

Itís a small house, but please stay the night.
-Miner inside house in desert

Ness spotted something shiny.
It was a set of contact lenses!

(Ness got the Contact lens.)
-Finding the Contact lens in the desert

I've been watching them dig for a while... I wonder what they'll find.
-Woman in red dress near the dig site in the desert

If they have a live broadcast from the dig,
I can check out the dig while relaxing on the floor.
-Girl with blonde pigtails near dig site

I think he should dig somewhere else.
-Man in shades near the hole the miners dug

Out walking in the desert must make you very hungry and thirsty!
-Guy near car by the hole with the moles in it

I have lots of work to do, but I can't seem to move.
I'm so curious about the dig. I can't help it.
-Suited man neat the dig site

I didn't have a problem digging until this... I found a maze.
Lots of monsters appeared, so I couldn't proceed.
There's 5 big moles...!
If I beat the monsters, I can continue on.
Think I have a bleeding ulcer from worrying too much.
I'm helpless to really do anything.
-Miner near entrance to the mole maze

I'm one of the masters of this hole.
There are five masters in all. We are all moles, of course.
I believe I'm the third strongest amongst us.
Take your best shot!
-1st mole in underground maze that Ness fights

I'm really the third strongest master.
I'll destroy you now!
-2nd Guardian Digger that Ness battles

My strength falls between the second and fourth strongest masters.
Do you wanna test me?
-3rd Guardian Digger Ness meets

I'm truly the third strongest master of this hole.
I'll demonstrate the power of being third to you!
-4th Mole Ness runs into

Ha ha ha.
You've fought the strongest master of this hole,
the second strongest master of this hole,
the fourth strongest master of this hole,
and the weakest master of this hole!
I'm truly the third strongest master of this hole.
Now you see the true advantage of being third!
-Last Guardian Digger in the desert

You've gotten rid of the monster?!
Good job.
Ok, from here on, just let me dig... You'll see, I'll find the buried gold!
Before I start digging I'm going to set a careful plan of action...
-Miner after the 5 moles are defeated

Ness! Greetings!
I'm George, Gerardo Montague's brother.
Gerardo is in his mine,
But he hasn't found any buried treasure yet.
We did, however, find a Diamond instead.
Gerardo told me to give it to Ness.
Here it is... please take it.

(Ness got the Diamond.)
Well, I've got to go...
I'm busy working at the other mine... busy, busy, busy!
-George giving Ness the Diamond

Ukippkyako Ukikiki?
(Do you have a Skip sandwich?)
Ukii Ukieki...
(I'll move away if you give me one.)
(Can you give me one?)
Ukippu Kyako!
(A Skip sandwich!)

Ukki. (Lucky.)
Uki, Ukyakikya
(I won't move.)
-1st monkey in cave

Kikiki Kiki!
(I wanna eat a Picnic lunch!)
Kikiki Kiki
(If you grant my wish, I might open the entrance.)
Kikiki Kiki?
(Will you give me a Picnic lunch?)

Kikki (Hee he he)
Kikiki Kiki!
(I wanna eat a Picnic lunch!)
-2nd monkey in cave

Ukyakki KyaKye
(I'd like to have a Protein drink.)
Kya Kya?
(Can you give me one?)
Gulp, gulp... Bliekki!
(Gulp, gulp... Bliekki!)

Kya Kya
(Kya Kya)
KyaKya Kyokyokyo?
('Cause I'm still a kid?)
-Monkey in cave near monkey asking for Pizza

If you have a Pizza, please give me one.
...Ukiki Ukkike
(...Whoops, I spoke to you in the human's language.)
Ukiki Ukkike
(If you have a Pizza, please give me one.)
Ukki Ukikii!
(Great, pizza time!)

Thank you.
...Kie ukkya
(...crap, I used the human's language again.)
-Monkey in underground cave

Meow Meow fss fss fssss?
(What strange chattering for a monkey.)
Coo Coo pepepe.
(If I eat a Fresh Egg, I recover some health.)
Croak croak breeeeeep?
(If you have one, can I have?)
Gulp, gulp... Ukiki!
(Gulp, gulp... See!)
(Monkey's true chattering!)
Bow wow ruff ruff bark!
(Fine, I'll just be a weird monkey.)
-Monkey near girl monkey in cave

Kiki kikkeki!
(Oh, I want to measure something!)
Kiki kiku eki!
(But I don't have a Ruler...)
Kuki keikuki?
(Do you have one I may borrow?)
Kikki ekruiki!
(Finally, I can measure my own tail!)

Kikoke Ukike!
(I can measure his tail too!)
Kiki Kikurek ki!
(No measuring!)
-Girl monkey in underground series of rooms

Ukie Ukikikie
(I am Man K. Man.)
Ukie Ukikikie
(To me the most interesting thing is the King banana.)
Ukie Ukikikie
(What? Are you giving me a present?)
(Oh, I've died and gone to monkey heaven!)

Ukki Ukikie
(I am Man K. Man.)
(Tight wad...)
-Monkey blocking path to get to Talah Rama

Uikkie Uiki Uki
(Let's get to the point. Give me a Hamburger.)
Uikki Uiki Uiki Uiki
(I'm very grateful to you.)

(Please take care.)
Uiki Uikki
(Ok, shove off then.)
-Monkey next to Man K. Man

Uki Ukikie
(Doesn't it feel hot in here? My fur's all sweaty!)
Ukie Kikukie
(Maybe you don't usually keep a Wet towel, but)
Ukke Ukiki Ukkikie?
(if you have one, will you share it with me?)
Ukokkie? Ukike?
(Do you have one? Thank you!)

Ukri Ukrikle
(It's humid in here.)
Ukie Ukie Ukikie
(Anyway, it is humid in here.)
-Monkey in Talah Rama's cave

Ukkkin Uki Uki Ukkin
(Oooooooo..., I'm Monkonna. I wanna eat a tasty Pizza.)
Ukkyou kikinkyou
(If you have some, will you give it to me?)
Ukkin Ukkikeen
(Hah, Monkonna's happy.)

