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Thank you for viewing my web page !!  This site was designed for your enjoyment, curiosity and information regarding the History of the Black Boxer.    The history of the black boxers originate from Germany with  highlights of Friederun Stockmann's Vom Dom Kennels.   I hope you enjoy the collection of pictures regarding the German line as well as my very classy boxer family.
    So are these dogs truly Black Boxers ? AKC's traditional coat colors are  fawn and brindle.  I've had very long and sometimes heated discussions over the coat  color of my boxer family.  Since black boxers are not acceptable for showing with AKC, I have to go to great lengths to describe what coat color they are.  At birth my boxers coat color is black with the exception of faint brindle  by the ear and sometimes very faint somewhere  on the coat.  However by the time the puppies turn 12 weeks old, the brindle,  in most cases,  has totally disappeared.  To the naked eye there is no trace of any other coloring on their  gorgeous black coat.  
     There are some Breeders  who say there is "No Way" they can possibly be Black Boxers !  Actually that is exactly my point!!  These black brindle boxers are registered legitimately as Brindle with AKC because they do indeed have  brindle on them at birth.  Brindle is Brindle, whether it is seal, reverse or black.  They are all registered as simply Brindle. So call it what you may and  keep those heated discussions going.  My boxers are beautiful boxers  by AKC standards, loyal, intelligent and so very unique and I will continue to indeed refer to them as my "Black Boxer Darlings"!!!