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Welcome to my Web site!

I've had this site for about two years now. It needed a facelift, so here goes. All the glitz and flash of different backgrounds for each page and nifty buttons is over with and I'm shifting the focus toward more content. I reserve the right to find this completely boring and change it back at my discretion.

Note: This site has 31 pages including this one. Have you seen them all yet?

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 I have tons of bookmarks. Here's just a few. Click on Favorites on the side bar to see a bunch more.
bulletDigital photography showcase
bulletMind control pornography stories
bulletI don't deny being addicted

Weather? No. It's South Florida. Take your pick:

Rainy and humid, feels like 99
Sunny and humid, feels like 99

I will be changing this block to something interesting.

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So what if it's cheesy? You're at my site and you're going to see some photos, blast you. Digital pix and misc. And yeah, that's me. Who gives a crap about message boards, chat rooms, and community web sites? Here are the only ones I ever visit - as it should be.
bulletVideo game help and info
bulletVideo game info and help

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