Uki Ukiekkiki!
(You useless monkey hater!)
-Female monkey in cave

Unkikie! Uukiuki!
(I love hamburgers!)
Ukie Unkikie...
(The monkey next to me loves hamburgers too...)
Uuu. Unkikkie Uki?
(If you have a Hamburger, will you please give it to me?)

Uki Unkinki Ukinkie
(Truth is, the monkey next to me is my twin brother.)
-Monkey in cave in the Dusty Dunes Desert

Unkikkie Uuki Uki!
(I love hamburgers!)
Ukie Unkikie...
(The monkey next to me loves hamburgers too...)
Uuu. Unkikkie Uki?
(If you have a Hamburger, will you please give it to me?)

(The monkey next to me is my twin brother.)
-Another monkey in the cave

Kyakyako Kyakie
(Somewhere amongst all these rooms...)
Ukkiki Kyako Kyakki
(you should be able to obtain Dragonite.)
Ukyakki Kikiyakoke?
(Do you think Dragonite is really made from dragons?)
KyokeKyoke Ukyokie
(By the way, I'll give you a Fresh Egg.)
Ukyakyokyo Kiekyo
(If you run out just come back and I'll give you as many eggs as you want.)
(Ness got the Fresh Egg.)

Ukyako kyakki?
(Did you find a Flame pendant?)
Ukyakki Kokekyakya?
(Oh, no, you don't have to answer.
KyokeKyoke Ukyokie
(Here's another Fresh Egg...)
(Ness got the Fresh Egg.)
-Monkey by himself in an underground room

(One of my friends can use the teleport.)
Kyu? Kyikki?
(What? You've never heard of it?)
Kyukya Kyui
(Then, I'll give you King banana.)
Kyu Ukyukui?
(That didn't make sense, did it? But, anyway, I'm attractive, don't you think?)

(Ness got the King banana.)

Kyu Kyuii
(We're born in the desert.)
Kyu? Kyuikki?
(What? You didn't ask me about that?)
Kyukyu Kyui kyukyu
(You guys must be hard workers.)
Kyu ukyukyoi?
(I'm not making sense, am I? But I am attractive, don't you think?)
-Female monkey by herself in an underground room

Ukikki Rukikki
(I love Talah Rama the most.)
Waakikki Hoikikki
(He's a friend of the monkeys.)
...Uki Ukiukiukya
(...Here's a song I made up for Talah Rama!)
-Monkey near the iron pencil statue

Kyakyakyaa Kya
(I've been waiting for you.)
-Monkey by Talah Rama

The truth of space and time moves through the universe like a wave...
Truth speaks through space and matter and makes itself known to human beings.
I was waiting for you, and you came. This was destined to happen.
In truth, all is pre-determined...
Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo,
when these four powers gather,
twisted space will bring back peace to the world.
Do you understand?
It doesn't matter. Proceed as you wish.
Open the treasure box and take what is inside with you.

...Did you come in search of this?
Someone left it behind in this hole.

(Ness got the Yogurt Dispenser)

The adventure that lies ahead won't be easy.
I'll give you a special skill to help you move through space as you wish.
Learn the skill from the monkey over there...
Would you like to learn this special power?
Ha ha ha. That's wonderful!
Speak to the monkey over there.
Ha ha ha. That's your prerogative.
Be sure that you do not talk to the monkey, and go.
-Talah Rama

Kyakyekyai kya
(I'll teach you teleportation.)
(Let's go outside.)
-Monkey by Talah Rama

(Follow me, like this way.)
Kyakya Kyokyo
(Ok, I'll do a teacher's demonstration.)
Kyakyakya Kyakkya
(If you can learn this, you can go anywhere you've been previously.)
Kyakkyaki kiki
(You can go there instantly.)
Kyakki Kyaki
(This skill can't be used in a room or underground, though.)
(I went to Fourside and returned.)
(I showed you the basic, straight course,
but you can also build up enough speed while turning, if you have enough room.)
(Ok! Why don't you try it, young man!)

Ness learned how to use PSI Teleportation.

(Great! Okay, the teacher is going home now.)
(Try again by believing in the monkey teacher.)
(You don't like the monkey teacher?...)
-Monkey who teaches Teleportation
Back to Top
No one know anything. Grrrr.
Monotoli's toadies stole everything from me, including my house and land.
Weep, weep...
They are evil incarnate.
Lawyers, policemen, everyone that follows Monotoli!
They're all his toadies!
No matter how you fight him, you can't win!
Yeah, yeah, I'm okay... just leave me here to cry in my cappucino!
-Coffee drinker in northern Fourside

One person requested a "shampoo and cut."
They must have thought that a "bad hair day" could be treated at the hospital.
Either that or they wanted their medical insurance to cover their grooming.
-Nurse next to doctor in the hospital

Grandma's gonna get better, huh.
-Boy in blue cap in 1st room on 2nd floor of the hospital

I'm just enjoying being with my grandchildren.
I'll be better soon.
Do you have grandchildren?
At your age?
Oh... the youth of today shock me...
My lands...
Yes, yes... you seem a little young for that...
-Woman in upstairs room in the Fourside Hospital

I'm very punctual about time and careful with money.
I don't look like it, though.
-Kid next to can in northern Fourside

C'mon in! We've got the goods, G!
What are you looking for?!
Okay, man. You want the Rust promoter?
Hey guys, who's going to carry this?
Thank you, thank you.
I'm with you. Lookin' for anything else?
Thanks a lot, bro!
Mod-Boy Jerk! You can't do me like that!
-Punk salesmen in the northeast corner of the city

The boy stuck to the wall... may be a Peeping Tom.
-Girl north of the department store

