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me.jpg (35741 bytes) Hello world, this is me and welcome to my web page. This is just a collection of family pictures, and a little bit about everyone. First some info about me. I'm into the following:

Music - Particularly Oasis and Black Grape

Football - (Soccer to the ignorant) My team is Chester City, an English Conference team who until May 2000 were in the English third division. Unfortunately after many years we now face life outside the professional leagues due to relegation.

Take a look around, if you like it e-mail me, if you don't I don't care and I don't want to know OK? ianb10@hotmail.com

The most regularly updated page is my Daily Diary so that's the one to keep an eye on. Although I am updating some of the other pages with some pictures I had on my home computer.

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Me at Pizza Hut in Rybnik, Poland Dec '99   Hits Since 12th February 2000

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