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A list of every page on my site. All the crunchy goodness you need!

bulletAbout Me - A quick bio for your introduction purposes.
bulletBilly - Coming soon. An illustrated short story.
bulletChrissie - A short story detailing the true account of a semi-recent sexual experience.
bulletClean Humor - Photos that made me laugh. Clean may be a misnomer. Not as dirty as the dirty humor.
bulletCrunchy Goodness - You're lookin' at it.
bulletDigital - My digital photography. I'm learning a lot.
bulletDirty Humor - Photos that made me laugh. More adult themed than the clean humor link.
bulletDVD - A listing of my current DVD collection.
bulletFairiefire - Fairy photos and the story on how I got that nickname.
bulletFavorite - These are a few of my favorite things.
bulletFeedback - A feedback form. I hope it works.
bulletG's Page - My favorite page on my website, for my friend G.
bulletIcons - Icons for your use.
bulletHome - Every site has a home page
bulletInterests - A little more about me.
bulletLeprosy - A short story about a boy's encounter with a fatal disease.
bulletMiscellaneous Photos - A grab bag of digital photos that didn't fit any other category.
bulletNo One Loves You Like Family - An adult-rated short story.
bulletPets, Family, Friends - Photos of... well, figure it out.
bulletPhoto - The introductory page to my photo pages.
bulletPoems - All by me, a few worth reading.
bulletCrazy People Quotes - All 100% true.
bulletRants - Because sometimes you just have to get it off your chest.
bulletReality 911 - A collection of short stories.
bulletRecipes - Yummy stuff I have personally made well.
bulletSchizophrenic - A short story.
bulletSkittles - Coming soon. An illustrated short story.
bulletSteve-O - A short story.
bulletStories - The introductory page to my short stories.
bulletTattoo - Your questions answered and photos of mine.
bulletVanity - Photos of me.
bulletWe Love to See You Smile - An adult-rated short story.
bulletXevio - About Dark Age of Crackalot.

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