Behind this wall, things seem very strange.
I feel like this isn't my place...
Maybe it's your place.
-Guy wearing orange near Magnet Hill

You boys are sneaking around, looking for Mr. Monotoli, aren't you?
If I catch you boys doing anything, I'll arrest you--no questions asked!
Be prepared!
Got it, Ness...
Ha ha ha.
I've already checked out your name...
-Cop near entrance to the Monotoli building

Last night there was a solitaire tournament.
...I lost my shirt....
I'll invite you next time.
Hey, wait... Do you even know what solitaire is?
-Blond man in suit in Monotoli Building

I'm an elite businessman who works in Mr. Monotoli's office.
-Man in glasses in the Monotoli Building

Hello, baby face.
What brings you to the Monotoli Building?
-Blond behind counter in the Monotoli Building

This elevator is only for Master Pokey's use.
It goes directly to the 47th floor.
Quit staring at my hips... why don't you stand somewhere else instead of behind me?

47th floor...
-Elevator operator in Monotoli building

I was almost gonna beat you up.
-Security guard in the Monotoli Building

Are you a friend of Master Pokey?
It's okay to visit him here, but don't wander around the building.
Someone might be suspicious of you and take a pot shot at you with a machine gun...
-Other security guard in the Monotoli Building

You won't get away from me, kid!
-Bodyguard on Master Pokey's right side

Get away from me, kid!
-Bodyguard on Master Pokey's left side

(Private elevator!
Not for operation by the general public.
Monotoli Building Manager.)
-Opening the 2nd elevator without permission

You must never show your face around Master Pokey. You got that?
-Master Pokey's bodyguard after Ness is escorted out

This elevator is going down.
Look, don't stand behind me and stare at my hips!

Ground floor.
-Elevator operator on the way down in the Monotoli Building

-Bathrooms in Monotoli Building

I don't get it.
I heard that a guy who looks like Monotoli has been hanging out at Jackie's Cafe.
You know, the totally unpopular place.
I heard he quietly goes in and out.
-Man with shades above the museum

I wonder why the department store's closed.
-Man in white shirt near the department store

When Monotoli became the owner,
this department store began having strange happenings.
-Older person by the temporarily closed department store

(Temporarily closed. ...Gwaargh!)
-Department store in Fourside

Protect Mr. Monotoli first.
The safety of the citizens of this city comes second.
Heh heh heh. That's our job you know.
Heh heh.
-Cop in eastern Fourside

In the old days, Mr. Monotoli was just a regular,
unattractive real estate agent.
Now he has the power to control the police force.
I don't think the city of Fourside is better than before.
-Saxophone player above the Fourside Bakery

Bread in this town has a very plain, nondescript flavor to it.
To tell you the truth, I'm the owner of this bakery.
-Woman on Bakery's 1F

I was thinking "There's a tight wad born every minute..."
-Man on bakery's 2F

You came to deliver my grandma's momento, the Contact lens?!
Thank you.
Thank you sooooo much!
It's our family tradition to keep things forever.
...Okay, I'll give you something as a reward.
Here's my socks that I use only for special occasions.
I've worn these socks for just five years.
There are no holes, and they've been worn only once since the last washing.
They stink a little... but they're still good.
Hey, don't refuse me here... I'm being generous!
(Ness got the Pair of dirty socks.)
Please take good care of my socks... *sniff!*
-Man on bakery's 2F when using the Contact lens

What happened to those guys digging for buried gold?
If they found the gold, it would be worth a huge amount of money.
They'd be able to pay off a million dollar debt very easily.
If I were them, I'd go to Japan and live it up!
-Man below the Dinosaur Museum

Speaking of the Topolla Theater, there's a new singer called Venus.
She's better than the Runaway Five.
I'm totally bonkers about her...
-Blonde guy near the Dinosaur Museum

I've heard some bad rumors about Mr. Monotoli.
I heard he made a deal with a pure evil entity in exchange for power...
you know... stuff like that.
-Woman above the Topolla Theater

Hey, you! Over there! Get over here!

The admission fee is $5.00 per person.
Is that okay with you?
Please go in.
You'll find an expert in the area of Arts and Sciences.
You can't afford to spend $15,
or are you just not into dinosaurs? You must be nuts...

You don't even have $15,
an unusual specimen like you should be on display in the museum.
-Museum receptionist when Ness tries to force his way in

The Dinosaur Museum doesn't have any real dinosaurs... They're all replicas.
I'm sure everyone knows that.
If you still want to go see the dinosaurs,
pay 5 dollars apiece for the entrance fee. Is that okay?
Please enter.
You'll find an academic researcher inside.
Maybe you think 15 is too much.
Or are you just not interested in dinosaurs. You're strange, kid!
-Talking to the Dino Museum ticket person

...I wonder how many animals go extinct before human beings discover them.
I wanna see a live dinosaur sometime in my lifetime.
-Older person in the museum

Not you, I'm talking about the dinosaur bones.
-Girl in a yellow hat in the museum

This museum should sell dinosaur t-shirts.
-Guy in white shirt in the museum

I'm so happy there are some visitors today. These days, few people come here.
...I'm Mr. Spoon, the academic researcher.

I wonder if there are any famous stars here today?

Huge, aren't they? Well, that's all I've gotten out of my research!
You wanna hear more?
(Whispering) To tell you the truth...
I heard that dinosaurs were found near the lower side of Scaraba,
and there were lots of them.
There are unconfirmed reports
that the dinosaurs ate some of the natives there.
If you go, please try to find the dinosaurs and bring back photographs.
Please come back again to study,
'cause I don't like being alone...
-Fourside Museum's Mr. Spoon

Hey, you!...
If you meet a beautiful, seductive woman who's looking for me, tell her "hi."
...Anyway, I don't think a woman like that would be looking for me...
-Blond guy at Monotoli Grand Hotel in Fourside

Ness, sir...
Are you staying here tonight?
Thanks for being so generous with your tips...
...You never gave me a tip?... never mind...
-Bellhop at Monotoli Grand Hotel in Fourside

The city of Fourside has developed quite a bit
since Mr. Geldegarde Monotoli hit the big time. It's been good for the city.
-Man in blue hat near the entrance to Fourside

The Runaway Five from Twoson seem very popular.
I heard that the Topolla Theater is always full.
-Man in suit by the theater

Please have your tickets ready...

Thanks a lot.
Please hurry. The show will be starting at any moment.

Oh, hi.

Are you enjoying yourself?
-Ticket taker at the Topolla Theater

So, you're a Runaway Five fan, huh?
Excuse me?
No, no!
This band owes me a million bucks.
If they break their contract, they'll be in deep doodoo with the police.
The police would probably say, "Hey, you guys!" or something like that...
Unless you're able to pay a million dollars on their behalf?
You'd have to find buried gold,
or you would never be able to pay such a huge sum of money.
Ho ho ho...
Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho!
-Runaway Five manager in Fourside


-Patron sitting at Runaway Five show

When Ness arrives, the Runaway Five told me to let him in.
So please come in.
-Man at door to backstage in the Topolla

We're so helpless.
Really helpless, and hopeless.... Hyuk hyuk hyuk.
-Singer of Runaway Five in green in dressing room

Again, we've been cheated by the theater owner.
We're stuck here with a phony contract. Oh yeah!
-Runaway Five singer in red in the dressing room

We know how to sing but we don't know how to handle money or women.
Do-wap, do do wop.
-Bassist of the band backstage at the Topolla

To meet Geldegarde Monotoli, you'll need our help.
I don't know why... it's just a hunch.
-Saxophone player backstage at the Topolla

We owe you guys so much.
-Runaway Five percussionist backstage

Have I got a bombshell for you tonight, kids!
Ka-Boom!! The Runaway Five!!! Yeah!!
-Introduction to the Runaway Five at the Topolla

What, what, what?
I can't tell what it is from this distance.
Bring it closer!
-Showing Miss Fake the Diamond from across her desk

That that that Diamond... you're going to pay with that Diamond?
O... o... okay, th... that's fine. I'll rip up this contract.
Don't tell anyone about the Diamond...
Now the Runaway Five are free!
...You should thank me.
That Diamond is worth maybe... MAYBE... $50.
So I gave you a bargain.
(Thump, thump... Thump, thump!
I made lots of money...)
-Runaway Five manager after showing her the Diamond

Sorry about bein' such troublemakers!
-Singer of the Runaway Five after Ness pays their manager

We won't be so gullible anymore... Well, our fans are waitin', baby...
-Other singer of the band after they're released from the Topolla

Let's just do this one last show and then get outta here...
-Band's percussionist before leaving

All right! Thanks again!
-Bass player before the Runaway Five's last show

Money, that's what I want. Money, that's what is hot. Money, that's what I want.
Money, it's what we ain't got 'cept freedom, freedom,
freedom is what we've really sought!

Money, that's what I want. Money, that's what is hot. Money, that's what I want...
-Saxophone player of the group before departing

(Thump, Thump!... thump, thump!
I made so much money, I can hear my heartbeat!)
-Former Runaway Five manager

Boys and girls, ladies and gents... this is a very special show,
the final Runaway Five show here at the Topolla!
Please, please, please don't miss this once in a lifetime chance to see their show.
-Topolla's ticket taker after giving the manager the Diamond

Welcome to the final Runaway Five performance at the Topolla Theater!

It's going to be a great show! We're so good it makes me...
think that those kids by the exit will wet their pants!
Those kids are hip, baby!
-Introduction to the Runaway Five's last Topolla performance

Ah, you're friend of the Runaway Five?
Did you come to see Miss Venus? Come inside quickly.
Don't let the other fans see you enter.
-Man in front of the backstage door

Oh, you're just a little kid.
I'm too busy right now to give you my autograph.
Maybe next time, little man.
-Venus backstage

Oh, I can't see the Runaway Five here anymore...?
I should dump this sorry excuse of a man and become a Runaway Five groupie.
-Woman in the Topolla lobby after their last showing

I heard Venus made an appearance at the Runaway Five show.
I missed here 'cause I went to the bathroom.
I'll hate bathrooms for the rest of my life.
-Surfer in Topolla's lobby after the Runaway Five's last show

I heard the department store finally re-opened.
Hope they have a boffo sale.
-Blonde man outside of the theater

(Somehow, I feel like the lights will get turned off in the department store.
I guess it's just a mouse's sixth sense...)
-Mouse on the 1F of the department store

Everything's so expensive... Should I return to my hometown?
-Man on second floor of the department store

Hello there!
How would you like to buy some seasonings
that go great on your food at meal time?
These are not just your average seasonings!
Whenever you try to eat something, the seasoning will automatically sprinkle
on your food. It's really almost magical!
What would you like?
-Woman next to cart of 2F of the department store

Mumble, mumble, mumble... man, I'm so busy.
Don't bother me, kid.
-Woman on third floor of the store

Are you here just to say "Hi"? What a loser!
-Salesperson at the tool shop

I wanna save up some money and go to Summers or somewhere else to relax.
-Blonde fellow on the top floor

Hey dudes! It's summer! It's the manly time of year! Time for sports, guys!
What can I do you for?
-Salesman at the sports shop

Oh, so you're skipping school too, right?
-Girl wearing yellow by the toy store

When I grow up, I wanna work for APE as a programmer...
Do you have any connections with those guys?
Oh, you didn't have to answer.
It was dumb of me to ask that question.
-Boy near arcades on the top floor

Your attention please,
would the customer from Onett, Mr. Ness,
please proceed to the office on the fourth floor.
That was customer Ness, 4th floor office...
-Announcement as the power goes out in the store

Ness, Customer Ness, please hurry to Paula...
-2nd announcement made in the dark department store

Ness, Customer Ness...
Gwaagh! Gwaargh!!
-3rd announcement

Gwaaagh, Gwarrrgh!
You finally made it.
This department store is gonna be your grave! Gwaaagh.
You will be gone, and you'll be burning in...
Well, you'll go to heaven!

...Even though you could beat me...
Master Giygas will avenge me...

At this moment, Paula should be...Monotoli...
-Talking to the Dept. Store Spook

The power supply to the game was cut off. I wasted my money.
-Boy on top floor after the outage

I heard a sound like "gwaaargh!" and it was loud.
I wonder if someone was fighting.
-Blonde girl near Fourside's toy shop

Certainly, it's very dangerous living in the city.
-Blonde man on the 4F of the dept. store

I want to get out of here,
because they suddenly shut down the store and the power goes out.
There are lots of strange happenings in this department store.
-Woman on 3F after the outage

What did you do during the power outage?
I was sitting here 'cause I was scared.
-Man on the second floor of the department store

(Somehow I felt like the lights would get turned off in the department store.
I guess it's just a mouse's sixth sense...)
-Mouse on 1F after the outage

Oh, no no no. I don't want to go like that.
I'm glad it wasn't me.
-Brunette woman outside Jackie's Cafe

He doesn't look like a nice man.
-Blonde woman standing around Everdred

There's a person lying on the ground.
I wonder if he's... he's...
-Girl in hat in circle around Everdred

Oooo... I don't like seeing a corpse around here.
-Woman in red dress by Everdred

He's breathing...
Has he just been playing too hard?
-Guy wearing orange near body outside of the cafe

Don't cut in front of me!
If you give me somethin', I'll let you have my spot.
Will you give me somethin'?
So, what do I get?
Are you sure?
All right, take my place.
If you don't want to give me somethin',
don't say you're gonna give me somethin'...
Then stay right there where you're too short to see a thing!
-Kid in gray in circle outside of the cafe

*Wheeze, wheeze*...
Aren't you Ness...?
...I can't see too well...
Everything's blurry... You are Ness, aren't you?
It's me, we met in Twoson... Everdred from Burglin Park.
You must remember. I'm the best thief around.
That... Carpainter in Happy Happy Village was hiding something...
*wheeze, wheeze* ... strange.
I stole it, and thought about selling it in the big city...
An old, city-wise man called it Mani Mani.
It's a strange-colored, doll-looking thing.
...Ohh... *wheeze*, I'm in pain.
Monotoli tricked me and stole it... from me!
He tricked a thief!
He wanted me out of the way because I know his secret...
He gets his evil power from that statue!
I'll tell you only once.
At the cafe, check... behind... the counter...
I said I'd tell you only once...
but if you insist, I'll tell you once more...
...*gasp, gasp*
Do do do you wanna hear it again?
...Before I go, here's my last haiku poem:
When on your way out
Be sure that you say goodbye
then lock the door tight.
This is my final request... Don't follow me.
I must be on my way...
So... long!
-Everdred outside of Jackie's Cafe

Is that man going to... to...?
-Brunette woman by cafe after Everdred leaves

He stared right at me...
Ooo... it was scary!
-Blonde woman outside of Jackie's after Everdred gets up

He should really go to the hospital like other sick people do.
-Woman in red dress after Everdred arises

Do you know him?
You must be a dangerous kid!
I'll bet you're on your way to Jackie's Cafe right now!
-Guy in orange after Ness is told to check the cafe's counter

Don't you feel better since you had the chance to talk with your friend?
I helped you find him.
-Person in gray near where Everdred was found

He's not dead...
I thought he may have passed on.
-Girl in hat near cafe after Everdred leaves the pavement

Kikye uke kya (Iím not a delivery man.)
Keke ku iokki kokyo (I canít remember if weíve met.)
Kyu ukki ukki ko (Talah Rama just finished fasting)
Kyu ukyo uki (and now wants to meet you)
Uko uke kauike (at the west end of Dusty Dunes desert)
Kekoi kiko ukkeke (in a cave with lots of monkeys.)
Kokyu uke ku akki (Iíll use my teleportation to...)
Kya (Bye!)
-Monkey who visits Ness after he ďcloses the door tightĒ

...Greetings! (Itís Escargo Expressís neglected class.)
Whew! I just got here from the Dusty Dune desert.
There was this sunbathing guy,
and he told me about a cave with lots of monkeys... or was it orangutans?
Anyway, he said... well... uh... I forgot.
Yep, I forgot... actually I forgot the stuff I was supposed to deliver, too.
I think it was some weird machine to make trout-flavored yogurt.
Yeah, I forgot it at the desert...
Iím not going back that way, so donít ask me to get the package...
I mean, itís your package, right?
So YOU go get it!
Go on, get out of here.
Maybe that thing I forgot is important to you...
So... have a good time in the desert!...
-Escargoís neglected class deliveryman

I heard you talking about trout-flavored yogurt.
Iím a maid who serves Mr. Monotoli,
and Iím looking for trout-flavored yogurt to give to our special guest.
If you know anything about it, please tell me!
Iíve been searching and searching...
-Monotoliís maid

I heard they couldn't find the buried gold.
Those guys worked really hard, but all they got was a diamond!
-Man south of the museum

I kept asking around for Trout-flavored yogurt, but...
What? You have a "Yogurt dispenser"?
May I have it?
(Before you could answer, she took the "Yogurt dispenser.")
Now I can make Trout-flavored yogurt for my guests.
...You are so kind, I'll make some for you.
My room's on the 48th floor. Don't forget to drop by!

My room's on the 48th floor. Don't forget to drop by!
-Electra, outside of the Monotoli Building

Oooo la la.
You shouldn't be satisfied with just eating some more Pie.
You're so out of it.
I've ordered "Trout-flavored Yogurt."
It's very popular among gourmets.
Aren't you jealous that I get to eat such a tongue-tickling treat?
Ha ha ha!
"Trout-flavored Yogurt"... Oooo, I can't wait!
I'm starting to drool all over myself just thinking about it.
-Pokey in Monotoli Building

You haven't changed much, Ness.
I'm Aloysius Minch, Pokey's dad.
Due to my son's success, I now live the life of a rich man.
"Every dog has its day..."
That's the prefect proverb to describe me! HA! Haha! hahaha! hohohoho!
GWA HA Ha Ha hahahaha!
Hee ha haha hehe haha!
Ha hahaha... *cough, cough, COOOOUGH!*
Oooo... my jaw is tired!
-Pokey's dad in the Monotoli Building

Shhh! Quiet! Aren't you Ness?
Mr. Monotoli's maid, Electra, told me about you.
I'll take you to Mr. Monotoli's office on the 48th floor.
Only you may go.

48th floor.
A robot bodyguard is patrolling the floor.
Be careful!
-Elevator operator in second elevator in the Monotoli Building

Secret code, please.
Say your code in 10 seconds.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
-Sentry robots in the Monotoli Building

Your Trout-flavored yogurt, sir.
(Ness got the Trout yogurt.)
Master Pokey's cool!
He gave me something the other day, and said "this is fit for a maid..."

Ping! Clankety clankety...
Rattle, rattle dwourrrrr!...
Squeeeek, tweet tweet... CLANK!!
-Clumsy Robot

Lucky quickly ducked behind the robot!

"I flipped the switch, and it stopped."
"Ha ha ha hah... Geez, what a loser robot. It was so easy to stop!"
"That was quick thinking!"
-The Runaway Five after beating the robot

We don't have any money... we are strong, however...
-Runaway Five's saxophone player

We would like to pay you back... We'll help you in whatever way we can...
-Bass player of Runaway Five

I thought that I heard a girl's voice...
-Lead singer of the Runaway Five in the gray

The room next door seems suspicious somehow...
-Other lead singer of the Runaway Five in red

Let's break into the room next door...
'Cept I need to go to the bathroom first...
-Percussionist in the Runaway Five

(This bear won't attack you. He's stuffed!)
-Bear in Montoli's office

Stop! That's enough! Please stop!
I give up! I really do!

Look at my skinny arms, thin body, and gray hair...
I've become so weak since I lost the Mani Mani Statue.
I'm sorry I kidnapped Paula.
I haven't done anything to her.
...Paula is a nice girl.

Return to Ness.
I'm sorry I've created so much trouble for you.

(Paula joins you.)

I'll tell you everything.
The Mani Mani Statue creates an illusion.
It attracts evil spirits and weakens your heart.
The power scared me so much, I hid the statue in the warehouse at Jackie's Cafe.
I often went there to pray.
Cryptic words appeared to me while I was in the illusion.
Ness, your name appeared in the cryptic messages.
"Stop Ness, and do so by your own hand."
"Don't let them go to Summers."
"Make sure they know nothing of the Pyramid"...
I don't fully understand the messages,
but someone obviously doesn't want you to go to Summers.

...Evil... Giygas... or something... I could hear the name...
Anyway, the evil side would be in trouble if you visit Summers...
Oh! On the contrary, you should definitely go to Summers,
especially because they don't want you to make it there.
...Would you like to hear the whole story again?
Summers is located across the ocean. Take my helicopter.
I'll open the door to my heliport.

You must go on!

This is your destiny.
Paula, it's time we said goodbye.
Take care.

You finally made it here!
...I'm fine.
I believed you'd come and save me.

Mr. Monotoli isn't really a bad person.
Take some time to listen to him.
-Paula after being kidnapped

Pokey took the helicopter...
I hope he's okay...
-Monotoli after Pokey steals his helicopter


Oooh... I was a little dizzy, but now I'm okay.
...to get to Summers... we need to go back to Threed.
Yep, somehow I know that's where we must go...
-Paula, before leaving Montoli's office

Wow! You guys did a lot while I was in the bathroom! Ha ha ha ha...
You want to get to Threed as soon as possible?
We can take you to Threed in our tour bus.
I'll get the bus and wait for you just outside the building...
-Lead singer of the Runaway Five after getting Paula back from Monotoli

Thanks for stopping by, even though there's nothing to do, honey.
-Electra after Pokey leaves

Are you a friend of the Runaway Five?
Would an autograph be asking for too much?
I don't mean your autograph, silly.
-Elevator attendant

When I'm off duty from my body guard job, I still have a lot of pent-up energy.
But don't worry, I won't come after you.
Unless you're kinda itchin' for a fight...
-Security guard in the Monotoli Building after Paula is released

A lot has happened to me.
I have to try and sort it all out... thinking is tough for me.
-Other security guard in the Monotoli Building after Paula is released

I hope my salary stays the same.
You don't understand.
This is a huge concern of businessmen like me.
-Man in suit and glasses in Monotoli building after Paula's release

Okay! You can get on the bus now...

Heh heh heh... There's no need to wait...

All right... on to Threed!

All right! We made it!
I'm sorry we couldn't do more for you.
Remember, though... we're on your side.
When you're having a tough time,
just think of our songs and imagine the Runaway Five singing somewhere far,
far away...
By the way, why did you need to come back here?
You must have forgotten some very important item or gadget here...
How's that for a guess? Am I close?
Well, you don't have to tell me...
See you later and good luck!
-Runaway Five when taking Ness back to Threed for the second time

Jackie's Cafe was where the deal with the evil entity took place.
I can't believe it... can you?
-Man in red above museum

Just as I thought, Monotoli has a portion of Evil's power.
-Woman in glasses west of museum

She's become even more beautiful.
-Man in white shirt northeast of the Topolla

Oh, that rude comment was a slip of the tongue.
Now I feel like Monotoli should eat my shorts.
Ness, sir.
-Cop next to the Monotoli Building

I'm fine.
I'm not drinking the... hic!
I hate these hiccups...
Yes, they're... hic!
Another cappuchino here!
-Man with cup in hand in northern Fourside

That Mr. Monotoli has lost quite a bit of his resources...
-Man in blue suit near entrance to the city

You're very young,
but you brought something very precious back to the people in this town.
Thank you.
-Musician northwest of Fourside's bakery

It was stupid of me to let Monotoli do whatever he wanted.
We'll do our best to create an environment in which people can live safely.
-Officer northeast of the bakery

You want to know about something "extraordinary"?

...You know, there's a new singer named Venus at the Topolla Theater.
Could you bring me her autograph on an eraser?
Then, I'll show you something "extraordinary."
...Oh, if you can get her autograph on anything, don't worry about the eraser...
I don't care if the autograph is written on toilet paper...
-Dr. Spoon in Fourside museum

Ok? Don't forget.
Life is money.
I've lived that life.
You can buy everything but "love," "friendship" and "exp points."
-Manager in office when Venus is playing

Oh, baby baby baaabyyy!
Don't make me hurt so bad!
These guys are all stone cold gone for you...
Ow!! ...You cute, sexy thing, you!...
Baby, sing to me!... Sing to me only!... Baby!! Venus!
Just sing, and I can die a happy man!... Baby!!...
I wanna hold you tight!... Venus!... Baby!...
*Boo, hoo, hoo* ...Venus!... *sob* *sob*
-Introduction to Venus at the Topolla

Ah, you're a friend of the Runaway Five...
Did you come to see Miss Venus? Come inside quickly.
Don't let the other fans see you enter.
-Man in front of door to dressing room

Oh, you want an autograph?
Okay, I'll give you my autograph on this banana peel...
Here you go.

(Ness got the Signed banana.)
Oh, and this is a bonus...

Looks like you aren't too busy. Make yourself at home for a while.
-Venus in her dressing room

You got it!
That banana peel has an authentic "Venus" autograph?
Yep, there's no doubt about it!
Now for my promise.
I'll tell you about something "extraordinary."
In the next room, there is a light shining from far, far below the manhole.
There, I found a huge monster rat!
I'm not trying to pull your leg...
I'll let you go there and check it out for yourself.

Please come back again to study,
'cause I don't like being alone...
-Giving the Signed peel
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When on your way out
Be sure that you say good bye
Then lock the door tight

Where are you, my friend?
They came and took you away.
Come back, Sebastian.
Hey, that's a Haiku poem!
-Tessie Watcher

I waited for you.
I'm glad to see you again.
You're back, Sebastian.
...I just love making Haiku.
-Tessie Watcher
Jackie's Cafe
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Seems like it's just for decoration.
-Jukebox inside the cafe

Does Mr. Geldegarde Monotoli come here often?
Hello! Time to get up!!
It could never happen!... Well, actually that's not true.
-Bartender in the cafe

I'm surprised you talked to an ordinary guy like me.
I have no information or items to help you out.
Don't you think it's natural for a guy like me to be here?!
I enjoy the atmosphere here.
By the way, let me quiz you.
There are 5 apples.
If you eat one, how many are left?
5 minus 1 is 4... so 4's left.
...Ah, it's not funny? Okay, here's another one...
Master Pokey's maid Electra is "maid" to order...
...Oh, puns aren't funny either...
-Guy wearing green at 1st table inside the cafe

I was in the middle of a caffeine buzz,
and I had to get to the bathroom fast!
When I got there,
I accidentally knocked on the wall instead of the restroom door...
The next thing I knew, someone asked "Who is it?" and it really surprised me!
Maybe I just imagined it?...
-Coffee Drinker in Jackie's Cafe

I used to be Monotoli's employer.
Then I realized his schemes made my company go bankrupt.
My house and land were taken away...
Now I'm homeless...
Monotoli didn't used to be so powerful.
I want to find out his secrets, so I'm spending my time here,
watching to see if he ever drops in.
-Man at Jackie's Cafe

Kids shouldn't be drinking espresso!
You shouldn't be hanging around here.
Mr. Monotoli's here?
You got that wrong, kid!
-Woman in back corner of Jackie's Cafe

-Checking behind the counter in Jackie's Cafe

The hint that I gave you was critical in helping you win...
Happy happy!
We rock! Ha ha ha.
-Guy in Jackie's Cafe after you beat Moonside

Good evening, hero! How about an expresso?
-Woman at Jackie's Cafe

There's a loud noise outside.
Must be the seventh inning stretch,
and the fans are singing "Take me out to the ballgame at the stadium.
-Woman at Jackie's Cafe

Kids shouldnít drink espresso. Itíll stunt your growth, stubby!
And quit hanging out around here.
Mr. Montoliís here?
You must be thinking of someone else!
-Woman in purple dress after Moonside
Moonside Quotes
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The Mani Mani Statue is up ahead, but I'm going to stop you right here.
Don't  even think about getting past me,
'cause you aren't with a guy
whose eyebrows are connected and who also has a gold tooth.
-Sailor who won't let Ness pass

Hey! Parking meters! And you're walking around!
Ha ha ha... That's so funny.
Wwwweeelcome come to Mmmmmoooonsiddeee.
-Girl in Moonside

I'm pretty forgetful. I even forgot why I'm here.
I just forgot something...
Who am I?
Am I a man?
-Forgetful man in Moonside

Good morn... Uhhh... not morning.
Here in Moonside, it's always the middle of the night.
This is a headline from tonight's Moonside Press...
"Mani Mani is always Mani Mani at Mani Mani with all Mani Mani Mani"
-Bellhop at Hotel Dark Moon

What? Fourside? Are you still sleeping?
This is Moonside.
-Man drinking coffee in Jackieís Cafe

ďYesĒ is ďNoĒ and ďNoĒ is ďYes.Ē
It makes perfect sense in Moonside.
-Blonde woman in Jackieís Cafe

Yes, thatís wrong. I am the hostess here.
-Woman in purple dress at Jackieís Cafe

No, thatís right. I am the host here.
-Man with eye patch in Jackieís Cafe

Welcome to Moonside.
Wecomel to Soonmide.
Moonwel ot cosidme.
-Blond man in suit outside of the cafe

Welcome to Moonside.
Wel  come  to  moo  nsi  ns dem  oons  ide.
-Man in suit and hat just north of Jackieís Cafe

If you stay here too long, youíll end up frying your brain.
Yes, you will. No, you will... not. Yesno, you will wonít.
-Rasta man north of Jackieís Cafe

Do you understand all this?
No? You donít? To tell you the truth, neither do I.
Good, Iím glad you get it.
-Man with glasses and red hair outside of Jackieís cafe

And... good-bye!
-Any surfer in Moonside

Iíll tell ya what I hate in this world.
Thatís Pie.
The color, the smell, the taste, the texture...
Hey you, youíre drooling!
-Man in red shirt and sunglasses above the Montoli building

Ha! everyone is someone!
Donít you think so?
Moo nsi dem oons ide.
Wa ha ha!
...He he he...!
-Punk outside Hotel Dark Moon

Nessís HP drops to 0!
Jeffís HP drops to 0!
-Blond kid in mask outside Hotel Dark Moon

Hi, how are you doing? From the look of things,
I would say, not so good.
Do you need anything?
See ya!
-Guy behind counter at the Hotel Dark Moon

This is the Dark Moon Hotel
One sleep period is $150.
Do you want to sleep?
You're actually going to try and stay up...? Hah hah hah!
All right! Here we go!
Money rules here in Moonside, too.
And you do not seem to have any at this moment.

-Hotel receptionist in Moonside

ďYesĒ means ďNoĒ ďNoĒ means ďYes.Ē
Or did you already know this?
Oh yeah? You didnít know?
Ah! You knew it. Thatís good. I was just wondering.
-Blond in red dress inside the hospital

I will send you first and then, you second...
to the hospital.
-Bodyguard looking man south of the hospital

Do you know whose bones are on display here?
The answer is... your bones.
My bones.
Boneís bones.
Bone bone bone.
-Man in white coat inside Moonsideís dinosaur museum

Bones are great! Do you like bones, too?
You donít like bones? Bone Bone Bone.
You like bones? Bone bone bone.
-Man with red hair and glasses inside the Moonsideís dinosaur museum

How about I sharpen you?
I just love sharpening. You donít want me to sharpen?
Sidem oonsi demoon. Welc welc omewelc omeome.
-Guy wearing orange just south of the dinosaur museum

257 256 255 254 253...
So whatís your problem? If you donít want anything, get outta here.
Iím counting backwards.
252 251 250...

69 68 67 66 65 64 63...
What? Is this a special hobby of yours? You like watching people count backwards?
62 61 60 59...
9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0... Baboooooooom!!
Wow! I scared myself.

I got surprised.
-Scraggly looking kid southeast of the dinosaur museum

I spy with my little eye... Allakazam!
I see a country in summer and a big silver ball.
Youíre burnt, but youíre fine.
...That is what I see.
-Asian woman in the southeast corner of Moonside and the handbag strap

Before the soup gets cold, we must care for Mani Mani.
Before the knife gets rusty, we must care for Mani Mani.
-Mysterious woman west of the Montoli building

And... good-bye...
Shall I...?
Welcome to Moonside.
Welcome to Moo Moo Moo nsi nsi nsi nsi... nside.
Then... good-bye!
-Man in suit west of the Montoli building

Iím really busy doing nothing, so I donít have the time to talk to you.
So if you need something, talk to my partner.
Heís right over there... see?
You mean you canít see him?
-Mr. T in the room with the invisible man

Can you see me?
Ha ha. You canít?
Youíre definitely not from around here.
Hee hee... Get going now. Hereís your hat, whatís your hurry...
Ha ha. You can, huh?
He he. Youíve become a real Moonsidian, havenít you?
-Invisible Man

What the...? Youíre looking for some kind of door?
Well, youíre not going to find one!
So get out of my face, loser...
I have no patience when people interrupt me while Iím busy doing nothing.
-Mt. T in the room with the Invisible Man (2nd time you talk to him)

He he ha! Itís me! You can see me, right?
Thereís something interesting about you, so Iím going to follow you.
Donít worry, though... Heh heh...
If you get into a fight, Iíll stay out of it...

Heh heh. You canít see me...right?

Hyuk huyk. Hey!
Donít you wish you had a gold tooth like mine?
Give me a smile! Heh heh

Heh heh.

Uh... Heh heh... Yo!
Donít you think my eyebrows rock?
Checkíem out... theyíre connected!
-Invisible Man after leaving the room

The Mani Mani Statue is up ahead, but I'm going to stop you right here.
Huzzah! You really surprised me! Youíre the man whose eyebrows are connected and who has a gold tooth!
How about we dump these kids and go get something to drink!?
-Sailor blocking the way to the Mani Mani statue when you have the invisible man with you

Donít do anything to me! I am... I am not Monotoli!
-The man who looks like Montoli in front of the Mani Mani statue

(It is a golden statue that you have seen before.)
-Checking the Mani Mani statue in Moonside

(The Mani Mani statue was actually a device that created illusions.
The illusion device was destroyed.)
-After beating the Mani Mani statue

(You were wandering around the warehouse with a vacant, far away look in your eyes.
Were you daydreaming?)
-Mouse near broken Mani Mani statue
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